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How To Draw A Cat — Realistic And Cute Cartoon Kittens, Ahead! (VIDEOS)

Photograph courtesy of Peter Dazeley/Getty Images When it comes to our pets, some of us are firmly in the camp of “cats rule and dogs drool,” as the saying goes. There are no lengthy walks when you have cats. There will be no constant barking. Undeniably, some cats are exceptionally affectionate, despite the hostile myths canines have propagated about them in order to prevent them from taking over the home. Almost cuddly, if we’re being honest. Yes, they begin to sob as soon as they are able to view the bottoms of their feeding bowls.

Even yet, we wouldn’t exchange our pets for all the money in the world if we had the chance.

It turns out that it isn’t quite as difficult as we had anticipated.

We know this because we discovered a plethora ofsuper-useful and entertainingvideo lessons to assist us in drawing portraits of and for our feline gods and goddesses, as well as for ourselves.

How to Draw a Cat: The Whole Cat

You still have a lot to think about, even if you limit down your cat-drawing-tutorial search to include “the complete cat.” With anything from charming cat cartoons to something more realistic to even how they’re sitting, standing, or laying down on the floor, your inspiration cup is overflowing, right? We discovered three really simple tutorials that will guide you through the process of sketching a whole kitty from nose to tail. Which of these fluffsters’ drawings would you want to see pinned to your refrigerator door?

Simple and Cartoonish Cats

You are not need to go overboard with your cat designs. Sometimes the ones that are more cartoonish in appearance are really cuter than the ones that are more realistic in appearance. And they’re surely more entertaining, don’t you think?

Realistic Cat Drawing Help

Having the ability to take your time and actually create something beautiful and healing is a rare and wonderful experience. Our guide will help you draw more lifelike cats — something that appears more like art and less like a doodle — no matter what your skill level is. Here’s our all-time favorite lesson on how to draw a realistic-looking sleepingcat from start to finish!

How to Draw a Cat Face

Any cat owner (or the person who cares for a cat) will tell you that felines have extremely expressive looks. It may be difficult at first to pin down their feelings of love, indignation, or hunger. Beginning with these tutorials on how to draw any cat face, however, is a good place to start.

Cute Cartoon Cat Face

No, this is not a lesson on how to apply makeup. However, in all seriousness, mastering it is just as difficult. It’s possible that painting a cat’s eye is one of the most difficult aspects of creating your feline friend’s face.

Eye: Fast Tutorial

No, this is not a lesson on how to do your makeup properly.

However, in all honesty, mastering it is just as difficult. It’s possible that painting a cat’s eye is one of the most difficult aspects of creating your feline companion’s face.

Draw a Cat Eye: A Step-By-Step Tutorial

Looking to take things a little slower and learn some more in-depth techniques for sketching a cat’s eye? This is the best course of action.

Drawing Cat Paws

Right, when we were wildcats, we all perfected the art of collecting cat paw emblems in a circular formation. These tutorials go a step farther in explaining how to draw cat paws.

How To Draw A Cat Paw: Cartoon-ish, Easy

Those toe beans, on the other hand! Despite the fact that this cat paw isn’t any more difficult than the one we learnt in middle school, it is far prettier. We basically want to squeeze them as much as possible.

Drawing Cat Paws: More Realistic

If you want to take your game to the next level, this video will show you how. Also’s simple to follow, and it provides some excellent ideas on how to make those claws appear as though they’re actually poking out of the fur, as shown in the video. Take note: This video provides good, concrete instructions on how to draw paws on a variety of different creatures. And now you can get started on your favorite dog breeds by getting an early start on them!

Drawing Materials

Where would an artist be if they didn’t have their creative supplies? These sketching resources are very useful if you’re trying to create a realistic cat, which is something we recommend you do.

  • Drawing pencils of high quality (such as 2B and 4B pencils)
  • A piece of gum eraser
  • The following items are recommended: a pencil sharpener (to keep your equipment in tip-top shape for those delicate details)
  • Charcoal
  • Stumps for blending

How to Draw Garfield

A lot of things have been taught to us by Garfield the cat, including how to despise Mondays even before we had jobs or obligations. A step-by-step video that will guide you through the process of drawing your favorite greedy lasagna-obsessed tabby (who looks like a fat tiger) has been shared with us, and it will show you how to bring this character to life using nothing more than an ordinary marker.

