How To Draw A Cartoon Cat

How To Draw A Cat Made From Basic Shapes And Lines

If your cat has access to the outdoors and you have reached the point when your cat will come to you from various spots inside your home, it is time to begin experimenting with him or her in the open air. Beginner’s tip: start in your garden while your cat is still nearby. You began your training in your house by keeping a close distance from your cat and responding to his cues, such as when he was hungry, friendly, or playful. Now, take your training outside. Attempt it in many different areas across the garden, tempting your cat in various ways, including toward the front entrance of your home.

Recognize and thank your cat when he comes to you, then let him to explore once more.

In the eyes of your cat, this might be interpreted as a “negative conclusion” to his reaction, which could result in the recall’s effectiveness being diminished.

Using this method, you may avoid creating a situation in which the cat comes to you but refuses to enter the house.

  • Provide as much excitement and enjoyment as possible for your cat during the recall.
  • This will make the game much more appealing to him.
  • In this way, he will remain engaged in the activity since he will never be certain which recollection will result in a reward.
  • If at any point during the training process he fails to respond when you call, go back to the beginning of the training process and begin again.
  • Given that the majority of cat owners prefer to play with their cats indoors, we may perhaps encourage our cats to stay closer to home by engaging in these recall activities outside.
  • If your cat has outside access and you have reached the point when your cat will come to you from various spots within your home, it is time to begin experimenting with it outside. Begin in your garden while your cat is still close to the home so that you can supervise him. You began your training in your house by keeping a close distance from your cat and responding to his cues, such as when he was hungry, friendly, or playful
  • Now repeat the process outside. Try it in a variety of positions around the yard, tempting your cat in a variety of ways, including towards the front entrance. It is critical that you make advantage of your’super power’ rewards now that you are outside. When your cat comes to you, give him a treat and some praise, then allow him to go exploring again. You must remember your cat at times when you do not actually require him to come indoors in order to prevent him from learning that coming to you always results in his being taken inside. This might be interpreted by your cat as a “negative conclusion” to his reaction, which could result in the recall’s effectiveness being diminished. Start by praising your cat for simply approaching the door, then gradually go to rewarding him for entering the home and giving him his reward inside. In this approach, you avoid creating a situation in which the cat comes to you but does not enter inside. Give your cat the incentive as soon as his paws cross the threshold to establish a link between the reward and being inside. Make the recall as thrilling and enjoyable as possible for your cat. If you change the incentives you use, he will not always know what he is going to get, which will make the game much more intriguing for him. Once the recall has been properly established, you will no longer need to give your cat with a treat every time he or she comes to you. This will keep him engaged in the work since he’ll never be sure which recall will result in a tasty reward. However, you should only go to this level if you can consistently persuade your cat to come when you call him. If, at any point, he fails to respond when you call, go back to the beginning of the training process. While teaching a recall is not a foolproof method of ensuring that your cat always returns home when he is outside, it does assist in this endeavor while also offering enjoyable and quality time for both you and your cat. Given that the majority of cat owners prefer to play with their cats indoors, we can ideally encourage our cats to stay closer to home by engaging in these recall activities outside. After all, it’s worth staying within earshot just in case there’s a prize to be gained!

Step 1

The following lesson will teach you how to create a cartoon cat. These creatures are well-known to almost everyone! A very long and slender tail (1), little ears (2), a little pink nose (3), and four extremely nimble legs (4) distinguish them from other species (5).

Amazingly, they may be found in a wide variety of hues, including black and white; brown and orange; and even blue! Cats are classified into 36 separate species, with many more subspecies to be found within each species.

Step 2

Because the cat is a feline, these small critters move in a manner that is similar to that of a lion or a tiger would. A circle is used to construct the head. The ears are constructed from triangles, while the body is constructed from a rectangle. The back legs are quite robust, however the front legs are a little lower in stature. Small rectangles are used to construct the tail. Small circles are used to create the pupils of the eyes and the nose.

