How To Make Cat Toys

15 Easy DIY Cat Toys You Can Make for Your Kitty TODAY!

Prepare a new set of DIY cat toys for your beloved kitty that are both innovative and entertaining. They are guaranteed to be a success! Check out the handmade cat toy ideas on this list for some inspiration, and then get to work creating one yourself. Our cats are our furry pals. our constant (and at times fickle) companions who are always there for us. Who wouldn’t want to reward their favorite kitty every now and then with some entertaining toys or delectable cat treats? After all, for most people, their dogs are like members of their family, and you give presents to family members, don’t you?

There’s no need to be a master craftsperson.

15 Easy To Make DIY Cat Toys Your Kitty Is Going To LOVE!

If you’ve been wondering how to make your own cat toys, your search is over! All of the homemade toys on this list are simple enough to construct that anyone, regardless of their level of craftiness, can complete them.

1. Use Wine Corks To DIY Kitty Toys

I hope you’re putting those wine corks to good use! In addition to these entertaining wine cork crafts, you can create some adorablewine cork kitten toys for your feline companion as a bonus project. To make these charming DIY cat toys, first soften your wine corks by boiling them, and then poke a hole in each of the softened wine corks with a needle or a nail. Insert and glue some feathers, pipe cleaners, ribbon, jute, or anything else that will attract and keep your feline occupied for hours, using epoxy to ensure that nothing comes free throughout the procedure.

2. Cute DIY Cat Scratching Post

The house of a cat owner would be incomplete without a scratching post, but have you ever noticed how unsightly some of those things can be. Yikes! Make one of these to say goodbye to those unsightly cat scratching posts you’ve been using. This ombre scratching post is gorgeous and pink, and it will look great in just about any area in your home, even the bathroom.

3. Simple DIY Cat Toy With Empty Paper Towel Rolls

I’m not sure about your cat, but ours, Rosie, would construct a toy out of just about anything if she has the chance. The pom-poms and straws on these cardboard tube cat toys make her go crazy with excitement! And it is one of the most enjoyable aspects of being a cat owner: cats don’t require expensive toys. The majority of people choose everyday home things. Here’s how to make your ownDIY cat toys on a budget!

What you’ll need:

  • Empty toilet paper and paper towel rolls
  • Pom poms
  • String
  • Hot glue
  • Straws
  • And other materials


  1. To construct the DIY cat toy out of straws and an empty toilet paper roll, start by poking holes in the toilet paper roll and threading the straws through the holes in the roll. Make it interesting by inserting the straws in a straight line, up, or down. Keep the straws from falling out by hot gluing them to the places where they will be thrown away with the empty toilet paper rolls. (Optional) Fill an empty toilet paper roll with different-sized and colored pom-poms and use hot glue to attach them together to create the DIY cat toy.

4. DIY Treat-FilledCute Cat Toys

Our cat appeared to soon get disinterested in his previous toys, prompting us to return to the art of making simple DIY toys once more. Some toilet paper rollDIY cat toys, stuffed with some of his favorite foods, were recently fashioned for him by his parents. Once your cat realizes that these homemade toys are stocked with treats, they will be entertained for quite some time.

Please ensure that one end of the toy is open enough for the goodies to fall out when your cat whacks it about. Unfortunately, we made the error of closing both ends too tightly, and he became a little irritated. Whoops.

5. DIY Cat Tent

We recognize that, while this is not a cat toy, every cat requires a safe haven to go to when the home becomes too hectic. The ADIY t-shirt cat tent is precisely what the doctor ordered! Simply construct it with wire clothes hangers (which will be used to create the tent) and an old t-shirt. The process of making cat toys and other items for your cat couldn’t be much simpler!

6. Knotted T-Shirt DIY Cat Toy

Speaking of worn-out shirts, I have yet to encounter a cat who doesn’t enjoy smacking theseDIY knotted t-shirt cat toys around the house. Their popularity with my cat was instantaneous. and they are a fantastic way to use fabric remnants. Because they’re so simple to produce, it’s important not to go overboard with them when you’re creating them. On the other hand, you might give the extra toys to friends and family that have kittens in their homes. Tip: Put some catnip in a handful of them to make them utterly appealing to the feline in your life.

