How To Get Free Cat Food In Battle Cats

r/battlecats – How to get MASSIVE CATFOOD in a short time (for the newbies)

However, this is not only the most difficult step, but it is also the most critical for the approaches described above to be effective. You should ignore your cat if it awakens you in the middle of the night. Never feed, touch, or chastise them because they will become aggressive. Even if you are tempted to complain, the best course of action is to entirely avoid them! After around ten days, your cat should have become weary of the game and will cease to be a source of irritation. You should also use the same “feline psychology” method if your cat starts waking you up early in the morning to seek for food, as described above.

You may gradually educate them on the importance of not rushing you to get fed by doing so.

How to Get Catfood – The Battle Cats

In this article, you will discover how to obtain Cat Food in The Battle Cats and how to use it. There are a variety of items that you may use to attract the food cat, and this guide will offer you with information on all of them. The first method is to send out Gamatoto, who can provide you with a limitless supply of cat food. This method is completely safe and does not constitute as hacking the game. 2. Watching commercialsIt is also a legitimate method of obtaining cat food quickly. Occasionally, you’ll get a brief advertisement (5 seconds in length) instead of the longer one (the 30s).

  1. Participating in Weekly Missions Missions will always be available on the mission tab, which will be updated weekly.
  2. Every week, you’ll receive 30 pounds of cat food.
  3. Participating in Zombie Outbreaks If you haven’t done any Zombie breakouts yet, this is a good time to start!
  4. Each chapter offers 480 free cat food to participants.
  5. Adding a New Stage to Your Performance PONOS always adds new stages with each update, ensuring that you receive at least 30 cat chow after completing each stage.
  6. Unlocking the New CatUnlocking the new cat unit will get you access to five different cat meals.
  7. However, there is an alternate method, namely, beating advent maps, which grants you a free cat.
  8. Login Stamp (optional) Even though this one isn’t constantly accessible, we do acquire it rather frequently.

Purchasing a Gold Pass If you don’t have a credit card, the last option is not suggested; nevertheless, you may always purchase it for my BCEN and BCJP. In any case, JP accounts are more expensive than BCEN accounts. The cost of BCJP is $11.42 while the cost of BCEN is $9.99.

Cat Food

Cat Food is the in-app money that may be used to make purchases. Cat Food is required for the purpose of utilizing The Cat God’s services, recharging one’s energies without the guidance of a leader, or continuing the struggle. Cat Food may be turned into XP, and it can also be used to purchase Battle Items to improve the overall gameplay experience. CertainSpecial Cats may only be purchased in conjunction with Cat Food. Cat Food may be gained via completing Tapjoy offers, viewing advertisements, or purchasing them using the app’s in-app purchase feature.

In addition to that, defeating a Zombie Outbreak will get you 10 Cat Food.


After completing Chapter 1 of Cats of the Cosmos, players will receive a discount of 70% on all purchases connected to Cat God, as well as on the Cat Food necessary for these purchases after completing Chapter 2.

Items purchasable using Cat Food

Item Cost
Continuing a Battle that has been lost 30 Cat Food
Refilling energy 30 Cat Food
Healing Oasis (God’s Miracle) 5 Cat Food(2 with discount)
God Bless You (God’s Miracle) 10 Cat Food(3 with discount)
Wrath of God (God’s Miracle) 20 Cat Food(6 with discount)
Baby Boom (God’s Miracle) 90 Cat Food(27 with discount)
Speed up (x9) 50 Cat Food
Treasure Radar (x2) 90 Cat Food
Rich Cat (x7) 150 Cat Food
Cat CPU (x20) 180 Cat Food
Cat Jobs (x5) 300 Cat Food
Sniper The Cat (x3) 90 Cat Food
XP +50000 75 Cat Food
XP +120000 150 Cat Food
XP +400000 450 Cat Food
XP +1000000 900 Cat Food
XP +2000000 1500 Cat Food
Rare Cat Capsule (1 roll) 150 Cat Food(30 if starter special)
Rare Cat Capsule (10+1 roll) 1500 cat food(750 if starter special)
Unlock Special Cat Varies
Buy slots to organize cats 90 Cat Food
OldRanking Dojo 1 Cat Food