Step 3

Beginning with a rectangle, you may proceed with the rest of your artwork. Make the tip of the hat a bit thinner than the rest of it. Create a line across the center of your form. Then, on top of your line, draw the pupils of your eyes. Draw the ears inside the confines of your rectangle. Add the legs to your design to complete the composition. They should be a little smaller on the outside. Details such as the eyes, the lips, and the whiskers should be included. You’ve got it! One simple cat that can be sketched in a matter of minutes!

Step 4

You might begin by drawing a simple head to get a feel for the process (2). Once you feel more confident, you may try drawing a humorous cat (5) or one that is more realistic in appearance (4). Following completion of this lesson, you may learn to draw more entertaining cats from this website by utilizing the many useful tools provided below. The majority of these creatures are straightforward to copy, but others are a little more difficult. Just keep sketching and practicing, and you’ll be fine.

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Easy How to Draw a Cartoon Black Cat Tutorial and Cat Coloring Pages

The most enjoyable aspect of learning how to draw a black cat is having a good time with all of the exaggerated shapes and lines. Despite the fact that professional cartoonists appear to have it down down, it takes time to master the skill of making the biggest impact with a few lines. One illustration of this is the employment of large heads in various applications. They’re simply plain amusing, and they provide plenty of room for expressive eyes to shine through. Furthermore, large eyes that are flat on top are a fairly simple technique to make anyone, human or animal, appear gloomy or depressed.

Why not use some gradated color to show up the backdrop of your cat drawing in a really Halloween-y manner?

For that seamless coloring transition, it will take some overlapping and going back and forth, but the ultimate effect is definitely worth the effort.

Use the Button below to Download a PDF Tutorial

  • Eraser. It is considerably more effective to use large ones that you can hold in your hand rather than simply the pencil tips.
  • Eraser. In comparison to merely the pencil tips, large ones that you can hold in your palm perform far better.
  • Prang Crayons are a brand of crayons. Because they are a little softer than regular crayons, they can occasionally be mistaken for oil pastels. Aside from that, they have some lovely brown tones that Crayola does not carry unless you purchase one of their larger boxes.
  • Crayola Crayons are a popular brand of crayons. The dependable brand that dependably performs admirably. The 24 pack has some of my favorite golden orange and yellow hues, which appear to be a little richer and warmer in tone than the ones available from Prang

Directions to Draw a Cartoon Cat Step by Step

The time required is 30 minutes. How to Draw a Cartoon Cat (with Steps)

  1. Make a curved line
  2. Begin at the very top of the head, if possible. Finish the top of the head
  3. Finish the top of the head Make two half-circle eyeballs with your pencil. Draw the interior of the eyes, nose, and whiskers
  4. Increase the number of ears by two. Draw a line around the perimeter of the body
  5. Leg lines and a long tail should be added. Draw a line with a marker and color it

Draw a Funny Cartoon Cat

Cat in the DarkHalloween Cat

Easy How to Draw a Cartoon Cat Face Tutorial

Drawing of a Cat’s Face in Cartoon Form This cat contains all of the elements that I aim to include in my drawing instructions for primary pupils, including the following:

  • Simple shapes, so that you may provide directions by saying “draw a U shape” or “draw an oval”
  • A move away from realism and toward a cartoon aesthetic that fosters creativity rather than reality
  • Students should sketch on a large size in order to break free from their natural predisposition to draw on a small scale.

This cat would be entertaining for people of all ages based on those three factors alone, but the opportunity to create those somewhat anime-like eyes, complete with the highlight spots that so many young artists are aware of these days? That simply serves as icing on the cake.

