How To Use Cat Nail Clippers

How to trim a cat’s nails step by step and the products you need to do it

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  • Trimming your cat’s claws at home is not as tough as it appears if you use the right method, tools, and a careful approach. Veterinary assistant professor Dr. Irit Grader, DVM, of the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine, provided us with an overview of the methods and supplies required to clip a cat’s nails. Doctor Karie Johnson, a veterinarian and co-founder of VIP Vet Visit, a mobile vet service in the south suburbs of Chicago, evaluated this article for accuracy and completeness in terms of medical information.

Something is in the process of loading. All cats need to have their nails clipped on a regular basis. Just like the nails of humans and dogs, a cat’s claws continue to develop indefinitely. If they are left to develop for an excessive amount of time, they may snag on carpet or furniture and rip, resulting in severe injuries. Doctor Irit Grader, DVM, associate professor of clinical primary care medicine at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine, explained how cats’ nails may grow all the way around and even enter their paw pads if they don’t get their nails clipped on a consistent basis.

  1. As many cat owners are well aware, longer nails result in more unintentional scratches on your skin and allow cats to do more damage on your furniture if they opt to scratch the surface of the latter.
  2. Don’t be afraid to ask your veterinarian or groomer to show you how to properly care for your pet.
  3. Grader stated that this is something that may even be done online, through a telemedicine session with a physician.
  4. Every two weeks or so, you should trim your cat’s nails.
  5. This is most likely due to the fact that some cats naturally wear down their back nails while running and climbing.
  6. There are occasions when the nails on the back of a cat don’t need to be cut at all.

Here’s how to trim a cat’s claws step by step and what you need to do it:

The images below were taken by Anna Petrova Ilieva-Alikaj for EyeEm and Getty Images. When it comes to clipping cat nails, the trick is to be kind while still exercising minimum constraint. Cats are not fond of being restrained. If you try to hold your cat too tightly, it is likely that they will struggle to get away. Grader recommends that you first desensitize your cat to having their paws touched before starting on the nail trimming process right away. According to her, “some cats have extremely sensitive feet, and some of them don’t like it when their feet are touched.” “One of the reasons accidents occur is that the cat is not in a calm state of mind.

Pet your cat and provide some of theirfavorite snacks.

“If you do it a couple of times a day for a week, the cat will eventually realize that nothing bad is going to happen,” Grader explained.

“This manner, they become used to having their paws touched and their nails exposed. Once the cat is comfortable and you are confident in your ability to handle the nails, you can begin clipping the nails immediately.”

Where to trim your cat’s nails

Photograph by Robert Shirreffs/INSIDERI If your cat enjoys sitting in your lap, you should try this posture to begin with. Make yourself at ease on the couch or on a chair. Make sure your cat is quiet and comfortable by petting him or her and offering him or her a treat or two before gently lifting up their paw to begin trimming their nails. “If you are able to bring two individuals with you, that is ideal. One person can be responsible for holding the cat while the other person is in charge of the feet “Grader shared his thoughts on the subject.

Place some cookies on the counter to divert their attention, then gently grip their paw and clip their nails with your fingers.

Understand the anatomy of your cat’s nails

Photograph courtesy of Robert Shirreffs/INSIDERMost cats have four claws on each front paw, as well as a dewclaw, which is located higher up on the inside of the paw and serves as a thumb-like protrusion. Four claws and no dewclaws are present on each of the back paws. Some cats are born with an additional set of toes. Cats with additional toes are known as polydactyl, and they also have extra nails, so make sure you discover and clip all of them. A cat’s nail is formed of keratin, which is a hard protein similar to that found in human nails.

  • Cutting into your cat’s quick is not recommended due to the high concentration of nerve endings in the tissue.
  • As a result, most cats have transparent nails, making it simple to see the quick within (the pink portion located in the center of the nail) and prevent it from being cut.
  • Keep a little amount of space between you and your cat in case your cat moves or you overestimate your distance from the cat’s neck.
  • “If you have any uncertainties, simply clip less than you would normally.
  • As long as the cat is cooperative and you feel like you can cut a little bit more, you can continue to clip a little bit more.” If you’re hesitant about trimming your cat’s nails using nail clippers, you may use a pet nail grinder to grind them down instead.
  • It may take some time for them to become accustomed to having their nails ground, just as it does with everything else.

How to trim your cat’s nails with clippers

Follow these steps to clip your cat’s nails, courtesy of Robert Shirreffs/INSIDERFollow these steps to clip your cat’s nails:

  1. Hold the clippers in one hand and the scissors in the other. Grasp your cat’s paw with the other hand and gently pressure it to force the nails out of their resting retracted positions. Isolate each nail by placing the toe between your thumb and index finger, one at a time. In the event that your cat’s fur is long, take it out of the way and press it on the toe with your thumb and index finger. The clippers should be placed such that they wrap the nail below the quick (the pink area)
  2. Close the clipper handles smoothly and quickly, snipping the sharp end of the nail off with the clippers. Repeat the process for each nail. Remember to include the dewclaws on the front paws as well. When you’re finished, pet and congratulate your cat while also providing some snacks.

