How To Draw A Cat Face Easy

Easy How to Draw a Cat Face Tutorial and Cat Face Coloring Page

What could be cuter than the expression on a cat’s face? On the internet, searches for how to draw a cat and how to draw a dog are among the most popular. There’s a good explanation for this. In the event that you are not already familiar with and adore them as pets, you may find yourself wishing you did. And if writers are told to “write what they know,” it stands to reason that artists should “draw what they know”… adorable cats, for example. And there are a lot of them! A short Google search will yield hundreds of examples of how to draw dogs and cats, whether they are basic or realistic, cartoonish or full body, or close up and close up, etc.

A few simple shapes are required to put this cat together, and after it is completed, it may be colored in a variety of ways.

Preview of the step by step Cat Face tutorial

  • Eraser. It is considerably more effective to use large ones that you can hold in your hand rather than simply the pencil tips.
  • Sharpie Marker in the color black. These fine point permanent marker pens produce beautiful black outlines, have an excellent tip for coloring, and do not bleed when they come into contact with water. Use them in a well-ventilated area, and place additional paper below to protect your tables from damage.
  • Prang Crayons are a brand of crayons. Because they are a little softer than regular crayons, they can occasionally be mistaken for oil pastels. Aside from that, they have some lovely brown tones that Crayola does not carry unless you purchase one of their larger boxes.
  • Pencils in the shape of Prangs. Given that they’re a little soft compared to other crayons, some people mistake them for oil pastels. There are several great brown tones that Crayola does not carry unless you purchase one of their larger boxes
  • They also have some nice blue shades.

Step by Step Directions for Cat Face Project

The time required is 45 minutes. Drawing a Cat’s Face (with Steps)

  1. Draw an oval
  2. Add two symmetrical eyes
  3. Draw the nose and lips
  4. And finish with a flourish. Draw two huge ears and a line for the black fur
  5. Finish by adding the black fur line. Make the ears a little more angular
  6. Draw the whiskers on the inside of each cheek
  7. After that, finish with the shoulder lines. Draw a line with a marker and color it in

More Fun Cats to Draw

Do you enjoy cats as much as the members of the team? If this is the case, then this instruction on how to draw a cat facewill be of interest to you. The artists at made every effort to make the tutorial on how to draw a cat’s face as simple as possible for you to follow. We broke it down into 10 fundamental steps, each of which is stated in the most straightforward manner possible.

Step 1

So, first and foremost, we will draw the kitty’s head in the shape of a wide oval. Light and free lines should be used in the design.

Step 2

So, first and foremost, we’ll draw the kitty’s head in the shape of a huge oval. Ensure that the lines are fluid and free.

Step 3

So, for starters, we’ll draw the kitty’s head in the shape of a huge oval. Light and free lines should be used in the drawing.

Step 4

Now, using two additional arcuate lines, draw the lower eyelids, which will eventually create the eyes. After that, draw the students’ faces.

Step 5

Now, using two additional arcuate lines, draw the lower eyelids, which will help to construct the eyeballs later on. After that, draw the learners’ faces on the blackboard.

Step 6

Make use of the arching line to depict the chin. Draw kitten ears on the top of the head to complete the look. They should have the appearance of two huge triangles.

Step 7

In order to depict the chin, use an arched line. Kitty ears should be drawn on the top of the head. They should be in the shape of two huge triangles, as seen below.

Step 8

At this point in the tutorial on how to draw a cat face, we’ll need to use an eraser and wipe away the guidelines before we can begin drawing the whiskers.

Step 9

Take an eraser and wipe away the guidelines from your cat face at this point in the tutorial on how to design a cat face. Next, create the whiskers.

Step 10

So, choose your favorite colors and use them to paint the cat’s face. Color palettes other than those offered by the artists of can be used as well as colors from other sources. That’s all there is to it, my darling artists. It is the opinion of the crew that the instructions on how to draw a cat face were quite straightforward and understandable, even for the most beginner artists.

We really hope that, with the assistance of this and our other instructions, you will become interested in art and begin your journey as a true artist.