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  • Just the opportunity to create those very anime-looking eyes with the highlight spots that so many young artists are aware of these days would make this cat entertaining for people of all ages. A cherry on top of the cake, to say the least!
  • Sharpie Marker in the color black. These fine point permanent marker pens produce beautiful black outlines, have an excellent tip for coloring, and do not bleed when they come into contact with water. Use them in a well-ventilated area, and place additional paper below to protect your tables from damage.
  • Prang Crayons are a brand of crayons. Because they are a little softer than regular crayons, they can occasionally be mistaken for oil pastels. Aside from that, they have some lovely brown tones that Crayola does not carry unless you purchase one of their larger boxes.
  • Crayola Crayons are a popular brand of crayons. The dependable brand that dependably performs admirably. The 24 pack has some of my favorite golden orange and yellow hues, which appear to be a little richer and warmer in tone than the ones available from Prang
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Directions for How to Draw a Cartoon Cat Face Step by Step

Time required: one hour. Create a cartoon cat’s face in Adobe Illustrator.

  1. Draw an oval, then draw the lines for the nose and mouth. Draw two eyes
  2. Begin drawing the head and ears
  3. Connect the ears together. Draw a neckline
  4. Add ear features and brows
  5. And finish with a smirk. Embroider stripes on the skull
  6. Make whiskers out of a piece of paper. Make a few sparkly dots around the eyes. Draw a line with a marker and color it in

How to Draw a Cartoon Cat

Article in PDF format Article in PDF format There are several variants on the theme of cartoon cats. The Simpsons’ Snowball I, II, and III as well as Tom and Butch from Tom and Jerry are among the numerous characters who appear in this episode. As you can see, their personal styles are vastly distinct from one another. This step-by-step tutorial will show you how to create a cartoon cat from start to finish. Let’s get this party started!

  1. Making the head is as simple as making an angular oval and attaching angular triangles to it. Advertising
  2. 3Overlap the oval with a much larger oval for the body
  3. 4Overlap further with smaller vertical ovals for the animal’s legs
  4. 5Draweven smaller horizontal ovals for the paws
  5. 6Join the ovals of the fore legs with a small curved line
  6. 7Add a curved string-like line for the tail
  7. 8Make an oval at the tip of the tail line
  8. 9Draweven smaller horizontal ovals for the paws
  9. 9Draw all of the characteristics of the cat
  10. 10then remove all of the lines that came before
  11. 11color and shade the cat Advertisement
  1. 1Start with a horizontally tapered oval for the head
  2. 2overlap it with a circle at its bottom
  3. 3add another circle at the bottom right of the earlier one
  4. 4add another circle at the bottom left of the earlier one
  5. Four triangles are attached to the uppermost oval, and five straight lines are drawn between the lower circles to form a tetrahedron. 6Extend three straight lines from the ovals and circles to form the legs of the sculpture. 7For the forelegs’ paws, cut out little overlapping ovals and glue them on. For the rear legs, draw another pair of overlapping ovals on the paper. 9Draw a small curved line for the tail
  6. 10Draw a pair of angular straight lines for the eyes and a triangle between them for the nose
  7. 11Draw a small curved line for the mouth
  8. 12Draw a small curved line for the nose
  9. 13Draw a small curved line for the mouth
  10. 14Draw a small curved line for the mouth
  11. 15Draw a small curved line for the mouth
  12. 16Draw a small curved line for 11Draw curving lines on either side of the eye-lines on either side of the page. 12Draw little curves on either side of the triangle’s point, starting at the tip. 13Draw all of the elements of the cat using the guidance lines as a reference. 14Remove all of the rules and regulations
  13. 15Paint the cat a different color. Advertisement

Create a new question

  • Question My traditional cat always has eyes that are too large for the shape of the head when I design it. What can I do to prevent this from happening? Experiment with different variations of the cat. Draw one with the same eye size as before, then another with smaller or larger eyes, or eyes of a different form from the first. Play around with it until you come up with something you believe is attractive and that you enjoy. You might also experiment with other eye placements, such as moving them closer together or farther apart. Continue to practice, and you will finally get the desired result
  • Question What kind of coloring should I put on my cats? You could use anything you wanted! I would recommend using watercolors, colored pencils, or crayons for your project.