How to trim your cat’s nails with a grinder

Amazon To grind your cat’s nails, follow these instructions:

  1. With one hand, hold the nail grinder
  2. With the other, hold the file. Grasp your cat’s paw with one hand and gently squeeze it to lengthen the nails from their resting retracted posture
  3. Isolate each nail by placing the toe between your thumb and index finger, one at a time. In the event that your cat’s fur is long, take it out of the way and press it on the toe with your thumb and index finger. Turn on the grinder and gently press the blade towards the end of your cat’s nail
  4. Roll the grinder back and forth on the nail, being sure to move gently and fluidly. Repeat the process for each nail. Keep in mind that you should grind the dewclaws on the front paws. Pet and praise your cat, as well as providing some snacks

What to do if you nick the nail

Amazon If you mistakenly cut into the quick of your cat’s nail, he or she may yowl in agony and the nail may begin to bleed. “Quicked” nails are painful for the cat and can cause a lot of bleeding, although it is a minor ailment. In the event that you accidentally clip the quick, dab a tiny quantity of powder into a Q-tip and dab it onto the end of the nail, exerting a small amount of pressure on the nail, according to Grader. “Usually, this is sufficient to bring the bleeding to a halt. It’s not harmful; it’s simply that it’s uncomfortable.” Jackie Brown is a well-known actress and singer who is best known for her role in the film Jackie Brown.

  1. Her areas of expertise include canine and feline health, care, nutrition, feeding, grooming, behavior, and training, among other things.
  2. She is a contributing writer for “National Geographic’s Complete Guide to Pet Health, Behavior, and Happiness,” as well as the author of “It’s Raining Cats and Dogs: Making Sense of Animal Phrases,” which is available on Amazon.
  3. She lives in New York City with her husband and two children.
  4. Prior to beginning her publishing career, she spent eight years working in veterinary facilities, where she aided vets as they treated a variety of animals, including dogs, cats, rabbits, pocket pets, reptiles, birds, and one particularly memorable lion cub.
  5. Jackie’s website is, and she may be reached via email.
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Trimming Your Cat’s Nails: An Expert Guide

Prepare your cat for having their nails clipped by getting them used to having their paws touched by you before you attempt to cut their nails. Photo:alexyo1968 Is it necessary to trim a cat’s nails? It is possible to complete the project on your own — but this is not always the case.

Cats’ personalities are quite diverse, and some cats will never readily accept to having their claws stroked, manipulated, or cut by people, regardless of the circumstances. Please keep this in mind as you continue reading.

Do All Cats Need Nail Trims?

  • Indoor cats should have their nails checked and trimmed on a regular basis to ensure that they are in good condition. Outdoor cats are normally responsible for their own nail clipping, and they should have natural claws for climbing and protection.

Scratching posts and “non-approved” scratching surfaces can assist to keep an indoor cat’s nails in good form, although most indoor cats have extremely sharp nails to begin with. The question is, how frequently should you cut your cat’s nails?

  • However, while many people never clip their cat’s nails, those who like a duller nail without the exceedingly sharp hook at the end of the nail should cut their cat’s nails every 6–8 weeks. Cat owners with arthritic or elderly pets should get their pets checked every two months and clipped if necessary.

To get started, you’ll need the following supplies:

  1. Cat that is moderately cooperative
  2. Nail trimmers of your choosing
  3. A scheme for restriction
  4. A human aid who is calm and collected might be really beneficial.

It is recommended that you cut the nails of your indoor cat every 6–8 weeks. Photo:RJ22

How to Get Your Cat Used to Nail Trims

Cat nails should be trimmed as soon as possible and your cat should be familiarized with having their paws stroked at any age. If you have an elderly cat that has never had their nails clipped and who will never understand why you want to start now, it could really be a bit late.

  1. Begin by rubbing the cat’s feet together. Take care of this before you even think of reaching for the nail clippers. Massage the soles of your cat’s feet, but avoid engaging in any form of rough play. In order to avoid encouraging the thought of your cat clawing at you or attempting to grab your hand with their claws, we have created this page. Try to wait till they are weary or resting to see if they will allow you casually pick up one of their paws and rub it
  2. Or softly press on one of their toes to make the nail protrude if they believe this is play time for them. Cats have claws that can be retracted. The art of gently pushing on the digit to reveal the toe is not something that can be learned overnight. I’ll go into more detail about this strategy later.

What Kind of Nail Trimmers Should You Use on Your Cat?

Pet nail trimmers and human nail clippers are available in a variety of styles and sizes to suit your needs. There are five possibilities listed below. Cat nails are best clipped with human nail clippers, in my opinion. Their use is less time-consuming, and they provide a clear sight of where you are cutting.

1. Scissor-Type Trimmers

These nail trimmers have the appearance of a pair of scissors that have been designed particularly for cutting the nails of tiny animals. You might find them to be simple to operate. Quality, on the other hand, is important, and the cheapest ones might be dull and fail to give you a beautiful cut.

2. Nail Clippers for Dogs and Cats

Professional nail clippers, such as those used by your veterinarian on your dog and potentially your cat, are a worthwhile investment in your pet’s health. Take, for example, the town of Millers Forge. These heavy-duty clippers are built to last a lifetime, and they have user-friendly handles, surgical steel blades, and a safety lock to ensure your safety. Some people think they are too large for cat nails, but I think they’re great. They are available in a variety of sizes. Once again, quality is important.

