How To Draw An Anime Cat

How to Draw an Anime Cat Step by Step

Using illustrated examples for each stage, this step-by-step lesson demonstrates how to draw a sitting anime-style cat or kitten from the front perspective. Step-by-step instructions for sketching an anime cat Because different components of the cat’s anatomy are drawn on top of one another in different phases of the lesson, there will be some see-through lines in certain sections of the instruction. You can remove them at the conclusion of each phase before moving on to the next one. You might also be interested in:How to Draw Anime Cat Girl Ears Step by Step (Video Tutorial).

Step 1 – Anime Kitten HeadBody Proportions

Drawing of an anime cat’s head and body When drawing anime animals, it is more difficult to achieve accurate proportions, but in general, anime animals have larger heads in comparison to their bodies, just as human anime characters have larger heads in comparison to their bodies. Prior to beginning to draw the cat, draw a vertical line through the middle of the area that will later be used to represent the cat’s body. Draw the line slightly to one side of your drawing area in order to leave room for the tail to be drawn in the following stage.

Draw the form of the head similar to an oval but broader towards the bottom.

Step 2 – Draw the Legs, Tail and Ears

Drawing of the legs, tail, and ears of an anime cat Draw the outer form of the ears in a manner that is comparable to the shape of triangles. Draw the legs narrower and shorter than you would for a genuine cat in order to get a more stylised anime appearance. Last but not least, attach the tail.

Step 3 – Draw the Cats’s Face

Drawing of an anime cat’s face Prepare the cat’s face by drawing a horizontal line through the cat’s head. This will assist you in ensuring that the cat’s eyes are at the same level. Draw the cat’s face in the classic anime style, with eyes that are larger than normal and a nose and lips that are smaller than normal.

  • Make the irises of the eyes extremely huge (they should practically cover the full side of the eye)
  • Create the pupils by drawing a pair of vertical ovals on the page. Incorporate some internal reflections (a huge one for the primary light source and a minor one for the secondary light source) into the eye. A triangle with rounded corners is used to represent the nose. Draw the mouth in the shape of an upside-down “Y”
  • Indent the front side of the ears so that they are somewhat longer than the top of the head

Step 4 – Draw the Major Fur Clumps

Drawing of an anime cat’s hair The cat’s fur should be drawn in huge clumps, akin to the hair of an anime character. The largest clumps will be found on the bottom sides of the kitten’s head (sort of like cheeks), as well as on the neck, tail ends, and chest of the kitten (where particularly fluffy cats tend to have a mane). In order to give the fur a more realistic appearance, create clumps that are directed in slightly various directions and of variable sizes.

Step 5 – Draw the WhiskersPaws

Draw an illustration of anime cat paws and whiskers Draw some whiskers around the lips and above the eyes, as well as some diviner lines into the paws to reveal the individual toes, to complete the picture.

Step 6 – Draw Some Small Fur Clumps

Drawing of an anime cat with little clumps of hair You may also put some tiny clumps of fur throughout the cat’s or kitten’s body to give it a fluffier appearance. The areas of a cat’s body where the hair tends to protrude are frequently curved in the shape of the cat.

Step 7 – Apply Color

Coloring pages of anime cats The cat will be predominantly white in color in this example, but you may use whatever color you choose.

When kittens are younger, their eyes are more likely to be blue or grey, so you may wish to paint them accordingly. Finally, paint the inside of the ears pink because they have minimal hair and so show more flesh than the outside.

Step 8 – Add Shading

Drawing of an anime cat The shadows may vary depending on the light source, but in most cases, the light will come from above, thus you can place the shadow on the bottom if you only want to add some very simple shading to your design. In a way, you may trace the outline of the cat’s body as you are drawing the shadows.


There are several differences in the anime style, particularly when it comes to sketching animals, with some depicting them in a more realistic manner while others having traits that are practically human in comparison to others. If you want more assistance in sketching anime animals, it may be beneficial to study some genuine animals as well as the work of other artists. More information on drawing anime animals can be found at: How to Draw a Cute Anime Dog in 7 Easy Steps.

How to Draw Anime Cats

Documentation Download Documentation Download Documentation Kittens are lovely in and of themselves, but sketching them in an anime style makes them much more appealing. Alternatively, you might learn how to draw one for yourself by following this instruction.