Inquire about something There are 200 characters remaining. Include your email address so that you may be notified when this question has been resolved. SubmitAdvertisement

  • Whenever possible, use a pencil so that you may easily erase your mistakes. Please continue to practice because the more you do it, the better you will get. Always remember that coloring your photo helps it seem better. The use of markers and colored pencils significantly enhances the appearance of the work. Similarly, skinny crayons do
  • When you’re sketching, go slowly and gently so that the markings don’t stick. You could always go back and change your mind later. Don’t be concerned if you don’t have the exact same colors. Any color scheme is acceptable. Even the color purple

Thank you for submitting a suggestion for consideration! Advertisement

  • Don’t be concerned if you make a mistake. You should try again and again if the first time doesn’t work.


Things You’ll Need

  • (Any color, but ideally black)
  • Pen (any color, but preferably black)
  • Pencil (we used a green pen for aesthetic purposes, but you should use a pencil so that you can easily erase any mistakes you make on your outline)
  • Paper

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Summary of the ArticleXTo design a cartoon cat, begin by sketching an angular oval for the head and two triangles on either side for the ears on each side. After that, create a bigger oval for the body and smaller vertical ovals for the legs, and then overlap the head with the larger oval. Draw smaller horizontal ovals for the paws before joining the four legs with a line to complete the design. In order to build a tail, start with a curved line and finish with a little oval at the end. Then, add elements to the cat, like as eyes and a mouth, to complete the picture.

Continue reading if you want to learn how to draw a classic cat.

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How to create a cartoon cat quickly and easily? Today, we’ll show you how to accomplish this in a short amount of time and with clarity. In order to do this, we have created this tutorial, which comprises of eight basic stages that are appropriate for artists of all skill levels and experience. Previously, we demonstrated the method of sketching a variety of cats on a number of occasions. We’ve previously created both realistic and comic cats in our drawings. However, as you are surely aware, there are many different cartoon styles, and for this lesson on how to draw a cartoon cat easily, we decided to go with the prettiest and most beautiful one we could find.

Step 1

So, let’s get started with a tutorial on how to draw a cartoon cat quickly and easily. The first step is to draw up the basic outline of our cat. Pay close attention to the characteristics of the drawing object’s look right from the start. We can observe that the head is significantly larger than the body in both length and breadth. Let’s take a photo of this and illustrate it in this stage.

Step 2

Let’s draw the contour of our cat’s front legs now. Cats, as you may be aware, are extremely adaptable and nimble creatures.

If we were to draw a cat in an arealistic manner, we would have to make the paws elegant and smooth in order to get the desired effect. In cartoon form, on the other hand, it seems to be two cylinders that taper gently downward.

Step 3

Because of the peculiarity of the angle, the rear leg seems to be shorter than the front leg. We will create the illusion that the cat is heading in our direction in this manner.

Step 4

In this phase, we’ll create a lengthy tail and collar for our creature. You have complete control over the location and shape of the tail, as well as the look of the collar, which you may customize according to your preferences.

Step 5

Cats are known for having really attractive ears. Using a set of triangle-shaped ears with smooth, smoothed-out corners, we will create a pair of ears in this phase. It is important to note that the ears are situated laterally, and that there is substantial spacing between them.

Step 6

In this phase, we’ll fill in the blanks with some additional information. Create a pair of little balls for the cat’s eyes, as well as the inner sections of the auricles, to represent the cat’s eyes. A pair of smaller triangles, which are the symmetrical triangles from the previous stage, may be seen in the final product.

Step 7

We’re almost finished with this cat illustration. In this phase, we will add the last elements to the character, such as the contours of the nose and lips, as well as a reasonably length mustache. By the way, keep in mind that you should verify the proportionality of your cartoon cat drawing by looking at it in the mirror. You will be able to identify all of the errors in the drawing and rectify them in this manner.