How to Draw a Cat – Step by Step Cat Drawing Instructions (Cute Cartoon Cat)

Follow this simple how to draw a cat step by step guide and you will have your cat drawing completed in no time. The following instructions will teach you how to design a cute cartoon cat that can be created quickly by both children and adults. You may also be interested in:dog drawing tutorial*this article includes affiliate links* Cats are fantastic creatures! It is a proven truth. Cats, of course, but also other creatures. This is just greatness. It is a new addition to our constantly increasing library of step by step drawing lessons for people of all ages, and it is called “Cat Drawing Tutorial.” Keeping things simple is something we enjoy doing, so we streamlined this one to the greatest extent feasible while yet maintaining its cuteness.

Let your creativity go wild with this one.

We’re not here to define the rules, so use your imagination to guide you.

How to Draw a Cat Tutorial

What you’ll need is the following:

  • Paper, pencil or marker, our cat-directed drawing printable (optional), coloring supplies (optional), and a pen or marker

Step by Step Cat Drawing Instructions

Make a rough oval shape for the head to begin with. It might have a boxy shape, a more circular shape, or even a little triangular shape to it.

Step 2

It’s time to get started on a few triangles. Draw two triangle shapes for the ears and one triangle shape for the nose on a piece of construction paper. Alternately, you might shape the nose to be oval or round.

Step 3

Let’s put on our best cat face! Inside the eras, draw two smaller triangle-shaped lines to separate them. There should be two locations for the eyes. Let’s go on to creating the mouth. Begin by drawing a short, straight line from the bottom of the nose down to the tip of the chin. Begin by drawing the mouth curve next to this line (on the left), then bringing it down and back up to meet the line you previously created beneath the nose. Continue with another arc of the body. Draw a third curve in the space between the first and second curves (in the middle).

Step 4

Make whiskers out of a piece of paper. In addition, begin sketching the body. Draw two curved lines, one on the left and one on the right, and join them together.

Step 5

In the form of whiskers, draw a line through the text. Draw the body as well, if possible. Draw two curved lines, one on the left and one on the right, then connect them with a solid line.

Step 6

We’re almost finished! There are only a few more details to work out. The line that connects the belly and the tail is similar like claws. Congratulations! In this lesson, you will learn how to draw a cat.


The task is nearly completed. Those are the only remaining details. The line that connects the belly and the tail is similar to claws in that it completes the body. Congratulations! The drawing of a cat is now within reach of you.

Get the Dog Directed Drawing Printables Here

We’re almost done!

There are only a few more details to be worked out. The line that connects the belly and tail is similar like claws. Congratulations! In this lesson, you will learn how to draw a cat from scratch.

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It’s almost finished! There are just a few more details to work out. The line that connects the belly to the tail is similar like claws. Congratulations! You have now learnt how to draw a cat.

Easy Cat Face Drawing

You might be interested in learning how to draw a simple cat face sketch. Kids will love creating their own cat face on paper if they follow the six simple steps outlined below. In addition, a printable version of this cat face painting lesson is available for your convenience. Ideal for art teachers and homeschoolers who want to teach their students how to draw a cat face from a picture. Finally, by following this instruction at your own pace, you will be able to learn to draw cats. Embrace your inner artist and express yourself!


  • A pencil, drawing paper, crayons or colored pencils, a black marker, and the Easy Cat Face DrawingPrintable PDF (at the bottom of this lesson) are all required supplies.

Working on one piece at a time, we will eventually complete a finished sketch of a cat’s face. To complete the design, we will need to go through six phases, sketching each area as we go closer to the finished drawing. Each color will be used to add depth and complexity to the finished piece of art, making it something you will be happy to display! 20 minutes are required for this task.

Outline The Cat’s Head

  • Remove a section of the line and insert a set of pointy ears.

Next Add Cat Face

  • Make care to incorporate the interior of the ears as well as a few whiskers in your drawing.

Draw Fur

  1. To finalize the drawing, darken your lines and add some cat colors to the background.
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Easy Cat Face Drawing PDF Download

To view or download this drawing lesson, please click on the link provided below. The Easy Cat Face Drawing PDF is a downloadable drawing lesson for you to use at your leisure. An extension exercise and a coloring book page with only the outlines are included on the last page of the downloaded PDF, which will encourage students to be more imaginative!