StepsDownload Article

  1. 1Draw a circle around the top of the head. It doesn’t have to be exactly formed
  2. This is simply a rough drawing to get things started. The cat’s body should be drawn in the shape of a “teardrop” since the head will cover it – merely stop at the point where the cat’s neck is
  3. 2 Add the legs to the mix. Make two oval shapes on the right side of the “teardrop” body form (if you are having trouble locating the legs, go to the tutorial’s example for assistance). These will be the two front legs of the structure. In the following step, draw two circles: one adjacent to the left front leg, and one between the two front legs.
  • Our goal is to have merely circles on the rear two legs, rather than full-on ovals, because the paws will be the only sections of the legs that will be visible.
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  • s3 Add the tail and paws to complete the look. For the tail, create a curving form that connects to the lower left end portion of the “teardrop” body at the lower left end section. Draw circles around the ends of the oval front legs to serve as paws (just two circles for the front legs)
  • 4 circles for the back legs. Make a sketch of your face’s features. Preparing guidelines is important. One should be vertical for the nose and mouth, and another should be horizontal for the eyes. Afterwards, draw a huge, roundish head with a smaller circle for the pupil and a little, triangular nose, as well as a large mouth. With this stage, you have completed your drawing.
  • Remember that anime characteristics are exaggerated in comparison to real-world features, therefore any emotive aspects (for example, the lips and eyes) should be larger and more emotionally charged than usual.
  • 5Draw a careful outline around the sketch. Remove the drawing lines from your paper. Lastly, draw a black circle within each iris circle (this represents the pupil) and two or three tiny white circles to represent the highlights of the eyes to complete the eyes. Add further features like as whiskers, little teeth, fine lines inside the ears (for ear fluff), and small “toes” for the paws to make the animal appear more realistic. 6 Fill in the blanks with whichever color you choose. Make patterns in its fur, like as spots or stripes, and you may even give it extra features if you want to.
  • You can utilize your imagination to the fullest extent for this section, or you can go to the reference if you’re not feeling particularly creative.

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  • Question What is the best way to draw a magic cat? After you’ve completed the procedures in the article, you can add magical properties to it, such as wings or unusual patterns. I’ll never, ever be able to get the head properly. What is the best way to draw a flawless circle? This is something that I struggle with as well. Making it totally spherical isn’t the solution since it will be more difficult to design and will take much too long to build. Instead, create a tiny curve at the top of the head, and then make the skull a little bit bigger overall. If you weren’t doing chibi style, you wouldn’t even bother trying to make it around
  • Question: What is the difference between anime and manga, and how do I go about creating cartoons employing these two styles of storytelling? Cas MangaArtCommunity Answer Anime refers to animated television series and films, whereas manga refers to the comic book or drawn form of the same. Making an animation in this manner would be considered anime, and it would need the acquisition of all of the normal animation talents
  • Question What is the best way to draw a 3D cat? Just add some shading to your picture to give it additional depth
  • Question Why am I not getting the result that is the same as the drawing? Trying to draw something precisely the same as someone else might be difficult, especially if you are not a very experienced and competent artist yourself. As you continue to practice, you will become increasingly close to your goal. What is the best way to draw cat ears? Make them appear as if they are triangles. Drawing the cat’s ears is a rather simple task, and you may always pencil them in lightly initially so that you can make modifications if you’re not satisfied with your first attempt
  • Question I’ve found that whenever I color a drawing or a sketch, it usually spoils it, therefore should I refrain from coloring? You are under no obligation to color your drawing if you do not choose to. However, if you put just a little more effort into your coloring method, you could see an improvement. Question What is the best way to draw the paws of an anime cat? I draw three ovals, with the middle one being the largest. For the above views, draw an oval with three lines through it, with divots where the lines are located. It may also be beneficial to look for reference images of cats in manga or anime. Question What is the best way to get the teardrop to look right? It is not in the shape of a “teardrop,” but rather in the shape of a bean. Take note of how the form is somewhat covered by the head shape. Image practice on a separate piece of paper is the most effective method of improving
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  • Using circles, delineate the body of your cats/wolves and any areas where you don’t want people to see them. Fill in the circles with any color you choose on the body. Make one eye blink or make bangs to hide it if you’re drawing anime and you can’t seem to get the eyes to look the same
  • If you’re drawing manga and you’re having trouble getting the eyes to look the same To begin, practice sketching a simple anime character, and then go on to drawing humans and whole scenarios. This is a great way to broaden your artistic horizons. Practice makes perfect, and the more you practice the fundamentals, the more proficient you will become at drawing complicated diagrams. You may customise it once you have mastered the art of drawing one by including features like as wings, a collar, or many tails
  • However, this is not required.