Step 8

We will add some shading to our cartoon cat in this last phase of the tutorial on how to design a cartoon cat. We wanted to keep things as basic as possible, so we avoided using shadows and merely painted black eyes. If you want to make your drawing more intricate, you may use shadows and highlights to do this. If you want to make your cartoon cat painting more fascinating, you might try coloring it or creating shadows on it. In addition, you may use the fur to create some beautiful designs. We hope you had a favorable outcome.

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We are looking forward to receiving your feedback, as it will be extremely beneficial to our work!

How to Draw a Cat – Step by Step Cat Drawing Instructions (Cute Cartoon Cat)

Follow this simple how to draw a cat step by step guide and you will have your cat drawing completed in no time. The following instructions will teach you how to design a cute cartoon cat that can be created quickly by both children and adults. You may also be interested in:dog drawing tutorial*this article includes affiliate links* Cats are fantastic creatures! It is a proven truth. Cats, of course, but also other creatures. This is just greatness. It is a new addition to our constantly increasing library of step by step drawing lessons for people of all ages, and it is called “Cat Drawing Tutorial.” Keeping things simple is something we enjoy doing, so we streamlined this one to the greatest extent feasible while yet maintaining its cuteness.

Let your creativity go wild with this one. You might build a tabby, tortoiseshell, black and white, or even pink and green striped cats. We’re not here to define the rules, so use your imagination to guide you.

How to Draw a Cat Tutorial

What you’ll need is the following:

  • Paper, pencil or marker, our cat-directed drawing printable (optional), coloring supplies (optional), and a pen or marker

Step by Step Cat Drawing Instructions

Make a rough oval shape for the head to begin with. It might have a boxy shape, a more circular shape, or even a little triangular shape to it.

Step 2

It’s time to get started on a few triangles. Draw two triangle shapes for the ears and one triangle shape for the nose on a piece of construction paper. Alternately, you might shape the nose to be oval or round.

Step 3

Let’s put on our best cat face! Inside the eras, draw two smaller triangle-shaped lines to separate them. There should be two locations for the eyes. Let’s go on to creating the mouth. Begin by drawing a short, straight line from the bottom of the nose down to the tip of the chin. Begin by drawing the mouth curve next to this line (on the left), then bringing it down and back up to meet the line you previously created beneath the nose. Continue with another arc of the body. Draw a third curve in the space between the first and second curves (in the middle).

Step 4

Make whiskers out of a piece of paper. In addition, begin sketching the body. Draw two curved lines, one on the left and one on the right, and join them together.

Step 5

Draw your feet together. Begin with the ones in front of you (long U shape). Although the hind legs are not required, I believe they might add a nice touch to the composition.

Step 6

We’re almost finished! There are only a few more details to work out. The line that connects the belly and the tail is similar like claws. Congratulations! In this lesson, you will learn how to draw a cat.


It is possible to color your cat drawing in a variety of ways. We opted to go with an orange tabby cat for our design.

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Have fun with your artwork!

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How to Draw a Cartoon Cat – Easy Drawing Tutorial For Kids

Step-by-step instructions will be provided in this tutorial on how to create a cartooncat. I am confident that you will find this lesson to be of great assistance and that it will be extremely beneficial to you. Acati is a companion. This animal is often regarded as one of the most popular creatures that coexist with people on the planet. Cats are typically seen to be highly adorable and amusing. These animals can really have a very positive influence on a person’s mental health since they have the ability to soothe his or her mentality.

This guide is broken down into nine simple parts.

So let’s get started on creating a cartoon cat step by step right away.

How to Draw a Cartoon Cat (with Steps)

  1. 20 minutes are required. Step-by-step instructions for drawing a cartoon cat.

I hope that you have completed this task successfully and that you are pleased with the outcome. You are welcome to distribute this lesson to your friends. Don’t forget to make comments and share your thoughts on what you learned in the class. Additionally, you may submit a suggestion for a new drawing lesson.