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3. Guillotine-Style Clippers

Despite the fact that this sort of clipper is also regarded professional quality, I do not believe the guillotine design is as user-friendly as some other devices. I believe it is simpler to injure your cat with them than with others. Perfection in the placement of the nail into the little guillotine window takes patience and skill to achieve. The guillotine must be parallel to the nail in order to be effective. Because it takes a few extra seconds to obtain the right nail placement, you may end up missing out on a good chance because you were distracted by it.

4. Human Nail Clippers

Many people believe that human nail clippers, which are a common home item, are the most convenient instrument for cutting your cat’s nails – and I agree. Because they are tiny, you can go near to your cat’s nail and rapidly cut a nail if necessary. These work best when turned sideways to cut the cat nail, which is the polar opposite of how you would cut your own nails normally.

5. Dremel

Keep an eye out for advertisements on all of the Dremel tools available for purchase online and in shops. They make things out to be so simple, but this is not the reality. Because of the noise and vibration created by these Dremels, it might take a long time to completely remove the nail polish.

The majority of cats are not fond of being attacked by a loud, vibrating instrument. If your cat is wriggly, consider covering him or her in a bath towel while you cut their nails. Photo:stockelements

How to Restrain Your Cat for Nail Trimmings

Some cats require little or no control, but here are some suggestions for dealing with the scared, fretful, or aggressive feline.

Little or No Restraint

If you have a cat who is generally cooperative, he or she may find comfort in your lap. Using your left hand and clippers in your right hand, gently lay or drape your forearm over the cat’s neck and hindquarters and attempt to pick up a foot. Keeping a thick towel or cushion between you and the cat may be a good idea in the event that your cat decides to use your thighs as a springboard to leap off your lap. Assuming things don’t go as planned, my recommendation is to wait and try again at a later time when your cat is calm and unaware of what you’re doing.

The Towel Method

Some cats are not necessarily mean, but they are jumpy and wriggly instead of being vicious.

  • In the first instance, wrap them in a bath towel. Attempt to remove a paw to cut the nails after that.

With a little skill, you may use the towel to assist enclose three limbs while you remove one limb at a time.

The 2-Person Method

If you’ve ever observed your veterinarian and a vet tech cut your cat’s nails, you’ll know that two individuals can frequently complete this procedure with relative ease. It is best to use a table or a countertop. With a back-of-the-neck grip, one person holds or even restrains the other person while the other person cuts the nails. This is not for every couple or roommate combination, and it is also not for every cat, but it is for some. If you are not comfortable with your partner or with restriction, you may suffer consequences.

Illustration:Alexander P

The Actual Nail Trim

Cats have four nails on their front foot, plus one dewclaw, and four nails on their back feet. (Some cats have “extra toes,” and some of them need to be trimmed to prevent them from growing into the cat’s foot. This is discussed in further detail in my article “Polydactyl Cats: Extra Toes Can Cause Extra Problems.” Cat claws can be either retractable or retractile in nature. It is necessary to carefully apply pressure to the toe between your thumb and fingertip in order to expose the claw and then trim the claw..

The pointed, sharp end of the claw is the only part of the claw that has to be trimmed.

If you cut into the cat’s quick, it will bleed profusely, which is quite painful for the animal.

Remember to keep the dewclaw on the inner side of the foot in mind.

How to Stop Bleeding

In most cases, bleeding nails that have been clipped too short will cease on their own within a few minutes. You should leave your cat alone if it has ran away from you and is hiding beneath the bed, according to my suggestion. No considerable amount of blood will be lost by them. When your cat has stopped being enraged at you and has come out on their own, you may look at the nail more closely. The product Kwik Stop, a styptic powder, and silver-nitrate-containing styptic pencils are all available for purchase to help stop bleeding.

The cat may be agitated at this stage, and the nail may be a little uncomfortable. Attempting to stop the bleeding is not always advisable. To cut a long story short, be sure you don’t cut too close to the chase. Here’s a video that walks you through the process of trimming cat nails:

Ask Your Veterinarian for Help

Many folks might benefit greatly from a brief education at their veterinarian’s clinic. Call ahead to see if you can schedule an appointment with a vet tech for a nail clipping session, or schedule it as part of your yearly exam. The veterinary environment, on the other hand, differs from the home setting, thus how your cat acts at the doctor may be different from how he behaves in your living room. Some cats are more docile in the vet’s office because they are afraid, but others are more agitated because they are furious.

When doing cat nail trimming at home, it is necessary to have a well-adjusted patient and an understanding pet parent.


Dr. Debora Lichtenberg, VMD, a veterinarian, has provided this article for your consideration. The most recent inspection was performed on April 2, 2019. If you have any questions or concerns, you should consult with your veterinarian, who is the most qualified to guarantee the health and well-being of your animal companion. Please remember that this material is intended just for informative reasons and should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

How to Choose Nail Trimmers for Your Cat

Documentation Download Documentation Download Documentation Many cat owners find themselves having to cut their pets’ claws. You may trim your own nails with a variety of various types of trimmers available on the market today. You have the option of using a guillotine trimmer, scissor clippers, or a human nail clipper to cut your nails. Make a decision on which sort of trimming tool will be the most convenient for you to use, then select one that suits the size of your hand and get one that is both sturdy and safe to use.