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Hello and welcome to a drawing class devoted to anime characters, who are beloved by millions of people all around the globe. You will learn how to draw an adorable anime cat in this lesson, which is pretty straightforward because each step is demonstrated separately so that you can understand and replicate it. It should come as no surprise that cats are the most frequently connected with anime or manga art since cats are very beloved in Japan, and cats are particularly prevalent in the art. Who doesn’t like these adorable creatures on a more general level?

By scrolling down the manual, you may write the name of your cat in the comments section; we are really interested in what sort of cat you have and what his name is!

The time required is 35 minutes.

  1. Make a circle with your pencil. The first step is to sketch the contour of the head, so we begin by sketching a round shape that will serve as the head in our sketch
  2. The eyes and mouth will be added later. In order to describe our cat’s huge joyous eyes, which are represented by two circles and a triangle, you must first draw the forms of the eyes on the cat’s face, which you can see is quite glad. Draw the cat’s lips, which also portrays the cat’s joyous emotions, after which you may add details to the face by following along with the example from step 1. Various colors of seals are available
  3. In our case, the cat is multicolored, and the cat’s face is separated into two halves based on the color used. Specifically, it is this distinction that must be illustrated in this stage, and the example, displayed in blue, demonstrates in great detail how this must be accomplished. Draw the cat’s nose as well, following the example of cats, who already have little charming noses, and which appear especially cute in manga paintings
  4. The cat’s pupils and teeth as well. When drawing anime, it is customary to create huge and expressive pupils, which is exactly what you will need to depict this cat’s eyes on his face. In addition, our cat has adorable cat stripes on the sides of its snout, which are somewhat comparable to the stripes of a tiger, which we think is adorable. Draw the cat’s fangs, which are also featured in this image, as well as its ear flaps. The cat has enormous ears, which I believe you correctly identified as such. Begin by creating the cat’s ears, taking into consideration the proportions that visually display one ear closer to the far one and vice versa. Additionally, you will need to sketch the cat’s first paw, as well as the rest of the cat’s body. Make a start on this phase by sketching the interior sections of the cat’s ears, which are seen in blue in this illustration. In addition, you must portray the cat’s body, which is likewise shown in blue in the image below, as well. If you want to draw a line across the cat’s paw, you can do it with a pencil
  5. However, you should remove the line that connects with the paw since it is a guideline
  6. And the rest of the cat’s legs. Assuming that you have previously created the cat’s body, draw the line that is seen in the example on the cat’s back
  7. The colors that are depicted on the cat’s body are those in the example. Also, you’ll need to draw the remainder of the cat’s legs, starting with the cat’s front leg and working your way down to the final rear foot. It is not necessary to draw the cat’s tail or any other features because the cat’s fourth paw will be seen behind the cat on the sketch. To begin, draw a cat’s tail that is straight up and out of the picture. You must also portray the separation of the legs, which are shown in blue in the illustration, in addition to the tail. In addition, design a cat’s whiskers, because cats are unable to function without their adorable whisker antennae
  8. And cat hair. Cats have different types of wool and different colors of hair
  9. Our cat will have three distinct hues of fur – white, gray, and black – since every cat is different. In this phase, you must describe the feline nuances of their fur, then paint over the stripes with a black paintbrush to complete the look. Fill in the blanks with color for the anime cat. Now that you’ve almost completed drawing the anime cat, it’s time for you to paint it in the proper colors with your favorite coloring supplies. If you do not want to paint the cat in the colors that we used to paint over the cat, you can use any other colors that you wish. Also, keep in mind that the cat’s eyes are reflective, so when you paint the cat’s pupils black, don’t forget to leave the intricate white outline around the pupils.

How to Draw an Anime Cat

When it comes to drawing, cats are one of the most appealing species to depict. It may appear difficult to draw at first, but with these simple step-by-step instructions, you will be able to design your own furry pet in no time.

How to Draw a Standing Anime Cat

Create a circle to serve as the cat’s head’s guideline in step one of this process. Draw a vertical and horizontal line to indicate the direction in which the cat will be facing. Your cat’s eye line is represented by the horizontal line. The vertical line is intended to show the approximate location of the centre of the face. Step 2: To make a guideline for the cat’s body, draw two oval shapes on the paper. The smaller oval form serves as a guidance for the cat’s hind leg as it moves backward.