Values for Cat Food per item

  • 1.56 cat food every speed increase
  • 1.45 cat food per Treasure Radar
  • 1.43 cat food per Rich Cat
  • 1.43 cat food per Cat CPU
  • 1.60 cat food per Cat Jobs
  • 1.30 cat food per Sniper the Cat
  • 1.56 cat food per Sniper the Cat One unit of Rare Cat Capsule (1 draw) equals 666.67 XP
  • One unit of Rare Cat Capsule (+120000) equals 800 XP
  • One unit of Rare Cat Capsule (+400000) equals 888.89 XP
  • One unit of Rare Cat Capsule (1 draw) equals 1333.33 XP
  • One unit of Rare Cat Capsule (1 draw) equals 0.0067 units of Cat Food
  • One unit of Rare

Cat Food sources

Source Amount Repeatable?
Real money Varies Yes
Clearing aLegend Stagesmap 30 Cat Food No
Time Score Rewards Varies No
Tapjoy or Ads offers Varies Varies
Stamps Varies No
Random giveaways Varies No
Gamatoto Expedition Varies Yes
Checking new units in the Cat Guide 5 per unit No
Redeemable special or giftcode Varies No
Clearing aZombie Outbreakstage 10 Cat Food No
CompletingCatnip Challenges Varies No
Completing collab mission 1 inGo! Go! Pogo Cat 30 Cat Food No
BuyingBattle Cats Officers’ ClubGold Pass for free for the 1st time 600 Cat Food No
(3DS Only) Obtaining a duplicateTreasure 1-3 Cat Food Yes
(3DS Only) Completing any stage for the first time(amount depends on what chapter you’re in) 1-3 Cat Food No
(3DS Only) Absolute random when completing a stage 5 Cat Food Yes


  • Cat Food is referred to as “Cat Cans” in the Japanese version of the phrase.
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Battle Cats hack cat food with Game Guardian

Battle Cats, as we showed in the last post, may be manipulated. In that tutorial, we were able to lower the pricing of cat food in the game shop to one cat food per player. Despite the fact that one cat food is insignificant, it would be much better if we could get cat food rather than lose it. Now you will witness a genuine Battle Cats cheat – we will demonstrate how to obtain an infinite supply of cat chow. To get started, you’ll need Game Guardian, like you usually do. For those who are unfamiliar with the Battle Cats video game, the following information will be helpful.

Battle Cats download

With incredibly easy controls and a straightforward approach, you may assist the Cats! There is no requirement to register in order to raise your own Battle Cat army! COMPETE IN A BATTLE WITH ALL THE CATS! Battle System That Is Extremely Simple Simply select the Cat you want to fight for you by tapping on it. Oh, and maybe fire the Cat Cannon once or again, just to spice things up. Take down the enemy’s command center! System of Leveling that is Extremely Simple Make use of the experience points you get from completing stages to level up the Cats!

Extremely Simple and Entertaining!

Create new, uncommon, and exotic Cats(?) to add to your collection!

… BUT WAIT, the Special Cats are more stranger than that.

Battle Cats hack – unlimited cat food

Using relatively basic controls and an uncomplicated approach, you may assist the Cats. To raise your own Battle Cat army, there is no need to register. COMPETE IN A BATTLE WITH ALL THE CAT! Battle System That Is Extremely Easy Simply select the Cat you want to fight for you by tapping on it! Aside from that, maybe you should fire the Cat Cannon once or twice? Destroy the enemy’s command and control facility! Leveling System that is really simple to use Cats may be leveled up with the experience points earned from clearing stages.

Extremely Simple and Entertaining.

Meanwhile, you’re taking over the planet, collecting riches.

Cats(?) of all kinds, both uncommon and unusual, should be drawn here! Defend yourself against opponents who are very bizarre and intriguing. … BUT WAIT, the Special Cats are much more bizarre than that! To read the rest of the narrative and to obtain a copy of the game, click on the following link:

  • God’s abilities can be accessed by clicking on them (Black sun on the middle of the screen). Keep in mind the values of the God abilities
  • Open the Game Guardian window and do a group search
  • And The value is 20
  • 10
  • 5
  • 90, and the type is DWORD (double-word). After the scan is complete, enter only 20 in the value box and click on refine. The number of addresses you have left should be fewer than 50
  • Mark them all and then click on Edit. Make all of the values increase by one
  • Return to the Battle Cats screen, and you’ll see the first price listed there. The price will no longer be 20 dollars. That number (in our case, it is 29) should be remembered. Open Game Guardian and modify that value to a big negative number (for example, -10000)
  • Then close Game Guardian. That’s all there is to it. Whenever you employ the first God power, you will receive 10000 cat food as a result of your actions (if you put -10000 as price). In the video below, you can see how this is done if you prefer to watch a video rather than read the instructions. Have a good time