A Cat’s Senses

Cat whiskers are very wonderful! When compared to typical cat fur, the whiskers on a cat’s face penetrate deeper into the skin than the fur on their body. It is believed that cats’ whiskers include nerves that are related to both their muscular and neurological systems. As a result, cats can not only move their whiskers, but they can also utilize them to detect items that are close to their face. Yes, your cat is using the whiskers on its face to navigate around obstacles… it’s rather amazing to see!

Cats have a unique pair of eyes that are endowed with a variety of remarkable talents.

Cats, on the other hand, have acceptable eyesight with just around one-sixth the amount of illumination that humans require to view the same subject matter as they do!

How to Draw a Cat Face

Drawing a Cat Face is a simple task that can be accomplished in ten simple stages – perfect for children and beginning artists alike. The photos above depict how your completed artwork will look, as well as the procedures needed in creating it…. The separate stages are listed below; you may click on each one to get a High Resolution printable PDF version of that step. A few fascinating facts regarding the Cat Face are included at the bottom of this page. Make sure to go over any of the hundreds of drawing tutorials that are organized by category as well.

How to Draw a Cat Face – Step-by-Step Tutorial

Step 1: For the eyes, draw two hollow ovals side by side, half a centimeter apart, on a piece of paper. Step 2: Inside each eye, draw a hollow circle to represent the iris. Step 3:Now, within the iris, draw two little oval-shaped pupils and fill them in with color. Step 4:Draw the nose below the eyes in the centre of the face by first creating a little mushroom-shaped form and then drawing a line across the middle. Step 5: Draw a line up from both sides of the nose, starting at the bridge of the nose.

  • Step 6: Next, we’ll sketch the ears.
  • Draw the left ear in the same manner as the right.
  • To construct the top of the head, draw a line joining the inner ends of both ears together at their inner ends.
  • Using the base of the right ear as a starting point, draw another fuzzy line bent in the opposite direction of the last one.

On both sides of the face, draw a curving line from the tip of the nose to the side of the face. Now, for the chin, draw a circular curved line below the previous line. Step 10: From the sides of the nose, draw a few gently curved lines to finish the look. These are the whiskers of the cat.

How to Draw a Cat Face

Documentation Download Documentation Download Documentation Cat faces are adored by anybody who like cats because they are finely proportioned, bewhiskered, and seductive in their appearance. Drawing your own cat face will not be a one-time event, as you will definitely continue to explore many various methods to portray a cat’s face in your own picture once you have completed your first drawing of one. However, it is necessary to start somewhere, and this article provides some excellent starter guidelines for the artist who is ready to draw the face of a cat.


  1. Create a circle with a cross across it on a piece of paper. In order for the cat picture to be readable, the cross should bend in the direction the cat drawing is facing. 2Add two curves for the neck, then combine these two curves with the head. Advertisement
  2. 3For the ears, draw two triangles on the top of the head. Depending on the situation, the triangles may be upright, bent, or pointed downward, such as toward the earth. Avoid making them floppy, as this is not a cat’s ear
  3. 4Draw a small triangle for the nose where all of the lines intersect
  4. 5Draw a small triangle for the mouth where all of the lines intersect
  5. 6Draw a small triangle for the mouth where all of the lines intersect
  6. 7Draw a small triangle for the mouth where all of the lines intersect
  7. 8Draw a small triangle for the mouth where all of the lines intersect
  8. 9Draw a small triangle for the Then, slightly below it, create a mouth in the shape of a sideways “3”
  9. 5Above the center line, draw two eyes in the shape of a triangle. Ideally, the eyes should be directing themselves in the direction of the cross bend. (To make it sweeter, make the eyes a little larger, but not too large.) 6Now, form the rest of the facial features. 7Last but not least, use a black marker or pen that is not prone to smear to draw hair around and on top of the cat’s head. Using a pencil, trace the contour of the cat’s head, ears, and tail. Make tracings of the eyes, nose, and mouth. Then, using an eraser, remove all of the pencil marks from the page. You may also color your cat, using inspiration from a variety of cat colors and hair patterns
  10. 8Completed. Advertisement