  1. Using a straight line drawn down from the cat’s head, finish the neck area of the picture.
  2. Step 5: Draw a funnel shape for the cat’s front leg and curl the paws to make it look more realistic.
  3. Step 7:Curve the rear legs inward and then outward to complete the look.
  4. Step 9: Draw the other rear leg by matching the one you’ve just sketched on the previous page.
  5. Step 11: Draw clumps of fur along the cat’s body with a pencil.
  6. To create a more natural appearance, adjust the length and size of the clumps a little bit.
  7. Step 13:Finish the cat’s face by brushing on some fur on the sides of his cheeks.

Step 14: Draw the cat’s face characteristics on the paper. Make use of the horizontal line to guide the placement of the cat’s eyes. Insert the nose just below the point where the two guides meet. Step 15:Finish the drawing by adding the major shadows and highlighting the details.

How to Draw a Sitting Anime Cat

Step 1: Draw a circle for the cat’s head on the paper. The centre of the cat’s face should be indicated by drawing a vertical line within the circle. Within the circle, draw a horizontal line to serve as an eye line reference for the pupil. The second step is to sketch up a rough outline of the cat’s body. In the area right below the skull, draw a little oval shape. A circle should be drawn and overlapped with the oval that has just been placed; this will act as a guide for the cat’s back legs.

  1. Step 4: Draw the rear leg into the body.
  2. Follow the directions to complete the leg by drawing a straight line.
  3. Step 6: Add clumps of fur on the cat’s neck, back, and tail to complete the look.
  4. Step 7: Draw the cat’s ears on the top of the head guideline, following the contour of the head.
  5. 8: Finish the facial form by adding fur that flows outwards from the cheeks of the cat (see photo).
  6. Step 10: Finish by coloring in the eyes, nose, and mouth.
  7. Using your shading tool, give depth to the inner ear, rear of the neck, and any other portions of the cat that aren’t covered in the previous steps.

How to Draw a Sleeping Anime Cat

Create a circle to serve as the cat’s head’s guideline in step one of this process. Draw a vertical and horizontal line to indicate the direction in which the cat will be facing. Your cat’s eye line is represented by the horizontal line. The vertical line is intended to show the approximate location of the centre of the face. The cat’s body and tail should be drawn in an approximately oval form, as shown in Step 2. Step 3: Draw the cat’s hind leg from behind. Draw a circular curve for the thigh, then continue with a long oval form to include the bottom section of the leg and the toe of the foot.

  1. Adding clumps of fur to the cat’s back and tail section will complete his or her appearance.
  2. By pointing the ears downward, you may create a calm condition for yourself.
  3. Step 7: Finish the facial contour of the cat by adding hair to the cheeks of the cat.
  4. The sketch should be completed and shaded if required at this point.
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How to Draw an Angry Anime Cat

Step 1: Draw a circle for the cat’s head on the paper. The centre of the cat’s face should be indicated by drawing a vertical line within the circle. Within the circle, draw a horizontal line to serve as an eye line reference for the pupil. The second step is to draw an arch to represent the cat’s back line. The cat’s tail should be added at the end of the arc. Pointing the tail up will give the impression of being enraged. Step 3: Draw the cat’s hind leg from behind. For the thigh, start with a circular curve, then add the lower section of the leg and finish with a circle curve for the foot.

  1. This will be used to define the cat’s stomach line.
  2. The other rear leg should be drawn in by replicating the first leg you sketched.
  3. Make certain that the clusters are pointing up and out.
  4. Don’t forget to draw a line in the centre of each of the paws.
  5. Fill in the cheeks of the cat with more hair to give it a different face shape.
  6. Step 9: Glue the nose just below the point where the horizontal and vertical guides connect.

To finalize the picture, remove all of the guidelines that were previously drawn, and add shading and highlights where appropriate. Step 10: ParticipantFreelance artist and fashion designer who contributes to the site

How to Draw an Anime Animal

Readers of have frequently requested that we demonstrate how to draw an anime animal. We opted to demonstrate it with the use of a little cutecat as an example. So, in order to begin the tutorial on how to draw an anime animal, you will need either a pencil with a pen or a graphics tablet to complete the task. If you have everything listed above in front of you, then let’s get started with the tutorial on how to design an anime animal!