Just for your convenience, I’ve created a PDF file that has a condensed version of this drawing lesson that you can download and print. If you save this file, you will be able to return to this course at any time, even if you do not have an Internet connection.

How to Draw a Cat (Cartoon) VIDEO & Step-by-Step Pictures

Page 1 of 4 (of 4 total pages) Following each stage, please pause the “How to Draw a Cat (Cartoon)” video so that you may draw at your own leisure. Keep your pencil from pressing down too firmly on the paper during the first several stages. To begin, use light, smooth strokes over the canvas. Step 1:Draw two curving lines close to each other to represent the eyes of the cartoon kitty. Fill in the lines with thicker lines to indicate the eyelashes. The curving lines should have a form that is close to that of a half-circle.

  • Keep them from becoming too near to one another.
  • The circle on the left should be as near as possible to the right point of the line on the right side.
  • Create the cat’s brows by drawing a thin curved line over each eye to represent them.
  • Make a large dot in the centre of each iris to represent the pupils of the cartoon kitty.
  • Step 5:Draw a little W-shaped line below the kitten’s nose to represent the mouth area.

How to Draw Cartoon Cats

Do you like cats? That’s why you should take this course! If you can draw a circle and a triangle, you should be able to draw cartoon cats with ease. The skills you will acquire in this 4-hour tutorial will allow you to draw cats in the traditional cartoon manner, much like your favorite characters from the golden age of animation. The course is divided into 25 short HD videos that are presented in a step-by-step format that is simple to follow. The workout is broken down into five parts! – The course begins with a muscle memory exercise that will assist you in breaking down actual cats into simple forms in order to find their major traits and to get you into the habit of sketching in a simplified manner.

  • – The subject of the following stage is quite significant.
  • – Expressions is a great stage to be in!
  • Final phase was to bring everything together to build 16 various amusing characters from adult cats to kittens with distinct characteristics, which we did in stages.
  • Take a look at the following illustration.
  • Your instructor’s name is Paris Christou and I am well-known for my 100 percent practical, extensive demonstration and explanation, which includes a variety of helpful hints and advice.

Follow along with the classes using any device in the comfort of your own home. I’ll be using Autodesk Sketchbook Pro to demonstrate this lesson. You may, however, follow along with any digital painting software or with a pencil and paper if you want.

How to Draw a Cute Cartoon Cat: Easy Step-by-Step Guide

A cartoonist and blogger, Chris Desatoff has had comic strips featured in WriteHackr Magazine, among other publications. Learn how to draw an adorable cat like this in just a few simple steps by following this tutorial!

How to Draw a Cute Cat

Anyone interested in learning how to draw a charming tiny cartoon kitty cat, please step forward. Throughout this tutorial, I’ve given simple step-by-step directions on how to draw this cat, as well as some recommendations on how you may tweak your own artwork and create some variants as we go. Follow along with me as I demonstrate how to draw this little man, and please leave a comment at the end to let me know how yours turned out!

Step 1: Draw the Head

Although I like a slightly compressed circular or oval form for the kitty cat’s head, you can experiment with different shapes such as round or square heads, if you want. In fact, give them all a shot!

Step 2: Ears

Don’t forget about those ears. Sometimes I like pointed ears, and other times I like beautiful big, round ears, but this time I went right down the center… sort of pointy, kind of round… and it worked out well.

Step 3: Eyeballs

The importance of the eyes cannot be overstated! It is said that the eyes are the windows to the soul, and I believe that to be true to some extent. The expression on the face determines the mood—and hence the feel—of your artwork. Every sheet of notebook paper was filled with nothing but my eyes, and I did this for a long time! It’s true, the eyes are quite significant. I normally build them in a variety of sizes and even slightly varied forms to give them a crazy cartoon appearance.. Again, you may play with with other shapes, such as circles, squares, and triangles—with rounded or sharp corners—to see what works best for you.