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  • Practice will help you to develop your own personal style. Once you’ve mastered sketching a cat’s face, you may build on your talents in whichever way feels most natural for your particular drawing ability. Keep an eye on your cat’s facial characteristics on a regular basis to notice how they move. If you don’t have any cats in your own home or neighborhood, look for videos on the internet. The guidelines are just meant to serve as a guide, not as a punishment. Take liberties where it is most convenient for you to mold the drawing in your own image
  • When you’re more acquainted with the fundamentals of sketching, you may start experimenting with other ways to express emotions on the cat’s face. Experiment with different emotions such as rage, pleasure, disappointment, fear, delight, and so on. In order to assist you, read a book that has illustrations of how a cat conveys each of these feelings

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Things You’ll Need

  • Paper of high quality/printer paper
  • A pencil and an eraser
  • Marker or pen
  • Colored crayons, pencils, markers, or paints (optional)
  • Marker or pen

About This Article

Pencil and eraser; High-quality paper/printer paper Colored crayons, pencils, markers, and paints (optional); Marker/pencil

Did this article help you?

On this page, where you will learn how to draw a cat’s face, we extend our heartfelt greetings and respect to you. Take a look at this adorable cat face, which appears to be looking at you as if you were his beloved. It’s just adorable! Cats have long been considered to be one of the most human-like creatures, dating back thousands of years. Cats have traditionally been regarded as a particular source of warmth and affection by their owners. Consequently, let’s attempt to demonstrate the steps for sketching a wonderful, attractive cat face with gleaming eyes.

But, are each of these courses simple enough to aid you in creating a cat portrait?

Art materials include:

  • Drawing paper (or devices)
  • Drawing pencil
  • Black marker
  • Colored marker, crayon, or felt-tip pens
  • Drawing paper (or devices)

Drawing paper (or devices); Drawing pencil; Black marker; Colored marker, crayon, or felt-tip pens;

  1. Make a sketch of the head’s structure. Drawing out the rounded form of our cartoon attractive cat’s head is the first step
  2. Next design the ears. Draw the cat ears above the head at this point. They should have a sharp edge, like a pyramid. Draw the cat’s whiskers in a circle. The cat’s pink cheeks and whiskers, which are three on either side of the cat’s face, should be drawn in this phase. Make some adorable kitten eyes. Draw a picture of your cat’s adorable round eyes now. This is a pretty simple procedure that you should be able to do without difficulty. If you look closely at the image, you will notice that circles have already been painted in the eyes, which represent the structure of the glitter in the eyeballs. Using a paper towel, wipe away any excess. If you are drawing on paper, there will be a lot of excess pencil surplus when you are sketching, which will need to be removed off the page when you are through. There is no chance of this happening if you paint on a tablet. Draw a line through your depiction. This is the second phase in the process of drawing on paper. Following this stage, you will be able to see what the design will appear like once you have traced it with a fountain pen or black marker. This is something that more experienced painters do more frequently with ink
  3. Color a lovely kitty. This is a step that will bring you pleasure and happiness. Because you intend to complete your drawing! Done

How to Draw a Cat Face? – Step by Step Drawing Guide for Kids

It’s easy to find hundreds of different methods to draw dogs and cats on the internet if you’re seeking for some inspiration. No matter if you want to design a basic, realistic, cartoony, full body, or close up picture, everything will be right in front of you with a single click of the mouse. Keeping all of these considerations in mind, we have created an incredible guide to assist your young artists in drawing a cat face, and that too with an extremely intense yet adorable appearance. When it comes to putting together this kitten, you only need a few basic shapes, and after it is finished, you will have plenty of options for how you want to color it!

Then you should certainly come along and learn how to design a cat face using some basic and simple shapes.

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Materials that you may require

  • Pencil – You should select a pencil with a high HB grade since it will allow you to draw both dark and fine lines in a single sitting. Furthermore, they are the simplest to remove

Nonetheless, purchasing a pre-sharpened one will save you a significant amount of time and effort.