Step 1

Begin drawing an anime cat with a head that resembles a little egg-shaped geometric figure by using a pencil and paper. Try not to make the lines too black in order to avoid making the process of making repairs for oneself in the next steps more difficult.

Step 2

As a result, draw the cat’s torso in the shape of a pear to represent the cat’s torso. Draw the tail of a charming animal with a couple of smooth lines to make it look more realistic.

Step 3

Draw the arms of a lovely cat using a pair of basic lines to make it look more realistic. Because our cat is sitting, its paws are in a position that is particularly distinctive of cats.

Step 4

Draw some hair on the chest with a succession of tiny strokes to give it some texture. Draw lovely hind legs at the lower section of the drawing, as done by the artists at

Step 5

Create a pair of large expressive eyes now. They are distinguished by their round pupils and almond-shaped eyelids. Everything should be done in the same manner as the artists from

Step 6

Draw the inner regions of the pupils at this point. Then, in the shape of the number 3, draw a small and tidy nose and mouth to complete the picture. By the way, you can also add whiskers to your character.

Step 7

Figures with pointed ears are now depicted at the top of the head. As the artists at pointed out, it is important to portray the interior of the ears as well.

Step 8

Now, using an eraser, carefully remove all of the guidelines from the anime animal illustration. Now, using a dark pencil or ink, create a gloomy and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere for the anime cat drawing.

Step 9

Take your preferred colors and use them to paint the anime animal in whichever hue you want it to be. We settled on purple for the fur and green for the eyes for this project. Don’t forget to paint the bridge of the nose pink and to leave a glint in the eyes. You’ve been wanting to learn how to draw an anime animal for a long time and have finally gotten your hands on some instructions. The crew feels that it was quite simple, and that even the most amateur artists were able to learn how to draw an anime animal with little difficulty.

How to Draw an Anime Cat – Easy Step-by-step Cat Drawing Tutorial

This cat has been drawn in the style of anime. Everyone will adore this cat’s beautiful appearance, which is enhanced by its enormous head and large eyes.

You’ll have a lot of fun learning how to draw it as well. The techniques demonstrated in this step-by-step tutorial are quite basic, but they produce outstanding results. Following the instructions shown here, you will be able to incorporate this anime cat into all of your doodles with ease! Enjoy!

How to Draw an Anime Cat – Step-by-step Tutorial:

The upper circle is significantly smaller and slightly offset to the side that the cat is looking at from the bottom circle. Please keep in mind that the drawn lines for each stage have been emphasized extremely black. This is done in order to make it easier for you to notice what has been modified. Make your lines as light as possible so that you may delete them afterwards.

Step 2: Draw some ears on your cat.

The ears of this cat are very large and pointed. The key to this strategy is to exaggerate everything at all times!

Step 3: Sketch the cat’s tail.

The tail begins approximately halfway up the bottom oval and terminates at the same height as the bottom of the ears at their highest point. The length should be around that length, but it may point in any direction and be as thick as you like!

Step 4: Sketch the cat’s front legs.

In the same way that we increased the size of the ears and the shape of the head, we now want to enhance the stubbiness of the legs. Even so, these ones are scarcely lower than the body.

Step 5: Sketch the cat’s back leg.

This position makes just the nearest leg visible due to the fact that the legs are so short and the tummy is positioned so low!

Step 6: Sketch guidelines for the face.

If you have an excellent sense of facial proportion, you may not need to use any of these. I had some difficulties getting the eyes to be the same size, so I made some parameters for myself to use as a reference. Because these eyeballs are big, the tops of the eyes and the bottoms of the ears are quite near together. The bottoms of the eyes are lower than the midpoint of the head’s circumference. I also added a vertical line to ensure that the face was in the center of the drawing. Keep in mind that you should just gently sketch these lines.

Step 7: Sketch the eyes, nose and mouth.

Using the lines from step 6, create tall ovals that span the whole height between the lines. Each eye features a large white spot as well as a handful of smaller ones. They can be placed wherever outside of the large one, but the big one should be in the upper right corner and should take up the majority of the viewer’s attention. A characteristic cat mouth shape can be seen in this guy’s nose, which starts just below the level of the bottom of his eyes (like a sideways 3).

Step 8: Sketch some whiskers.

Make a few dots on the upper lip and a few whiskers on each side of the mouth. (This didn’t actually need to be a separate step, but doing it this way makes the process less crowded.)

Step 9: Outline the cat’s head.