⭐Generator Cat Food And Xp Free For The Battle Cats

SladTheBuilder2020-10-22T10:59:42+00:00 That’s all there is to it. Ricky Cuccias Jr. 2020-10-22T10:24:43+00:00 Ricky Cuccias Jr. best evelyn delmo2020-10-22T09:13:34+00:00 evelyn delmo2020-10-22T09:13:34+00:00 Epic Tem072020-10-22T07:17:44+00:00 The Game is really entertaining and tough. The gacha system is well-balanced, with nearly every unit in the gacha serving a purpose. Most stages may be completed without the use of Ubers. XP, NP, and Catfood are all rather simple to come by, allowing free to play players to have a good time.

  1. Is it possible to include a friend cat?
  2. Thx Kolten Eaton2020-10-22T05:03:20+00:00 Kolten Eaton2020-10-22T05:03:20+00:00 Oh my goodness, this game is so much fun.
  3. This is one of my favorite games ever because it’s easy to play on the go and it’s exciting to see how much I progress by beating harder and more fun stages.
  4. It’s the finest game I’ve ever played!
  5. Though I got trapped on the last level of Chapter 2 because I didn’t have any red killing units and couldn’t kill the boss no matter what I tried, I’m re-starting the game from the beginning.
  6. àp àèWçß2020-10-22T13:53:19+00:00 àp àèWçß2020-10-22T13:53:19+00:00 àp àèWçß2020-10-22T13:53:19+00:00 àp àèWçß good Farish’s Return will take place on October 22nd, 2020 at 13:40:52 UTC.
  7. Aleks Frojn2020-12-05T09:43:39+00:00 Aleks Frojn2020-12-05T09:43:39+00:00 This game is fantastic!

The kitties are quite beautifully depicted.

Okay, this game is not that, but it is quite nice, if a little grindy at times, and it is a gacha game, but it is still entertaining and adorable.

I despise it.

MTU2020-12-05T09:02:20+00:00 This is the best game.

Lakesha English2020-12-05T08:00:35+00:00 Lakesha English2020-12-05T08:00:35+00:00 To put it bluntly, it’s a grind fest until you start making money:/ Oscar Hordyk2020-12-05T07:47:54+00:00 This is a game that I like playing with my buddies.

Despite the fact that this is one of my favorite games, I had 1172 cat food and had pressed the 11 capsule draw button, and it took 1150 of my cat food and did not conduct the draw, so I received nothing.

Dinu Chauhan will be available from 2020-12-05T07:40:34+00:00 onwards.

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Kayle Ardent2020-12-05T07:28:17+00:00 Kayle Ardent2020-12-05T07:28:17+00:00 I’ve maxed up Baby Gao and am now a God, but how can I get the pocketbook thing to go above 10?

SuyaSS Animatiore2020-12-05T05:03:08+00:00 This game is just incredible.

It’s not as horrible as it sounds to lose your account.

You must inform Ponos of your catfood consumption as well as your user level (almost). Just one more thing: at UberFest/SuperFest, always draw the 11 capsule for a guaranteed and uncommon ticket. Catfood should not be spent at UberFest or SuperFest. Here are a few pointers.

Updated automated cat food farming setup.Amino

Before I say anything more, please make sure you have read Ducky’s post on the most fundamental setup. After that, you may start modifying the set up by adding or removing points to create your own custom fit. → Ducky’s default configuration I’ll also go over everything you need to know about how the points operate and where they go, as well as the vast amount of research I’ve done to make this a far better experience for you (not realy.) Everything from altering the settings on your phone’s developer mode to the angle in which your phone should be placed is covered.