Funny Quotes About Cats

Cats are amazing creatures, and if you enjoy sketching cats, it’s likely that you enjoy everything about them as well. The feline amusement doesn’t end there, though. We’ve got more cat-tastic material for you below! Continue reading for a collection of amusing cat quotations. “Cats can calculate mathematically the exact location where they should sit in order to cause the maximum trouble.” Pam Brown is credited with inventing the term “pam brown.” “I have a soft spot for pigs. Dogs look up to us as role models.

  • “Pigs treat us as if we are equals.” —William Winston Churchill “There are two things that can provide relief from the agony of life: music and cats,” says the author.
  • —James Herriot, Cat Stories (James Herriot’s Cat Stories, 1996) “Can there be a better present than the affection of a cat?” Author Charles Dickens said it best: “All things are cats in a cat’s eye,” says the author.
  • “Lying is like catching a cat: you have to catch it before it gets out the door, or else it’s very difficult to capture.” Charles M.
  • Interested in more animal-inspired creative activities?

20 Easy Cat Drawing Ideas

I find myself sketching a lot of cats on a regular basis. Because of this, I set out to compile a collection of charming, simple cat drawing ideas for beginning artists to experiment with in their sketchbooks in the future. Seeing that cats are such a charming and intriguing topic to draw, I hope you have as much fun with these cat figures as I had when creating them.

Drawing Suggestions: Make a rough sketch of your drawing in pencil. Draw a line over the sketch with a pen (I usePigma Micron Pens from Amazon). As soon as the ink has dried, carefully remove the pencil sketch to reveal your completed ink masterpiece!

1. Cat Poses

Try to draw cats in a variety of positions to get better at it. The following are some easy sketching ideas to get you started on your journey.

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2. Cat Facial Expressions

Cats are really expressive animals, so here is a simple sketch to try out to see if you can convey the various emotions of cats in one painting.

3. Realistic Cat

Due to the fact that cats are such expressive creatures, here is a simple sketch that you may experiment with in order to try to depict the many moods of cats.

4. Can’t Help But Fall in Love

We can’t help but fall in love with cats, and this cute drawing is the perfect way to express our feelings.

5. If It Fits, I Sits

It is not uncommon for cats to find comfort in the most unlikely of locations. The drawing below is of a cat sitting in a cardboard box that I created.

6. Sleeping Cat

Cats really like the act of sleeping. An extremely basic sketch of a cat napping is shown below.

7. Magic Cat

I enjoy sketching wacky doodles, and this one features a cat wearing a top hat and bowtie, as well as stars and space.

8. A Cat and a Yarn Ball

Cats resting on the floor, rolling about, are some of my favorite subjects to sketch. Here’s a cute little kitty who’s having fun with a yarn ball.

9. Chibi Cat

You may draw this basic cat picture if you are seeking for a charming chibi cat drawing to practice on.

10. Sitting Cat

You may draw this basic cat picture if you’re seeking for a nice chibi cat drawing to practice on.

11. Amongst the Flowers

Here’s a simple sketch of a contented outdoor cat amongst the blooming flowers.

12. Mochi Cat

Here’s a really simple cat drawing for you to try out. Simply begin by sketching a mochi form and then embellishing it with cat ears, eyes, mouth, whiskers, and a tail as desired!

13. Royalty Cat

Some days it feels like cats are royalty, and here is a beautiful little drawing to illustrate that.

14. Whatcha Doin’?

Here is a cat drawing that I created based on my previous blog article on easy circular drawings to attempt.

15. Cat Paw

In addition to including a basic sketch of cat paws in this blog article, I thought it would be fun to include a picture of cat paws.

16. Smiling Cat

Here’s a wonderful painting of a happy cat with a butterfly that you may try to draw as well as the one above.

17. A Cat and Their Book

I’m not sure if cats enjoy reading or not, but here’s a charming illustration of a cat reading a book, just because.

18. Leaping Cat

Here is a simple and entertaining sketch of a leaping cat for you to try.