Outline the oval of the cat’s head with thick strokes or a pen/marker to give it depth. Instead of sketching the oval around the ears, draw a line around the outside of the ears instead. You may add a few spiky tufts of hair on either side of the face to complete the look. Don’t be concerned with getting them perfectly symmetrical; the goal is for them to be a little asymmetrical to give your cat some personality!

Step 10: Outline the cats body and feet.

You trace the body until you reach the outside front leg, at which point the forward foot is behind the body and you repeat the process until you reach the outer front leg.

Repeat the process on the other side of the leg until you reach the back leg, where you will break the oval once again. The tail does not detract from the overall shape of the oval.

Step 11: Outline the cat’s tail.

Everything has been completed! What an adorably beautiful kitty! (The use of a mouse is optional!)

Extras: Add some colour and/or shading!

Use the slideshow below to quickly and conveniently navigate through the stages without having to scroll. The information in these instructions is less detailed; thus, if you get stuck, refer to the instructions above!

If you enjoyed this “How to Draw an Anime Cat” tutorial, check out our othercat drawing tutorials!

When printing, you might try using a landscape layout for better placement on A4 paper if your printer supports it. Steps in a grid You may either print off the foundation construction lines and begin sketching on tracing paper, or you can design the grid pattern yourself by following the procedures outlined below. More information may be found here. 1) Draw a rectangle that will serve as the basis for the conditional proportions and bounds of the selected drawing. Drawing one vertical and one horizontal line from the centre of the rectangle divides the form in half, evenly.

  • In a similar vein, draw a horizontal line that divides the bottom half of the rectangle in half evenly.
  • In a similar vein, draw a vertical line that divides the right side of the rectangle in half evenly.
  • Draw an oval for the basic shape of the cat’s head, and then draw a line across the middle of the oval to serve as the cat’s center of gravity.
  • Step 3Draw the outline of the legs, eyes, and nose on the paper.
  • 5Draw the forefeet, feet, and a tail in the lower half of the drawing.
  • Draw the basic shapes for the anime cat’s eyes and lips using basic principles.
  • Continue to work on the form, adding more detail to the picture as you go.
  • Fill in the blanks with extra details and grass, then delete any guidelines.
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How to Draw Anime Cats, Anime Cats

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STEP 1. This is just a quick sketch that I drew up to show you at least three distinct anime cat variations that you may select from when making the kitty of your choice in terms of style. STEP 2. There are three types of cats: the standard-looking cat, the stubby-looking cat, and the fluffy or hairy-looking kitty (or kitten). STEP 2: Let’s start by sketching the cats’ expressions on their faces. Begin by sketching in four circles for the heads, followed by a single horizontal facial guide in the manner shown.

  1. It’s quite acceptable if you find this work tough.
  2. THE FOURTH STEP: There are four distinct expressions that you may use to sketch on your cat’s face.
  3. After that, draw two oblong-shaped eyes in this manner, followed by two beady eyes and two rounded-style eyes in this manner.
  4. Then draw the noses, lips, and all of the whiskers that you see in this picture to finish off the eyes.
  5. When you’re finished, tidy up the drawing, removing any errors and guides that may have appeared.
  6. STEP 6 STEP 7: At this point, we’ll sketch the full face and body of an anime cat from scratch.
  7. Starting with the contour of the cat’s head and face structure in this manner, as well as incorporating the pointed ears and fluff at the top of his or her head, STEP 8 may be completed in a single sitting.
  8. Draw in some details for the chin as well as the tissue surrounding the ear.
  9. STEP 11: Draw the breast hair and then the front leg and back leg or thigh, if applicable.
  10. STEP 12: Congratulations, you’re finished.
  11. Step one, step two, step three, step four, step five, step six, step seven, step eight, step nine, step ten, step eleven, and step twelve.

How to Draw a Cat Eye (manga or Anime)

Greetings, everyone! As you are all aware, I’ve previously posted a few manga cat lessons, but I decided it was about time I made one that was specifically for the eye, which is very difficult to draw. We will now proceed to the main event without further ado.

Step 1: Some Things You’ll Need

You will need GIMP and a basic understanding of how it works in order to complete this ‘ible exactly, but Photoshop may be used to create a similar result.

You might also use traditional materials such as markers or paints to create your masterpiece.

Step 2: Sketch

Create a brand new picture (it is very important that you make it 2000 x 2000 pixels). Draw a drawing using a bright hue (I chose cyan) on a piece of paper. To get better proportions, you might make use of the eclipse choose tool.