  • But if you get one that has already been sharpened, you’ll save a significant amount of effort.

If you use them in a well-ventilated environment and with plenty of paper, you will eventually get greater outcomes than if you do not.

  • Better results will be obtained over time if you utilize them in a well-ventilated environment and with additional paper.

Time needed

According to our estimates, it will take you roughly 45 to 60 minutes to complete your masterpiece on a blank sheet of paper.

However, with frequent practice, the amount of time required will reduce.

How to draw a cat face

Once you’ve gone through the process of sketching, you’ll have a limitless supply of drawing experiences. This instruction on how to design a cat face will be rather straightforward. We’ve made every effort not to overwhelm you with needless information on your first encounter. Nonetheless, we tried to make the concept as basic as possible while yet making it spectacular, so that the end result is a sketch of the face of a cat that is quite realistic. We hope you will find this instruction to be useful and enjoyable in eight simple stages.

  • In the same way as the illustration shows it, draw a circle, followed by two triangles at neighboring spots.
  • For the distinguishing elements of the cat’s face, you may also draw horizontal lines to represent them.
  • After you’ve finished with the hairy section, you may go on to the eyes.
  • 3.It’s time to create the nose and mouth area of your cat.
  • 4.Make changes to your cat’s mustache and ears, if necessary.
  • 5.Don’t forget to create hairlike sections wherever appropriate in the area around your cat’s head.
  • Make a clean sweep of the rough lines that were previously drawn.
  • All that will be left is for you to do is color the picture once you have completed all of the stages.


Who doesn’t adore cats at some point in their lives? As a result, they are often recognized as being quite popular among cat lovers everywhere. Some of their most appealing characteristics are that they are nicely proportioned, bewhiskered, and bewitching in appearance. Once you’ve drawn your own cat face, you’ll surely begin to experiment with a variety of various approaches to representing a cat’s face in your own artwork. We are confident that it will not be a one-time occurrence! In the meanwhile, as you begin your adventure anywhere, this article will undoubtedly provide you with some excellent starting suggestions on how to prepare and sketch the face of a cat.

How to Draw a Cat Head

Cats are without a doubt the loveliest creatures on the planet. These adorable creatures have already managed to attract the attention of the entire globe, beginning with the internet. As a result, we chose to demonstrate how to draw a cat head step by step in this tutorial.

Step 1

First and foremost, let’s form a circle around ourselves.

Draw two crossing lines in the middle of the circle that cross each other.

Step 2

Using two lines, draw slightly pointed ears at the top of the head and the neck of the animal. Take note that the ears on this animal are quite similar to the ears on the aleopard that we sketched in the previous session.

Step 3

Make a rough sketch of the number of different-shaped eyeballs that are positioned on the horizontal line. Then draw the mouth and nose on the paper.

Step 4

Let’s go into a bit more detail with our drawing. Make the contours of the head more detailed and smooth by drawing them in. Make the pupils of the eyes visible inside the eyes.

Step 5

Now that we have our sketch finished, let’s go over it in more depth. Increase the detail and smoothness of the features of the skull. Using the inner corners of the eyes as guides, draw the pupils in place.

Step 6

It is just necessary to draw shadows at this point. In this drawing instruction, there are only a few examples of them. In the same process, we’ll add whiskers to our character. It was a step-by-step drawing instruction on how to draw a cat’s head in different poses. By the way, cats have captivated not only the entire globe, but also our website, which has previously published drawing lessons for a cartoon cat, a black cat, and an anime character named Maneki Neko.

How to Draw a Cat Face – Really Easy Drawing Tutorial

Just a few shadows are needed to complete the picture. In this drawing instruction, there are only a handful of them. This is the same process that we used to create whiskers before. In this case, it was a step-by-step sketching instruction on how to create a cat head. Aside from that, cats have taken not only the globe, but also our website. We already have drawing lessons for a cartoon cat, a black cat and an anime character known as the Maneki Neko (Black Cat).