  1. 1Take, for example, the guillotine trimmer. Guillotine trimmers are trimmers that feature a circular hole in the center through which you may insert a nail. The stationary ring is the term used to describe this. When you grip the handle, a cutting blade emerges from the bottom of the stationary ring and glides upwards to clip the nail
  2. 2 when you release the handle, the cutting blade disappears. Hold the clippers so that the top of the blades is towards you. A guillotine trimmer is held in the dominant hand while it is being used to trim a piece of cloth or paper. You squeeze the flat side of the object, while the bottom has the moveable element that lies on top of the flat side. It is important to remember that when trimming your cat’s nails, you should turn the flat, top side of the trimmer towards you. The cutting blade will be on the side that faces you, and the screws will be on the side that faces the cat.
  • Angle the handles either downwards towards the floor or upwards towards the ceiling, as desired.
  • 3) Squeeze the handles together in order to trim the nail. When using a guillotine cutter, be sure you use your dominant hand to hold it. Place the cat’s nail in the stationary ring, taking care not to go too far and cut the quick in the process. Afterwards, squeeze the handles to make the cutting blade move. When it comes to nails, it will snip off the tip of the nail.
  • It is important to ensure that the nail is chopped from the top and bottom, rather than along the sides. The quick of your cat’s nail is the pink, live portion of the nail. You can obviously see it through the white nail because of the white nail. Only the dead, white section of the claw should be clipped. The quick will bleed if it is clipped accidentally. Apply styptic powder to the wound to stop the bleeding, or if you don’t have any on hand, use a piece of tissue paper to apply pressure until the bleeding stops. If the bleeding continues for more than a few minutes, see your veterinarian.
  1. 1 Cut your nails with a human nail clipper. Another option for clipping your cat’s nails is to use a conventional set of human nail clippers to accomplish the task. These function almost as well as guillotine cutters in terms of precision. All you have to do is make sure the clippers are sharp enough to cut the nails.
  • After you have clipped the nails of your cat, you should not use the nail clippers on yourself. Instead, get a separate pair of shoes to be used just for your cat.
  • 2. Slide the nail between the blades of the scissors. When using human nail clippers to clip the claw, make sure that the clippers are parallel to the claw. Cut the nail straight across rather than laterally since it will not cut as readily and may end up ragged and fractured. Clippers should be used to slide the nail between two blades and squeeze the clippers. Try using scissor clippers instead. Scissor clippers are similar in appearance to scissors, with the exception that the blades have a curved edge. Scissor trimmers are commonly used by veterinarians. Scissor clippers are often more compact than guillotine trimmers in terms of size. This implies that if you have large hands, they may be difficult to use and grasp. Scissor clippers may be preferable for people with tiny hands.
  • As a result of how they are designed, scissor trimmers are particularly useful for clipping nails that have grown so long that they are curling and growing into the toe pad.
  • 4 Place the nail’s bottom edge on the blade of the blade. When using scissor clippers, be certain that the nail is inserted into the blade in the proper manner. The scissors feature a curved edge that is razor sharp. Place the bottom of the nail against the blade so that you can cut both the top and bottom of the nail.
  • Splintering and fraying are avoided as a result. A split nail will result if you cut the nail with the scissor blades from one side to the other.
  1. 5Rough edges can be smoothed off with a nail file. Make sure that the nail clippers or scissor clippers are kept in good working order. Clippers that are dull can produce a harsh, jagged edge. Use a nail file to smooth out any jagged edges left by the clippers
  2. If there are any jagged edges left by the clippers, use a nail file to smooth off the rough edges.
  1. 1 Select clippers that are simple to operate. After everything is said and done, it doesn’t really matter what kind of clippers you use. Make certain that the clippers you purchase are simple to operate for you. If you select clippers that you are unable to hold or squeeze, the experience will be more traumatic for both you and your feline companion.
  • Numerous trimmers include cushioned grips on the handles, which may make them more comfortable to use for you.
  • 2Take into consideration the size of your hands. Some trimmers may be too large or too little for your hands depending on their size. As a result, trimming your cat’s nails might be quite tough. When purchasing a nail trimmer, make certain that the trimmers are of a size that will allow you to clip the nails with ease
  • 3 Make certain that the blade is razor-sharp. No matter what sort of trimmer you use, the blades must be razor-sharp to be effective. Dull blades might make it more difficult for you to cut your cat’s nails, causing him to get irritated and stressed. Dull blades can also leave jagged edges or shatter the nail if they are not sharp enough. If you see that the blades are dull, you should either sharpen them or replace them with a new pair. After each usage, thoroughly clean your clippers. No matter how meticulously you cut your cat’s nails, there is always a chance that the nail could split or that you will accidently strike the quick. Soap or rubbing alcohol should be used to clean them in order to reduce the risk of infection. 5 Make sure they are completely dry to avoid rusting. Invest on a good pair of trimmers of good quality. Because you will be using the trimmers on a regular basis as part of your grooming regimen, you should get a high-quality device. Make certain that the clippers are long-lasting. Stainless steel is a frequent material for blades because of its resistance to corrosion. Trimmers that are built to last will last for a long period.
  • You should also check to see that the trimmers are safe. If you purchase insufficiently safe trimmers, you risk injuring both your cat and yourself. If you want to know which products work best for you, ask your veterinarian for advice or check product reviews online.