Step 3: Lineart

To draw the lineart, use the ‘Pen Generic’ preset from the drop-down menu. Make use of a four-pixel brush. Make certain that it is placed on a new layer. If you make a mistake, you may repair it by using IWarp (filters distort IWarp).

Step 4: Base Coat and Beginning to Add Details

Fill in the blanks on the backdrop layer and the iris layer (do the iris on a separate layer). You are not need to use the same colors as I did; they are only recommendations. Select a big, soft brush for this task. Set the spacing to somewhere in the neighborhood of 37. Make a burn mark on the top and rims of your eyes, then avoid the bottom.

Step 5: More Details

Reduce the size of the brush and create markings that look like: () around the area where the pupil will be. Then burn three or four of the short lines that come out of them. Dodge the area directly around and under the pupil, as well as the area in between the small lines, with your pencil. Smudge the eye with a smoke or cloud brush to give it a more natural look (be sure to lock the alpha channel before you do this, though). Depending on your preference, you can also use this brush to increase contrast between the shadows and the highlights.

In addition, you have the option to dodge or burn the pupil if you so desire.

Step 6: Even More Detailing

Fill in the tear ducts and the white of the eyes. Fill in the blanks with whatever you like (I chose to use tabby markings). Highlights should be used to draw the viewer’s attention.

Step 7: Finishing It Up

Select the shadows from the drop-down menu. Feather the selection by 18 pixels, sharpen it, and then feather it once more by 2 pixels to complete the selection. This helps to smooth out any rough edges in the image and enhances the overall quality of the image significantly. Fill in the shadows on a new layer using a soft brush (I used a light blue, but almost any color will work). Make sure the layer mode is set to’multiply.’ Create a new layer on top of the previous one. Invert the shadows selection by clicking on it twice (select invert).

Step 8: We’re Done

I sincerely hope you enjoyed it. If you know what you’re doing, it isn’t difficult, and it doesn’t take very long to complete. I’d be interested in seeing how you draw this if you decide to do so. Have a good time!

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My demonstration today will be of a cute anime or manga girl standing next to her adorable cat, which you can see in the video below. This chibi young girl and her kitty are rather simple to draw, as you will see in the following step-by-step sketching tutorial. Good luck with your drawings!

How to Draw a Cute Manga / Anime / Chibi Girl with her Kitty Cat – Easy Step by Step Drawing Lesson

Purchase it for the Kindle. You may purchase it as a book on Amazon.

Check Out Our New Chibi Drawing Book on Amazon

For the Kindle, you may purchase it. On Amazon, you may purchase it as a book.

Written-Out Step by Step Drawing Instructions

Drawing a sideways7 form (which also resembles an upside-down “V” shape) is the first step in the process. (STEP 02)Draw a moon shape on the paper. Fill in the blanks on the shape. The spacing between the eyes is the same size as the space between the first and second eyes. (STEP 03)Draw a half oval on the right eyelid to represent the pupil. Create a curving line on the left side of the face. Inside each eye, draw an oval shape. STEP 04: In one eye, draw an oval, and in the other, draw a half oval.

The nose should be drawn in an oval shape (STEP 05).

Draw wavy lines on the right eyelid to make it look bigger.

For the lower lash, draw a curved line in the same manner as the upper lash.

Make a form that looks like a rectangle or an oval.

Make a “V” shape with your eyelashes.

(STEP 08)Draw a “W” shape for the bangs that looks like a block.

Make a “C” shape at the rear of her ear for her ear.

(STEP 09) Make a “S” shape in her ear with your finger.

Draw two curved lines and a straight line on her bangs for a finished look.

In her hair, make curving lines with a pencil (STEP 11).

(STEP 12)Draw curved lines, circles, and a sideways2 form to represent the shape you want.

Draw curved lines on the ends of her hair to make her look more feminine.

Using a curved line, draw the pupils of each of the cat’s eyes.

Make a curving line at the bottom of her skirt to represent the hem.

To represent the top of the cat’s head, draw a curving line.

(STEP 16)On the cat’s back, draw a sideways “J” form.

Using a curved line on the inside of each leg, complete step 17.

STEP 18: At the soles of each foot, draw a curving line through them. For the cat’s nose, make an upside-down “V” form with your pencil. For the cat’s tail, make a sideways “J” form with your pencil. Using a curved line at the top of each cat’s eye.and then filling it in with color

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