  1. However, we’ll get to that later on.
  2. (WHEN THERE IS AN IFFY POINT) 2nd minute and 56 seconds This one clicks on the “watch Medea” button, which launches an advertisement.
  3. 3rd point, 1st place When the “X” appears in the upper right corner of the ad, this one brings it to a conclusion.
  4. Two clicks away from advertisements with the “X” in the upper left corner.
  5. Usually, this is a fabrication, and you can just click out of it and continue farming as usual.
  6. 8th point, 1st place This point is basically superfluous; I’m not sure what it’s for, but it’s there for a reason, so it must be there for a purpose.
  7. (OPTIONAL) POINTS FOR IFFY When you open up your clicker, you’ll notice that these are the spots that need to be replaced.

These points are questionable since the points alter when you attempt to save your set up in the clicker, which makes them difficult to determine.

This is due to the fact that the fight cats is a “immersive game,” and your phone’s screen will be cleared to allow place for the game screen to appear.

Some advertisements cause the navigation bar to display, while others do not, and once your navigation bar appears, the clicker points are moved!

However, I’ve discovered various workarounds for this problem.

Remove the navigation bar, and all of your problems will be alleviated.

Older phones with a touchpad can do this function, but newer phones with a screen that covers the entire screen cannot.

Remember to turn your screen so that the bottom of your phone is pointing to the RIGHT, not the LEFT, when you are saving your settings!

Farm cat food while holding your phone with the bottom of your phone pointing LEFT, not RIGHT!

Remove the camera notch from your phone if it has the capability to do so.

Here’s a video demonstration of how This will prevent advertisements from having their “X” at a location that the clicker cannot reach.

This will prevent your clicker from accidentally clicking on alerts and will also prevent screen bleaching from occurring.

This will prohibit you from farming, so simply quit the combat cats and return to the game, and the problem will be resolved automatically.

This will result in the popup just continuing to appear on and off indefinitely.

Other times, tapjoy will display a popup message that says something along the lines of “better optimizing the advertisements” and the like.

Another scenario is that an advertisement may crash the fight kitties and the application will immediately restart, returning you to the home screen.

Additionally, you may see an advertisement that alters the direction of your screen from time to time.

All of these incidents are completely unpredictable and can happen to anyone at any time.

It’s important to keep an eye out when farming in case something happens. And with that, that should be the end of the story. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to ask them, but other from that, 🙂 Best wishes for your farming endeavors.

The Battle Cats MOD APK v11.0.0 (Unlimited Money/XP/Food) Updated – December 2021

Now, before I say anything further, please read Ducky’s piece on the most fundamental setup. After that, you may start modifying the set up by adding or removing points as needed. → This is Ducky’s standard configuration. Besides that, I’ll go over everything you need to know about how the points work and where they’re located, as well as the extensive amount of research I’ve done to greatly improve the overall performance of this system (not realy.) Changes range from the settings in your phone’s developer mode to the orientation in which your phone should be placed.

  • This will be addressed later on.
  • Number two is six seconds.
  • The IFFY POINT is the point at which something is not quite right.
  • The clicker is also the ad waster, which means that the longer a period of time passes, the less likely it is that an ad will outlast your mouse.
  • 450 milliseconds between the 4th and 5th position Two clicks away from advertisements with the “X” in the top left corner.
  • If this is true, you can simply click out of the situation to continue farming without any problems.
  • seventy-second point two When you receive one free cat food, this one clicks on the “ok” button.

It’s definitely there for a reason, as I’ll explain.

(OPTIONAL) EXAMPLES OF INTERESTING POINTS When you open up your clicker, you’ll notice that you’ve lost a few points.

Considering that the points shift when you go to save your set up in the clicker, these are questionable.

As a result, your phone’s screen will be cleared to make room for the battle cats game screen, which is a “immersive experience.” This feature makes ad farming unpredictable, which is something I despise to the point of being obsessive about it.

Getting on your nerves!

Remove the navigation bar from your phone if it is possible to do so.

Because the navigation bar will no longer open and close at random, you will have a completely reliable and predictable clicking setup, allowing you to farm cat food while holding your phone in any direction (except vertical.) The simple act of increasing your cat food rates to around 600 cat food solves the problem without causing problems.

  1. And I’m not the only one who finds it irritating.
  2. As opposed to the rest of the points, only your third point will be affected by this.
  3. Essentially, you will have no movement at all between your main clicker points and the navigation bar as a result of this setting.
  4. If your phone has a screen that wraps around the front camera, you can disable the portion of the screen that is at the top of the display.
  5. In order to prevent advertising from having its “X” in a location where the clicker cannot reach it, this feature will be implemented.
  6. Using this method will prevent your clicker from clicking on notifications and will also prevent screen bleaching from occurring.
  7. The ads may simply not load and your screen will remain black while you are farming.
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The “no media available” popup message may, on occasion, actually be telling the truth.