19. Floofy Cat

I’m not sure if this cat is floofy or just a blob of a creature.

20. Cats are Cool

Finally, here is our final tiny cat illustration: Cats are awesome, and they are probably already aware of this. Posts on this blog that are related Ideas for Animal Drawings (35 of them) 35 Easy Whimsical Drawing Ideas to Try Right Now 30 Inexpensive Acrylic Painting Designs Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog article! I hope you were able to find some simple and adorable cat drawing ideas to try out in your notebook next! I also hope you had as much fun with these drawings as I did when producing them!

Wishing you a good day or evening 3

Free Cute Cat Face Drawing, Download Free Cute Cat Face Drawing png images, Free ClipArts on Clipart Library

Draw a lovely cat facekitten just a few minutes. how to draw a catcat face drawing for kids cat face drawing for kids sketch of a lovely cat face drawing of a nice catcat face clipart black and whitecartoon drawing of a cute catcat face clipart black and whitecartoon make a cat’s face using a marker how to draw a cat’s face dragoart coloring pages to print easysmiley catstabby cat drawing catstabby kitten Coloring sheets with cats and other animals making beautiful animal eyes using a marker simple easy to create a cat drawing sketch of a lovely cat face cat sketcheasy cat drawing in a curled up position hello kitty stencileasy cat drawing tutorial step by step catanime kitten face drawn in a straightforward manner coloring sheets of cats for adults Facesketchcartoondraw a cat facesketchcartoon photos of cats that are simple Drawing a cat nosecat face photos cartooncartoon drawing a cat nose sketching a dog that is simple a sketch of an animal’s face a cartoon of lovely newborn kitties drawn by a person a lovely painting of a cat that is napping a simple drawing Face of a cat drawn in line art sketching an adorable cat is simple.

cat face clipart in black and whiteMake a cat face with a marker.

Other Popular Clip Arts

Simple instructions for drawing a sweet kitty facekitten. how to draw a catcat face drawing for kidscat face drawing for kids sketch of a nice cat’s face adorable cat drawingcat face clipart black and whitecartoon drawing of a cute catcat face clipart black and white the face of a cat drawing a cat’s face coloring page of dragoart simple sketch of a catstabby cat Pages to color of catanime animals animal eyes that are lovely to sketch a cat sketch that is simple and straightforward sketch of a nice cat’s face cat sketcheasy cat painting with its paws wrapped around the table a hello kitty stencil that is simple to use and follow step by step.

drawing of a kitty face with catanime characters coloring sheets of cats for grownups face sketchsketchcartoon drawing of a cat simple kitten images to download cat face cartooncartoon pictures of a cat’s nose drawingdraw a cat nose sketching a simple puppy sketch of the face of an animal adorable baby cats drawingsperson sketching a cat cartooncartoon drawing a cat napping in a lovely way is simple to do.

face of a cat drawn in line drawing simple to sketch an adorable cat drawing of a cat face cat face clipart in black and white

How to Draw a Cat – Step by Step Cat Drawing Instructions (Cute Cartoon Cat)

Follow this simple how to draw a cat step by step guide and you will have your cat drawing completed in no time. The following instructions will teach you how to design a cute cartoon cat that can be created quickly by both children and adults. You may also be interested in:dog drawing tutorial*this article includes affiliate links* Cats are fantastic creatures! It is a proven truth. Cats, of course, but also other creatures. This is just greatness. It is a new addition to our constantly increasing library of step by step drawing lessons for people of all ages, and it is called “Cat Drawing Tutorial.” Keeping things simple is something we enjoy doing, so we streamlined this one to the greatest extent feasible while yet maintaining its cuteness.

Let your creativity go wild with this one.

We’re not here to define the rules, so use your imagination to guide you.

How to Draw a Cat Tutorial

What you’ll need is the following:

  • Paper, pencil or marker, our cat-directed drawing printable (optional), coloring supplies (optional), and a pen or marker

Step by Step Cat Drawing Instructions

Make a rough oval shape for the head to begin with. It might have a boxy shape, a more circular shape, or even a little triangular shape to it.