​Step by Step Instructions for ​a ​C​at Face

Step 11 in the sketching of a cat’s face Begin by sketching an ellipse around the cat’s face to serve as an outline. Step 22 in the sketching of a cat’s face. A long, curving line should be drawn from either side of the oval. To finish the line, connect small, curved lines in a jagged zigzag pattern at the bottom of the line. The cheeks of the cat are formed by this, which is replete with tufts of hair. Step 33 in the sketching of a cat’s face. The tufts should be connected with a long, curved line in order to completely enclose the face.

  • Step 44 in the sketching of a cat’s face.
  • This is the ear of the cat.
  • Step 55 in the sketching of a cat’s face.
  • Step 66 in the sketching of a cat’s face.
  • Draw a curving line inside the ear that is parallel to the outside of the ear.
  • Step 77 in the sketching of a cat’s face.
  • To create each eye, draw two curved lines around the outline of a rounded triangle with points on either end.

Draw a circle within a circle within the pupil of the eye.

Fill in the smaller circle with a darker color to indicate the pupil.

Form a curved shape for the brows by joining two curved lines together at one end and meeting at a blunt, rounded junction at the other end.

Make a nose and a mouth using your pencil.

This is the contour of the snout.

The mouth is formed by two curving lines in the shape of a broad “W,” which are drawn behind the nose.

By sketching a short curved line beneath the “W,” you may give the chin more depth.

Short, curving lines that intersect at jagged angles can be used to create the texture of fur on the forehead and cheekbones.

You’re a color, cat.

Calico cats are white cats with black and orange patches on their coats, while Siamese cats have cream-colored hair with brown noses and ears and have brown noses and ears.

If you want to learn how to draw cats in more detail, check out theSimple Cat and Cartoon Catdrawing lessons. Continue reading for a printable PDF version of this tutorial.

Printable Drawing Tutorial

Are you still seeing advertisements or are you unable to download the PDF? Check to see that you are currently logged in. You may use the member login page to sign in. If you are still unable to download the PDF, reloading the page is the most likely answer. This may be accomplished by pressing the Reload button on your browser. It is represented by a circular arrow-shaped symbol at the top of the browser window, which is normally located in the upper-left corner (you can also use the keyboard commands Ctrl+R on a PC and Command+R on a Mac to access this feature).

How to Draw a Cat Face for Kindergarten – Easy Drawing Tutorial For Kids

Please accept my greetings, young artists. You will now discover a brand new and engaging drawing lesson. To learn how to draw a cat face for kindergarten, follow along with me as I walk you through the process step by step. Many people like these cuddly and friendly creatures. Each cat has an own personality. Cats may be either quiet or lively depending on their mood. Cats are available in a variety of breeds, and as a result, their look can be rather varied from one another. Cats, on the other hand, are often regarded as being extremely elegant, graceful, and dexterous animals.

  1. Because this artwork is done in a cartoon manner, simply a few simple lines are employed throughout it.
  2. Surely, you have seen such a picture in cartoons, in the media, and even on various goods, such as clothing and other accessories.
  3. The guide for sketching a cat face is comprised of a few straightforward steps.
  4. So let’s get this party started.
  5. How to Make a Cat Face for Kindergarten Students
  1. Make a drawing of the head. Determine the position of the muzzle and create an oval with the same form as the one shown in the example
  2. Draw the ears and whiskers in place. Using a triangle as a guide, draw small lines on either side of the muzzle to form the ears. Next, add the parts of the face. Draw the eyes, nose, and mouth in a circular shape. Keep the dimensions in mind. Make the cat’s face out of colored pencils. Pink should be applied on the ears and cheeks.

Figure out how to draw a head Determine the position of the nose and draw an oval with the same form as the one shown in the example; draw the ears and whiskers on the animal. Create the ears in the shape of a triangle and draw short lines on the sides of the muzzle; then add the parts that make up the facial features. Draw the eyes, nose, and mouth in a circular pattern to represent them. Keep the dimensions in mind; and The cat’s expression may be colored in with different colors. Make the ears and cheeks pink, and then apply the foundation.