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About This Article

Summary of the ArticleXWhen selecting nail trimmers for your cat, look for a pair that is pleasant to use and that fits your hand well. For example, you may select between guillotine trimmers, which feature a circular hole through which you can insert your cat’s nail, and scissor clippers, which are more suited for persons with smaller hands since they are more compact. Additionally, scissor clippers are the most effective tool for trimming nails that have grown too long and are curling into the toe pad.

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No matter which style you pick, make certain that the trimmers have sharp blades that create a clean cut.

Continue reading for further advice from our Veterinary co-author, including information on how to use the various types of nail trimmers. Did you find this overview to be helpful? Thank you to all writers for contributing to this page, which has been viewed 10,534 times so far.

Did this article help you?

Guaranteed money-back for 90 days, as well as a 4-year warranty! The American Animal Rescue Society, where rescued abandoned dogs and cats are cared for and loved, will receive a donation of 15 percent of the earnings from every product purchased from the Pet Republique (Seller). As a result, please double-check that you are purchasing from the Pet Republique (Seller) before clicking the buy button in order to support our charity and receive the product stated. One of the most effective cat nail cutters available on the market.

  1. It also works well as a pair of huge bird nail clippers.
  2. It will endure for years since our thick stainless steel blades are sturdy and sharp.
  3. There will be no slipping or falling apart of parts.
  4. Apply baby oil to the pet’s nails to make the quick of the nail visible.
  5. On the back of the nail clippers packaging, there are clear directions for using them.

Trimming a cat’s claws

Keeping your cat’s claws trimmed every few weeks is a crucial component of keeping your pet’s health in good condition. Getting a short trim will not only keep you, your cat, and your family safe, but it can also save your couch, drapes, and other furniture from becoming damaged. Declawing, which includes surgical amputation and can create behavioral and health difficulties, is also a rapid and effective alternative to nail-trimming. If the thought of clipping a cat’s claws makes you want to bite your nails, remember that all it takes is a little patience and a little practice to become proficient at the task.

Staying on the cutting edge

Claw trimmers come in a variety of shapes and sizes; choose the one that is most comfortable for you and your cat. A particular set of scissors customized to hold a cat’s claw in position is preferred by some, while others like human nail clippers, while still others choose clippers that are more like pliers or those that have a sliding “guillotine” blade are preferred by others. Whatever instrument you choose, make sure the blade is kept sharp at all times; harsh pressure from dull blades can cause an animal to be injured or a nail to fracture or become damaged.

Cat Nail Clippers are available on

Take paws

A cat would almost certainly bite your hand off if you approach it with a sharp item in one hand while attempting to grasp one of its paws with the other. Because cats’ temperaments and dispositions vary significantly, there is no “ideal” manner to treat a cat when clipping their claws. Instead, use your best judgment. Some cats are OK with no restraint at all, but the majority of cats need to be restrained firmly but gently to ensure that no one is injured during the process. Rest the cat in the crook of one arm while grasping the cat’s paw with the other hand to see if it works better.

A very social cat may even agree to sit on your lap and cuddle up with you for the duration of the session.

The moment has come for your assistant to shine: ask them to hold your cat while you cut its nails, or just ask them to scratch your cat’s favorite area or throw them a diverting gift to keep your cat’s attention away from you.

These Clippers Can Make Nail Trims Safer and Easier for Cats

PawTracks may receive a compensation if you make a purchase after clicking on one of our affiliate links. Trimming your cat’s claws is an important part of providing proper cat care. Nail trimming on a regular basis can assist prevent your cat’s nails from becoming too long and rubbing into his or her sensitive paw pads. While walking and exploring, your cat’s nails should be kept short to prevent him from scratching your hardwood flooring and furnishings. It’s critical to get a high-quality pair of cat nail clippers before you begin trimming your cat’s nails.

Any of the three best cat nail clippers listed below can do the job and can make trimming your cat’s nails at home a lot more convenient for you.

Good: JW Pet Gripsoft Cat Nail Clipper

Despite its small size, the JW Pet Gripsoft Cat Nail Clipper provides the control you need for a perfect cut thanks to its compact design. A major advantage of this clipper is that it has non-slip handles that enable you maintain a solid grasp while being comfortable, which is very useful when trimming numerous cats’ nails on the same day. These clippers may be small, but they are ideal for all cat kinds and sizes despite their tiny design. Because the clippers feature an ergonomic handle, they conform to the natural contours of your hand, requiring you to grasp them less tightly.

The clippers’ quiet movement, tiny size, and overall simplicity of use have been lauded in the reviews.