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Step 2

It’s time to get started on a few triangles. Draw two triangle shapes for the ears and one triangle shape for the nose on a piece of construction paper. Alternately, you might shape the nose to be oval or round.

Step 3

Let’s put on our best cat face! Inside the eras, draw two smaller triangle-shaped lines to separate them. There should be two locations for the eyes. Let’s go on to creating the mouth. Begin by drawing a short, straight line from the bottom of the nose down to the tip of the chin. Begin by drawing the mouth curve next to this line (on the left), then bringing it down and back up to meet the line you previously created beneath the nose.

Continue with another arc of the body. Draw a third curve in the space between the first and second curves (in the middle). Completed on the inside of the mouth.

Step 4

Make whiskers out of a piece of paper. In addition, begin sketching the body. Draw two curved lines, one on the left and one on the right, and join them together.

Step 5

Draw your feet together. Begin with the ones in front of you (long U shape). Although the hind legs are not required, I believe they might add a nice touch to the composition.

Step 6

We’re almost finished! There are only a few more details to work out. The line that connects the belly and the tail is similar like claws. Congratulations! In this lesson, you will learn how to draw a cat.


It is possible to color your cat drawing in a variety of ways. We opted to go with an orange tabby cat for our design.

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Have fun with your artwork!

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How to Draw a Cat

Article in PDF format Article in PDF format Drawing a cat is a simple process. While there are other options, this article will demonstrate how to design a cat in both a cartoon and a realistic approach. From here, you should be able to continue working on your cat drawing skills, with the assistance of any cats that may be in your immediate vicinity.

  1. Create an outline of the body’s shape. Draw a circle for the head and two crossed lines in the center for the chin and neck. Make the body of the creature out of a much larger circle with a curved line connecting to it on the rear
  2. 2Draw the contour of the face in pencil. Add two little oblongs on either side of the bottom section of the head, and link them with a curved line to give the appearance of plumped cheeks and pointed ears on either side of the head. This will serve as a guide for you while you draw the nose and the lips. Draw another set of two little oblongs at the bottom of the body’s outline, and on one side, draw a long rectangle shape
  3. 4Draw the details of the face. Make the eyes almond shaped, draw the nose, and while framing the face, use little strokes to give the cat a hairy appearance
  4. 5Add the cat’s whiskers and brows using longer strokes
  5. 6Make the cat’s whiskers and brows using longer strokes
  6. 7Make the cat’s whiskers and brows using longer strokes
  7. 6Draw the limbs, tail, and nails on the paper. Remember to use small strokes to give it a fuzzy appearance
  8. 7sketch the remainder of the body with little strokes
  9. 8erase any extraneous lines and color the drawing
  10. 9finish by erasing any unnecessary lines and coloring the drawing
  1. Drawing the contour of the head and body is step 1. Make the head out of a circle. In the middle of the skull, draw a vertical and horizontal line that is intersected. Make the cat’s body a large oblong form by drawing a line through it. 2Draw the eyes with two little circles and the nose and lips with a pencil. Draw two half almond shapes projecting from either side of the cat’s head
  2. 3Draw an outline of the cat’s limbs in the same manner. Convert the rear leg into a circle. Sketch the tail, making it long and curled
  3. 5Darken the eyes and add whiskers to complete the design. Alternatively, you may add a collar to the neck
  4. 6sketch the body and add a few fuzzy features
  5. 7color and finish the design
  1. 1Draw a rough sketch of the key shapes. Make a circle for the top of the head. Rather than being a rectangle, the body has a curved line at the end towards the head. When it comes to the thigh area, I like to draw large fat oblong-ish squashed ovals. 2Draw the most prominent feature of the face. Include the rules for the mouth region, ears, and face. Make the muzzle as short and squarish as possible
  2. 3Include additional characteristics on the head. Make the eyes a cross-section of the face’s guidelines by placing them at the cross-section of the guidelines. Now, add the nose to the mix. 4Draw oblongs and circles for the thighs, legs, and paws on the back of the paper. Include the tail as well
  3. 5Draw the cat’s key characteristics. Make use of lines to depict a pattern in the cat’s fur
  4. 6Erase the draft lines and fill in the blanks with further information. 7 The final kitty should be colored
  • Make use of colored pencils, crayons, markers, or paints to create your masterpiece.
  1. 1Draw a circle and an oblong on a piece of paper. These will act as a guide for both the head and the rest of the body 2Draw the facial guidelines on top of the image. Include the region around the nose, the rules for the face, and the ears. 3Draw circles and oblongs for the thighs, the legs, and the paws on the back of the paper. Each leg is represented by three oblongs in the illustration. 4Place the guide for the face on top of the image. 5Draw the cat’s major characteristics on a piece of paper. Make use of uneven lines to represent the fur
  2. 6Remove the draft lines and fill in the gaps with additional information. More features, such as whiskers and hair, can be added. Seventh, color, and complete.