Step 4: Pupils, Nose, and Whiskers

Make sure to include all of the characteristics on the face. A basic upside-down triangle works well for the nose, and a couple of little slashes for the whiskers completes the design. As previously said, there are a plethora of techniques for doing the eyes. To make them more interesting, you may create the illusion that there is a block within the head and you are viewing a portion of it via the two eye sockets of the skull. The upper border of the pupils appears to join, giving the impression that there is a single form tucked away in there at the top of the image.

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Step 5: Eyebrows and the Inner Ear

I almost forgot about the interior of the ear, but let’s pretend that I intended to keep it hidden till now.

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The brows complete the look of our eyes and face. You may play about with different thicknesses, edges, and so forth. They should be beautiful and big with rounded corners, in my opinion. Again, a slight difference in shape and size between them is acceptable—just as it is with the eyes. There’s no need to use your mouth at all. What do you think? Doesn’t he seem even cuter without it? Yes, I believe so.

Step 6: Draw the Neck and Collar

The lines are rather easy in this case.

If you wish, you may make the neck a little longer. You may also add a little circle or diamond shape to the collar to make it more interesting. Some cats do have tags like that, but I decided to leave it out in order to keep things as easy as possible.

Step 7: Front Legs and Torso

The first time I drew this little man, I drew his shoulders too narrowly, which resulted in his arms coming straight out of his collar and his shoulders being roughly the same width as his collar for the rest of the drawing. So now I double-check to make sure the collar is truly sitting on something solid. Bring his shoulders out to the side a little bit, and then lower those front legs a little bit.

Step 8: Big Fat Paws

The square form with rounded corners is what I used, but another fantastic alternative is to create them almost like fat mushroom caps, with the rounded portion at the top and the smushed portion at the bottom. Originally, I made all four of his paws perfect circles, so you may experiment with that version as well and see if it works for you. It is because the rear paws are somewhat set back behind the front paws that the rear paws seem smaller and pointed outwards rather than straight ahead like the front paws do.

Step 9: Back Knees and Tail

After all, because our little kitty cat is actually sitting (which is something cats absolutely adore doing), we can’t forget about his hind legs. Instead of being straight like his front legs, his hind legs are bowed, with the knees protruding over his large paws. With the tail, you may create a plethora of different looks. My cat, Jojo, served as the inspiration for this piece. His tail had really been broken/bent since he was born, therefore the earlier drawings depicted it as crooked and angular, however I depicted it as wavy and wormy-like in this version.

Step 10: Toes and Final Editing

After you’ve drawn in the toes of your adorable little kitty cat cartoon, you’re theoretically finished with the painting. However, because I photograph and post my work online, I went over it again with a stronger ink pen to ensure that it reproduces better. Then I took a picture with my cell phone and edited it with the BeFunky app, adjusting the brightness and contrast as needed. Finally, I ended off with the Pinhole filter, followed by the Orton filter, and that was the end of it! Not too shabby for an iPhone application!

  • Have a good time!
  • This is something I’ve been doing since I was a child (so, about 30 years now).
  • The most important piece of advice I can give you is to ALWAYS DRAW IT AGAIN!
  • My drawings of this same cat in this exact stance must have totaled at least 100 times by now.
  • Various alternatives are available for you to experiment with, and even if you merely try to draw it precisely the same way as before, it will seem better.

As a result, redraw it. Thank you for spending time with me! I hope you will learn to appreciate drawing this kitten as much as I do as you continue your education. Please keep in mind that every artwork was created by Chris Desatoff.

So, Did You Try Drawing It?

C DRishion & Associates, Inc. 07th of July, 2020: Nice Thank you very much. Isabelle Farnhamon is a model and actress. I really like it. July 4, 2020: I really like it. C D (author) from the United States of America on April 11, 2020: Mina, thank you very much for your kind words! I’m glad you found it interesting! Minaon The 5th of April, 2020: OMG! It was the sweetest thing a cartoon cat has ever done in my opinion! and thank you for making this available. My parents were overjoyed to discover this and let me to sketch it instead of watching television!