  • It has non-slip grips and an ergonomic handle that make it comfortable to wield. Durability is ensured by the use of stainless steel. All cat breeds are suitable for this product

Better: H H Pets DogCat Nail Clipper

Caring for your cat’s nails has never been easier or more secure than with the H H Pets DogCat Nail Clipper. This small/medium-size clipper is made with stainless steel blades that are meant to stay sharp for simple, clean cuts every time. The rubber-coated handles provide a secure grip and precise control, making it simpler and safer to trim your cat’s nails. The blades are hypoallergenic and have semicircular indentations, which let you to see exactly where you’re cutting so you can make your cut with confidence.

In the event that you require some assistance with nail trimming, the packaging provides instructions on the back.

The reasons why we enjoy them are as follows:

  • Rubber-coated grips make it simple to handle while maintaining accurate control. Hypoallergenic blades that allow for a circular cut are included. Instructions on how to trim your nails are supplied.

Best: Hertzko Professional DogCat Nail ClipperNail File

The Hertzko Professional DogCat Nail ClipperNail File Set offers everything you need to keep your cat’s nails in good condition, including a nail file. The clipper is equipped with a safety guard, which helps to limit the likelihood of overcutting nails, allowing you to trim nails with more confidence. Both blades include semicircular indentations to let you to see precisely where you’re cutting while you’re cutting. The stainless steel blades are engineered to maintain their sharpness over time, resulting in precise, clean cuts that produce excellent results.

After you’ve finished trimming your nails, you may smooth them out with the nail file that comes with the kit.

Chewy reviewers complimented the simplicity with which the curved nail file could be used, as well as the way the clippers fit comfortably in the hand. The reasons why we enjoy them are as follows:

  • The use of a safety guard lowers the likelihood of overcutting nails. In order to facilitate cutting, blades are indented semicircularly. Includes a nail file to make your nails seem smoother.

By investing in the best cat nail clippers, you’ll be putting yourself and your cat in the best possible position for a successful nail trim. Quality clippers not only make it simpler for you to grasp and operate them, but they may also help to ensure the safety of your cat as well. Blades that are sharp and accurate, as well as features like as safety shields, can help you cut precisely where you need to without accidently cutting the quick. These high-quality clippers are also built for a solid, comfortable grip, allowing you to concentrate on your cat rather than your grip.

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CHI® for Cats Nail Scissors

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Grooming Tips – How to Trim Your Cats Nails

Trimming your cat’s nails on a regular basis might assist to reduce the amount of damage done by scratching. Your veterinarian can assist you in trimming your cat’s nails, or you can learn how to clip your cat’s nails yourself. To begin, reward your cat with goodies and praise for each nail he or she removes, and know when to call it a day. If you can only get one or two nails done in a session, that’s fine; you’ll go further in the long run if you work with your cat rather than fighting him over nail clipping.

The use of Soft Paws®, which are plastic nail covers that may be pasted over the claws, is another alternative to explore.

A set of Soft Paws® is typically placed by the staff at your veterinarian’s office, although many owners are comfortable changing them at home once the initial set is placed.

Can I Cut My Cat’s Nails with Human Nail Clippers?

Using a human nail cutter is not risky, although it may cause the nails to split if done incorrectly. The cat may suffer as a result, making your work more difficult and maybe painful for him. Thinkstock is the source of this image. Pet nail clippers are available at all pet supply retailers. Investing in a nice pair of shoes now might save you a significant amount of time and money in the future. Make sure to get some styptic powder in case your nail is cut too short and you need to cauterize it.

Lauren at [email protected].

How to Trim Cat Nails: Step-by-Step Tips From a Pro Groomer

A human nail cutter is not harmful, although it has the potential to cause nail splitting if used improperly. The cat may suffer as a result, making your work more difficult and maybe painful for her. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Nail clippers for pets are available at all pet supply stores and veterinarian offices. If you spend the money up front, you will be rewarded with time and money savings in the future. In case the nail is chopped too short, be sure you get some styptic powder to cauterize it.

Lauren at [email protected].

Trimming Cat Claws: Tips from the Pros

Consider the following suggestions to improve your chances of nail trimming success: First, put your skills to the test: Make sure your cat is in a good position before you start clipping their nails. Practice extending their nails one at a time before you start cutting. When your cat becomes accustomed to this procedure, it will be easier for them to become acclimated when it comes time for the actual nail clipping. In order to get the most out of your nail grinder, you should utilize it throughout these practice sessions.

  • Maintain a calm demeanor: Your cat has mastered the art of detecting your emotional state.
  • If necessary, make a ruse of it.
  • Cat pheromones should be used: When it’s time to clip your cat’s nails, stress-relieving pheromones, such as aFeliway diffuser, can help him relax and calm down.
  • Allow your kitten to know you have a treat to pique their curiosity, and then wait until they allow you to cut a nail before delivering the payment to keep their attention.
  • Standing up can provide you with a better perspective, and it also allows you to work with a helper on one side of the cat to assist confine it while you’re cutting cat nails.
  • If you lose your patience, you will lose the game and you will lose your cat’s faith in you.
  • Learn to recognize the warning signs that your cat is giving you: Tail twitching, snarling, hardening of the body, and panting are all symptoms that your cat is growing dangerously enraged and is likely to attack or scratch you if you are not careful.