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Free Cute Cat Face Drawing, Download Free Cute Cat Face Drawing png images, Free ClipArts on Clipart Library

Draw a lovely cat facekitten just a few minutes. how to draw a catcat face drawing for kids cat face drawing for kids sketch of a lovely cat face drawing of a nice catcat face clipart black and whitecartoon drawing of a cute catcat face clipart black and whitecartoon make a cat’s face using a marker how to draw a cat’s face dragoart coloring pages to print easysmiley catstabby cat drawing catstabby kitten Coloring sheets with cats and other animals making beautiful animal eyes using a marker simple easy to create a cat drawing sketch of a lovely cat face cat sketcheasy cat drawing in a curled up position hello kitty stencileasy cat drawing tutorial step by step catanime kitten face drawn in a straightforward manner coloring sheets of cats for adults Facesketchcartoondraw a cat facesketchcartoon photos of cats that are simple Drawing a cat nosecat face photos cartooncartoon drawing a cat nose sketching a dog that is simple a sketch of an animal’s face a cartoon of lovely newborn kitties drawn by a person a lovely painting of a cat that is napping a simple drawing Face of a cat drawn in line art sketching an adorable cat is simple.

cat face clipart in black and whiteMake a cat face with a marker.

Other Popular Clip Arts

Clipart of a limbo Coloring Pages for Halloween Preschoolersstupid-smiley-cliparts Images of the Season of Spring Cliparts of Dr. Clipart of the letters A, B, C, and D Clipart of a Sunny Scene Puppies in Cartoons Illustrations Silhouette of Angus Ornaments for the Holidays Clipart The Colors Black and White Bricks in both black and white colors Background with a transparent tree branch

How To Draw a Cat

The Cat You’ll Be Using as a Model This lesson will teach you how to draw a cat step by step, which is just what you’ve been looking for. Following the demonstration of how to draw a “cat skeleton” to define a position, you’ll learn how to draw a cat’s body, how to draw a cat’s face with all the details, and how to put the finishing touches to your cat drawing so that it appears genuine.

What You Will Learn In This guide

This cat drawing instruction is appropriate for persons with a variety of skill levels and skills. Make use of this table of contents to navigate swiftly through the many sections of this tutorial.

  • A Quick Overview of All Steps
  • How to Sketch a Cat
  • How to Draw a Cat’s Body
  • How to Draw a Cat’s Face
  • Finish up your cat drawing with a few finishing touches.

The following topics are covered: How to Sketch a Cat; How to Draw a Cat’s Body; How to Draw a Cat’s Face; How to Sketch a Cat again; How to Sketch a Cat again. Finalize Your Cat Drawing by adding finishing touches.

A Quick Preview of All Steps

To begin, I’d want to provide you with a high-level overview of all of the procedures we’ll take to sketch our cat in the next few minutes. At this point, don’t be concerned about the specifics of each step since we will go over them in depth in the next portions of this tutorial. Step-by-step instructions on how to draw a cat

How to Sketch a Cat

At this point, we’ll construct a “cat skeleton” design, which is a simple sketch that will help us establish the stance and dimensions of the cat before we get into the details. Make sure to draw these lines softly so that you will be able to remove them later or so that they will be less noticeable after the final lines are added.

Step 1 –Draw a circle

Make sure your circle is a tiny bit to the left of the center of your paper after you’re finished. This will be the center section of the cat’s body, so please make sure to allow enough room on the top and bottom of your paper to accommodate the middle section. Make a circle with your pencil.

Step 2 – Draw a bigger circle next to it

The upper borders of each circles should be parallel to one another.

Step 3 – Add a circle of a similar size to the first one

You may leave this circle in line with the others, or you can raise it slightly above the circle in the centre.

Step 4 – Draw a horizontal line under the cat’s body

The ground level is represented by this line. Measure the height of the inner circle and apply the same distance under that circle to locate the correct place for your horizontal line, as illustrated in the illustration below, to ensure that you are using the proper proportions.

Step 5 – Draw a curved line for the cat’s front legs

The importance of getting the proportions nearly correct is also crucial here. Please check the image below for guidance on how to create the curved line. The green imaginary line indicates the direction in which to draw the curved line.