  1. Thank you for sharing it, it was adorable.
  2. C D (author) from the United States of America on March 06, 2013: That’s all there is to it, Jaime.
  3. Jaimeon The sixth of March, 2013: “Draw it again and again.” – it was excellent advise!
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How to Draw a Cartoon Cat

In this cartoon cat drawing lesson, I’ve established a way for quickly and easily recreating a one-of-a-kind feline of your own design. Notice how I utilize some rather’sketchy’ freestyle lines to create the look of fur? This is intentional. In reality, it’s only one of several options for how to go about things. In addition, you’ll observe that it resembles the ‘Rag doll’ kind of cats in its appearance. Rag dolls are so named because, anytime you pick them up (which I believe is the majority of the time…), they go floppy in your arms, much as a rag doll would do.

First Step –The Framework for a Simple Cat Drawing

First and first, create a minimal framework inside which to place your drawing in order to bring it into focus. You may gently draw this in pencil and then erase it later when you’re finished with it. Alternatively, you might study this pattern and allow it to soak in for a few moments before proceeding to draw your lines. It’s finally here… It’s obvious — this animal is observed sitting, but with its head slightly inclined to one side. For this purpose, I’ve utilized the grey cross lines on the facial oval to denote it.

Second Step –How to Draw a Cartoon Cat

Begin with the face, and then work your way out and down from there, if necessary. You may make your cat’s eyes ovular (so that you can color them blue at the end) if you like… just do it! I’m trying to keep things as easy as possible during the entire process. Here are the measures to take… Take note of the’sketchy’ fur lines that have shown previously. To be honest, there isn’t any rhyme or reason to the pattern that I used to create these.

Nope – it was absolutely at random. So, while you’re looking at the sample photographs, please don’t try to replicate all of the subtle twists and turns that you see. Allow the lines to appear as they will. Sure, it’s easier said than done, but the point is to be imaginative. So give it your all!

How to Draw a Cartoon Cat Face How to Draw a Cartoon Cat’s Face (with Steps)

Learn How to Draw a Cartoon Cat Face. This cute little kitty is fun and easy to draw.
Follow the simple cat drawing steps below and then color your creation any way you like. Post your finished drawingto ourcomments below so we can all enjoy your drawing. This cartoon cat drawing uses simple shapes like circles, curves and triangles to make a face.Now let’s get started with the “How to Draw a “Cute” Cartoon Cat Face”step by step drawing tutorial.
Cartoon Cat Face Drawing 1:Draw a circle for the head and a small triangle for the nose.
Cartoon Cat Face Drawing 2:Now add some curves for the top of the eyes adn the mouth. Notice how the curves form a line that comes up into the nose.
Cartoon Cat Face Drawing 3:Complete the eyes a add the ears. The eyes are half circles which give this cat its mysterious look.
Cartoon Cat Face Drawing 4:Detail the insides of the ears with some marks to indicate fur and draw in the pupils of the cat’s eyes. The cat’s pupils are not round, they are sort of football shaped.
Cartoon Cat Face Drawing 5:Your kitty needs whiskers and a tongue so draaw them in now. Three whiskers per side should do the trick.
Cartoon Cat Face Drawing 6:Give your cat some fur markings if you desire. The markings below make this kitty look a little like a tiger.
Cartoon Cat Face Drawing 7:Add a collar and a tag or jewel hanging form the cartoon cat’s collar.
Cartoon Cat Face Drawing 8:Here is what the cat looks like in black lines. If you have drawn your cat with pencil, this is good time to clean up your drawing and go over it with darker pencil, pen or marker.
Cartoon Cat Face Drawing 9:Using a marker, colored pencil or crayon to color your cat.

Congratulations, you have completed this online art class on “How to Draw a Cartoon Cat Face!” Congratulations! You did an excellent job!

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