Create a new question

  • Question What is the best way to draw a cat cuter? Make the necessary adjustments to the eyes. When it comes to creating an attractive cat, the eyes are the most crucial feature. Is it okay if I use colored pencils? Yes, since overlapping fur necessitates the use of several distinct hues. You may also blur them using your finger, an eraser, or a rubber band to achieve the desired effect. If you want to draw realistically, colored pencils are highly suggested. Question Is it possible to use a pen to outline my drawing and then erase the pencil sketching? Yes, you very certainly can. Just be cautious not to damage your eraser, since the ink from the pen can occasionally rub off onto it and cause damage. Question What is the best way to draw a kitten? There are times when drawing a smaller version of the cats illustrated here with more fluffy fur and larger eyes is all that is required. More ideas may be found at How to Draw a Kitten. Question Is it okay for me to use markers to sketch a cat? Although you should not press too hard when outlining since you may produce those small lumps of paper or perhaps a hole, just be a bit cautious
  • Question What if you want it to be more general in nature? Feel free to leave out any details that you don’t want to include in your drawing. If you want a very basic appearance, you don’t have to draw the hair, or the small dots by its nose, or as many whiskers, or even the individual toes, if you want a very plain look
  • You may leave them out entirely. Question What techniques can I use to make my cat appear more realistic? Create eyes that are more realistic in appearance to those of a genuine cat, and ensure that the limb and body measurements are accurate in size. Question Does anyone know of any quick and easy ways for drawing nice eyes? After you’ve drawn the frame, you may move on to drawing the eye form, and then the pupil, and lastly the features around it. Question Is it possible to make the eyeballs out of colored pencils, markers, and an ordinary pencil as well? You have complete freedom in how you create the eyes. Question What is the best way to make it smaller? Continue using the same methods as before, but make your lines narrower.
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How to Draw a Cat Very Easy – Drawing Tutorial For kids

I previously shown how to draw a cat, and in an even more straightforward demonstration, I will demonstrate how to draw a cat very effortlessly. Because I explain how to draw animals in a cartoon manner on the pages of the majority of the time, I decided not to make any exceptions today and show you how to draw a cat in a cartoon way as well. This style is devoid of superfluous elements and complicated lines. Everything in this place is as straightforward as possible. To begin with the lesson on how to draw a cat very easy, you will just need a basic pencil and a sheet of paper that is as plain as possible to follow.

Step 1

Begin by sketching the cat’s head as a flat oval on the page.

Step 2

Draw the ear as a triangle geometric form to represent it now.

Step 3

Now, draw the second ear in the same manner as the first.

Step 4

Draw two huge and round eyes at this point.

Step 5

Draw a little triangle nose in the centre of the face, in the middle of the eyes.

Step 6

Now draw the mouth as if it were an inverted number three.

Step 7

Draw the front leg and the rounded chest at this point.

Step 8

Draw the second front leg in the same manner as the first.

Step 9

As seen in the illustration below, the hind limb should be rounded in the back.

Step 10

Draw a smooth line across the cat’s bent back to represent it now.

Step 11

Now draw a long tail that curves into a huge S shape on the page.

Step 12

I opted to paint the cat in a light gray color with pink ears and nose, and brown eyes with circular accents around the pupils. Isn’t it true that the instructions on how to draw a cat quickly and simply were rather straightforward? Send me an email with your suggestions for what you would want to see on the pages of I have read all of your comments and have responded to several of them.

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