Even the purring of a cat might be a symptom of anxiety. If you detect any of these behaviors in your cat, take a break and give him or her time to settle down.

How Often Should You Cut Your Cat’s Nails?

In general, indoor cats require their nails to be clipped every two weeks or so. Kittens’ nails grow more quickly than those of adult cats, and they may require trimming every week, although some older cats may only require trimming once or twice each month. Outdoor cats require sharper nails for self-defense, therefore they may only require cat nail cutting a few times a year if they live in the wild.

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Best cat nail clippers: Cut their claws and save your sofa

(Photo courtesy of Getty Images.) Cats have claws that are similar to those of the wild members of the feline family, and they require the best cat nail clippers to keep them in good condition. However, unlike their distant cousins, your furry buddy does not use its naturally sharp claws to hunt animals since they spend the most of their life indoors, where they have easy access to excellent food. Cats, on the other hand, like wandering about your house clawing the furniture, carpets, draperies, and anything else that catches their attention.

Scratching aids in the loosening and removal of the older worm outer section of the claw known as the husk, allowing the new sharper claw beneath to be seen.

Because their claws are continually growing – and remaining sharp – they must be regularly clipped to prevent damage to your furniture and to save your feline buddy from injuring themselves.

PetsRadar’s pick of the best cat nail clippers

  • The Gonicc DogCat Pets Nail Clippers and Trimmers are the best overall cat nail clippers
  • The Pet Republique Cat Nail Clippers are the best affordable cat nail clippers. Allstar Innovations’ cat nail clippers are the most adaptable on the market. PetiCare LED Light Pet Nail Clipper
  • Best thing cat nail clippers: NECOICHI Purrcision Feline Cat Nail Clippers
  • Best small pet cat nail clippers: Pet Nail Clippers for Small Animals
  • Best thing dog nail clippers: NECOICHI Purrcision Dog Nail Clippers
  • Best thing cat nail clippers: NECOICHI Purrcision Dog Nail Clippers
  • Best The best cat nail clipper kit includes the following items: Professional LED Lighting 3-Speed Rechargeable Pet Nail Clipper

(Image courtesy of gonicc.)

Gonicc DogCat Pets Nail Clippers and Trimmers

The best overall cat nail clippers are as follows: The following pet sizes are available: All |Blade:Flat |Weight:5.28 ounces |Instructions:Yes Possessing a firm grasp In the handle is a nail file that is hidden. Stop-and-go protection is provided for your safety. The locking mechanism is ineffective. These nail clippers are built to last and are simple to use. They are strong, durable, and safe. If you are looking for a set of no-frills cat nail clippers with a few extra features thrown in, these may be just what you are looking for for both you and your feline companion.

  • While you put your hands on the handles, they are covered in a non-slip substance, and you always feel like you are in command when you are holding them.
  • This contributes to stress-free cutting sessions, which is something that every owner, and, of course, your feline buddy, will appreciate.
  • A safety stop guard is installed on the rear of the blades to provide an extra layer of protection during cutting.
  • Your chances of cutting into your cat’s claws and causing them severe agony are significantly reduced…
  • The good news is that you won’t have to purchase one separately because it comes included with the clippers and is discreetly buried within one of the handles.

Finally, you can lock them shut before putting them away, although the button that activates the locking mechanism isn’t really convincing. (Photo courtesy of Pet Republique.)

Pet Republique Cat Nail Clippers

Cat nail clippers that are the best overall are: The following pet sizes are available: All |Blade:Flat |Weight:5.28 ounces |Instructions are available: Yes a good hold on the object In the handle, there is a hidden nail file. Stop-and-go protection is provided for your protection. Poor quality of the lock mechanism These nail clippers are described as “strong, durable, safe, and uncomplicated.” In the event that you are looking for a simple set of cat nail clippers with a few extra features thrown in, they may be exactly what you are looking for for both you and your feline companion.

  • When you put your hands on the handles, they are covered in a non-slip substance, and you always feel like you are in command when you hold them.
  • A stress-free trimming session is something that every cat owner, as well as your feline buddy, will appreciate and appreciate.
  • Blades are equipped with a safety stop guard on the rear for further protection during cutting.
  • Your chances of cutting into your cat’s claws and causing them major distress are significantly reduced.
  • However, you will not need to purchase one separately because it is included with the clippers and is discreetly concealed under one of the handles.

Allstar Innovations PetiCare LED Light Pet Nail Clipper

The most versatile cat nail clippers available. No restrictions on pet size or blade shape; flat blade; weight:5.64 ounces; instructions: Yes Blade that can be replaced LEDs for illumination the use of a magnifying lens Clippings are caught in this trap. It is necessary to change the batteries. It’s not a nice look on dark nails. You want to eliminate the fear of trimming your cat’s nails while also achieving a professional finish at the same time? Look no further. You do, without a doubt. When it comes to trimming your cat’s nails, the easier it is, the happier both you and your cat will be.