By restarting the battle cats, you can correct this problem.

You can simply click your way out of this situation.

Just go back into the chapter and you’ll be fine.

A manual click out of the advertisement is required for this.

Everything listed above can happen at any time to anyone at any place. It’s important to keep an eye out while farming in case anything happens. This is supposed to be the end of the matter. Otherwise, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Farming success!:)

Game Name The Battle Cats
Publisher PONOS Corporation
Genre Casual
Latest Version v11.0.0
Size 100 MB
MOD Features Unlimited XPCat FoodUnlimited Money
Platforms 4.4 and up
Last Updated December 22, 2021
Downloads 10,000,000+

The PONOS Corporation developed this Japanese game, which has a variety of distinct stories. Each chapter of this game must be completed before moving on to the next. Each chapter contains a unique narrative. It is a pretty enjoyable game to play. In order to progress farther in the game, you must pass through numerous stages. It is really addicting and will keep you occupied for a long time.


There are several incredible elements in this video game. In order to win fights, you must build up your Cat Army. The fighting mechanism is really straightforward. Simply clicking on the cat will allow you to select it for use in the combat. You may use the cannon to defend your fortifications. The leveling system is also straightforward. As you go through the stages, you will get experience points and equipment. It is necessary to collect it in order to level up the kitties. You must find a way to reveal their actual nature.

In the game, you have the option of recruiting exotic cats.

How to play Battle Cats?

It is necessary to download Battle Cats MOD APK in order to play this game. It is a tower defense game in the traditional sense. You must defend your tower by enlisting the assistance of an army of cats. To call the cats, you’ll need to pay a fee. These cats will assist you in defending your tower as well as combating the enemy’s base of operations. If you first eliminate the adversary, you will be successful. If they manage to destroy you, you are out of luck. You must employ strategy in order to call the cats in accordance with the opposing forces.

Battle Cats TipsTricks:

Download Battle Cats MOD APK if you want to win this game as rapidly as possible. You will receive a limitless amount of XP and cat food. In order to defeat the adversary, you must level up and enhance your kitties. You’ll also need to update the cents generator to make more money. In order to progress farther in the game, you must utilize the cat cannon and collect more cat food. If you want to gain more energy in the game, you may increase your cat studies and employ time-lapse photography.


Battle Cats Hack APK is a game hacking application that you may install on your phone.

How to get the treasure in battle cats?

In order to obtain the riches, you must go through the game’s plot levels. As you go through the game and accomplish each stage, you will get a random collection of prizes.

How to get cat food in battle cats?

Cat food may be obtained in the game by completing Tapjoy offers or watching advertisements. You may also purchase it or utilize Battle Cat hacks to get a head start on the game.

How to enter codes in battle cats?

You may obtain the code by selecting “invite friends” from the drop-down menu, then tapping on the green button and entering the code in the appropriate areas.

Battle Cats MOD APK Features:

Battle Cats MOD APK is a game that includes a range of features. In the game, you will receive a limitless amount of XP. In addition to that, you will have access to an endless supply of cat chow throughout the game.

This file is available for free download. It is risk-free and works with all Android cellphones on the market. It is simple to set up and keeps you up to date automatically. You will be able to make all of your in-app purchases for free.

Download Battle Cats MOD APK:

If you want to take use of all of the game’s features, you’ll need to download and install Battle Cats MOD APK. For further information on how to obtain this file, please see our website. We give a free download link for this version of the game, which you may use to play it. You may download it to your phone by clicking on the link provided. The Battle Cats MOD APK is available for download.


Battle Cats is a strategy game that is both interesting and pleasant to play. If you wish to play this game on your phone, you may do so by downloading the MOD APK version. It will assist you in completing all of the levels in a shorter amount of time.

The Battle Cats MOD APK v11.0.0 (Unlimited Money/XP/Food) Updated – December 2021

Now you can get the latest version of The Battle Cats MOD APK v10.2.1, which includes unlimited XP, cat food, and money. PlayEnjoyPrice:FreePrice Currency:USD Android is the operating system, and the application is Android. Category:Game

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