Step 6 – Draw a straight line on the right side of this curved line.

It’s critical to get the proportions nearly correct in this case as well.

Please check the illustration below for guidance on how to create the curved line. The green imaginary line indicates the direction in which to draw the curved line.

Step 7 – Draw a curved line to create the basic outline of the cat’s back legs

To do this, draw curving lines from the cat’s legs towards the torso, as seen in the illustration below.

Step 10 – Draw a line between the 2 lines of the front legs.

To do this, draw curving lines from the cat’s legs towards the torso, as seen in the illustration below:

Step 11 – Draw a curved line for the tail

It’s the most difficult component, so pay close attention to the dimensions and make sure they’re absolutely perfect.

Step 13 – Draw the right side of the neck

If you want to picture what we’re doing here, imagine that the contour of the inner circle represents the shoulder.

Step 14 – Draw the cat’s head

Begin by sketching a rectangle with sharply rounded edges between the curved lines of the neck and the curved lines of the shoulders.

How to Draw a Cat’s Body

In this step, we’ll draw out the specifics of the body, establishing the dimensions and forms of the parts. I’ll demonstrate how to draw the cat’s legs as well as how to sketch the beginning of the cat’s face. Continue to sketch in a loose manner!

Step 1 – Draw the rounded outlines of the paws

Try to bend it in a similar manner to the illustration below while drawing this contour, as this is vital for the structure of the cat’s facial features.

Step 7 – Connect the upper third with the borders of it’s surrounding cirle

Remember to use bended lines that contact the circle at the same point as your outline of the face from the previous stage touched the circle while you’re doing it this way. It’s simple to grasp this step if you look at the illustration below.

Step8 – Divide the horizontal line into thirds

When measuring your thirds, we want to overlook the area of the face that is beyond the curving lines of the face’s contour in order to get the proper proportions.

Step9 – Connect these marks with the lower third to create the outline of the cat’s nose

The fundamental structure of the eyes is established by drawing ovals within the region defined in the previous stage.

Step14 – Draw the lips and the basic outline of the nose

This will help to contour the ears even more.

Step19 – Add two more curved lines to finish the outline of the ears

We’re going to add additional elements to our cat’s face now in order to make it appear more lifelike. It’s important to keep your lines light since at this point it’s still more of a cat sketch than it is a cat drawing.

Step1 – Add a flat oval to create the nose

Make the lower part of each toe straight rather than circular, as seen in the illustration below.

Step11 – Add a few more details to the toes and joints

We finalize our sketch of the body and the tail by drawing a few more lines around it to complete it. Following the steps outlined on each of the three photographs below will allow you to draw these simple steps in no time.

Add Finishing Touches to Your Cat Drawing

We’re getting close to finishing our cat painting! The last touches should be added to your sketch using a softer, darker pencil or even an ink liner now that your study has been completed. We will not utilize a red color for the new lines in this area; instead, we will show them in black right away to ensure that the details and darkness are clearly visible.

Step 1 – Draw the details of the nose and the area around it

Maintain the darkest possible color for the pupils in a similar manner to the example given below.

Step 3 – Add more details to the area of the ears

As seen in the illustration below, we utilize the lines of our drawing as a foundation for this darkening.

Step 6 – Darken the rest of the body

Try to make it appear fluffy by drawing little lines throughout the body, as seen in the illustration below.

Step 7 – Add the whiskers and more fur

We may achieve this extra darkening to emphasise the contour of the body in three ways: by pressing harder on the paper, by drawing over the lines an additional time, or by using an even darker tool.

Step 9 – Remove your guidelines and add a few shades

It’s about time to complete our cat picture, so it’s a good time to gently remove the guidelines and add a few darker areas to it.

You have a variety of options for how you want to create shades, but the simplest method is to envision a light source shining on our cat from a specific direction. Assuming that the light source is above us, we obtain the following conclusion.


Step-by-step instructions on how to draw a cat have just been provided to you! I hope you found this tutorial useful. Don’t forget to check back in the future for more simple drawing tutorials.

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