  1. Cat claws can be thin and difficult to notice, so any assistance you can obtain would be greatly appreciated in ensuring that you perform a thorough job.
  2. When you cut your pet’s claw, this improves the visibility of his or her ‘quick,’ which is the blood flow to the claw, and it helps you identify where to make a safe cut.
  3. It is effective on darker nails, however it is not as effective on lighter nails.
  4. The lens also serves as a nail catcher, preventing your cat’s claws from flying around and, more importantly, from getting into your eyes.
  5. By doing so, you can be sure that there will be considerably less danger of slippage when clipping your adorable kitty’s nails.

Even while it is ideal for extending the life of the clippers, the light batteries will need to be replaced at some point in the future. (Image courtesy of Amazon)

NECOICHI Purrcision Feline Cat Nail Clippers

The best thin cat nail clippers on the market No restrictions on pet size or blade shape; flat blade; weight:1.41 ounces; instructions: Yes Designed with Japanese steel in mind. Blades that are sharp, powerful, and thinner Design is adorable. Not recommended for people with large hands. When it comes to cutting your cat’s nails, no cat owner wants to give their animal a poor-quality cut, and your cat will not like it either. If your cat is calmer and less anxious as a result of your clipping and trimming, it will be simpler for you to do your job.

  1. Seki City has been home to some of Japan’s most renowned swordsmiths for over 800 years.
  2. The blades have extra-sharp edges that provide for a beautiful, clean cut, but there is no file included to smooth off any rough edges, which is regrettable.
  3. Ballads don’t have to be as thick as more typical blades because to the strength and quality of the steel used in their construction.
  4. Having better visibility of your cat’s claws will allow you to make more accurate cuts and experience less tension while doing the task of grooming him or her.
  5. It is not very useful if you have large hands, but it is really useful for precision cuts.
  6. (Photo courtesy of Shiny Pet)

Pet Nail Clippers for Small Animals

The best tiny cat nail clippers for small cats Petite size | Blade is angled | Weight is 0.6 ounces | Instructions: Yes Petite size |Blade is angled | Weight is 0.6 ounces Lightweight Kittens will benefit from this. E-book with instructions Not recommended for people with large hands. If you have an adorable small kitten, you don’t want a hefty set of clippers to start hacking away at their nails right from the bat. Little dogs require clippers that are specifically built to handle the challenges that their small paws and claws offer.

  1. Despite the fact that they are not little, they are not bulky and comfortably fit in the palm of the hand.
  2. When the handles are not in use, they are coated with a non-slip rubberized covering, which helps you to maintain a firm grasp on them.
  3. That is something that no owner wants to happen.
  4. The robust stainless steel blades are easily controlled by the user because to the finger-friendly grips.
  5. Moreover, because of the shape, the nail is always visible, allowing you to always keep an eye on what you are doing and keep your fretting to an absolute bare minimum.

You may get a hold of an instructional ebook to help you get started in the proper manner. All you have to do is scan a QR code included on the back of the package to get the whole instructions. (Photo courtesy of GHG)

Professional LED Lighting 3-Speed Rechargeable Pet Nail Trimmer

Kit with the best cat nail clippers All pet sizes are available | Blades are flat and weigh 6.24 ounces. Instructions: Yes The use of an LED light to view the bloodline Battery life of ten hours Included are clippers and a trimmer. It takes 3 hours to completely charge the battery. Do you want to spoil your adorable cat with a five-star experience? Pet Nail Trimmer Kit: If you want to pamper them with something more than just a basic nail cutting, the Pet Nail Trimmer Kit can be precisely what you need.

  • It’s perfect if you don’t have time to give your cat the complete treatment or if you just want to give him a short trim.
  • The trimmer, which is available in black or white – for those who are fashion-conscious – has three speeds and three grinding ports, making it an excellent choice for dogs of all sizes, small, medium, and big.
  • The small size is designed to handle long, thin nails seen on tiny pets such as kittens and cats, while the next size up is designed to suit medium and big nails, and the third size is designed to accommodate wide and thick nails.
  • Allow it to grind your cat’s nail to a safe smooth finish after gently inserting it into the port and turning it on.
  • This product’s loudness has been specifically adjusted so that it will not frighten your pet, but make sure you turn it on for a few seconds before using it so that they may become used to the sound.

How to choose the best cat nail clippers

The dimensions and simplicity of usage Cat nail clippers are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, just like your feline companions. If you have a kitten, you’ll need a pair of clippers that are designed specifically for tiny animals. Tiny in size, and with blades that are specifically designed for cats with smaller claws, they will be available. Given that they have smaller handles, they may be more difficult to use for those with bigger hands. Check that the handles are non-slip and will provide a secure, strong hold before using.

Another important consideration is whether or not the handles give a secure grip and fit comfortably in the palm of your hand.

The quality and design of the blade A sturdy, long-lasting, and rust-free blade is the most crucial component of any cat nail clippers; thus, you must choose one that meets these criteria.

The majority of blades will endure for several years, however consider purchasing clippers with interchangeable blades.

Blades are available in two different styles: flat and angled.

Features that come as a bonus Basic cat nail clippers perform the job as expected, but if you want to make the whole cat-clipping experience less unpleasant and pamper your feline friend a bit more, consider investing in a few additional accessories.

A file can be used to smooth off the edges of a cut for a more aesthetically pleasing result.

Consider purchasing a clipper with a guard to keep the blade safe while not in use for safety concerns.

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