7. DIY Felt Mouse Toy

Those who are not scared of a little sewing should try their hand at this simple DIY cat toy project, however I must say that these felted mouse toys are quite gorgeous. Because these are toys that are sewed together, you can stuff them with catnip to make your cat go absolutely crazy for her new play.

8. DIY Paper Mache Kitty Toys

This resourceful cat owner made hollow papier mache kitten toys out of catnip and twisted paper, and then stuffed them with catnip. I just can’t get over how adorable they are. Your cat, on the other hand, will not!

9. DIY No-Sew Homemade Toys

Make goldfish toys for your cat that require no sewing or gluing. It’s hard to think of anything more peaceful than resting while crafting these DIY cat toys. Trust us when we say that even if you aren’t very creative, these tasks are quite simple to complete and can be completed by anybody. These are fantastic to create for your cat.or to give as a present to the fur parents in your life!

10. DIY Pom – Pom Cat Wand

Make apom-pom cat wand if your cat prefers to hunt and prey on other cats rather than swat and fling them about the house. It is possible to make one of these cat batons with pom-poms in about an hour if you know how to manufacture them. Your cat will be overjoyed at the prospect of being able to leap and pounce on it.

11. Another Pom-Pom Idea

Feathers are a favorite of certain cats. Some children like playing with toys that produce noise. In addition, some cats adore pom-pom toys! If the thought of constructing a pom-pom toy makes you a little dizzy, here’s how to build simple pom-pom cat toys for your adorable feline companion. I must say that it doesn’t get any easier than this when it comes to making your own pom-poms. All you need is cotton wool and a pair of scissors. Holding the cotton wool’s end in the palm of your hand is a good place to start.

Remove the looped wool from your hand and knot a piece of wool around the middle of the loop. To make your pom-pom, cut through the looped sides of the fabric. Consider making many of them so that your cat will be spoilt for choice!

12. DIY Feather Kitty Toy

While some cats may favor pom-poms, there are undoubtedly a large number of cats who adore feathers – particularly feathers and bells – as well as pom-poms. One of the best parts about making these gorgeous cat toys is that you don’t have to use real bird feathers. Making one of these gorgeous feather cat toys is as simple as cutting wool felt, attaching a tinkly bell, and stringing it all together in minutes.

13. Ribbon Cat Wand

A ribbon cat wand will never let you down! Add some bells to make a little more noise, then tie the ribbons together with some twine to make a nice little bundle. Attach your newribbon cat wand on a stick, and you’ll be ready to have some loud minutes (or hours) of cat gaming fun with your newribbon cat wand in no time.

14. DIY Cat P uzzle

Is your cat disinterested throughout the course of the day? Tupperware containers may be transformed into cat brain workout containers by drilling holes in the lids of Tupperware containers. All you have to do is place a variety of different-sized and colored balls in the container, and your kitten will be ready to go. ThisDIY cat puzzlewill provide hours of entertainment for curious felines. Kitty will no longer be bored!

15. Fortune Cookie DIY Cat Toys

Want to make gifts for every cat you know? Here’s how to do it. You’re well aware that you are. Try these fortune cookie cat toys to see whether they work. They are fantastic gifts, and people will appreciate the fact that you took the time to think about their pets over the holiday season. You might also whip up a dozen or so in a short amount of time to gift to a local shelter or charity. While it may be more convenient to purchase a ready-made toy from a pet store, it is unlikely that your cat would engage in much play with it.

You have the option of customizing the DIY cat toy to meet the specific demands of your cat, which is ideal because you know your cat better than any pet store ever could.

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The 10 Best Homemade Cat Toys Your Cat Will Love

Returning to the abode Do you have a creative streak? How about a little do-it-yourself feline entertainment? Made-from-scratch cat toys are an economical and inventive way to keep your cat entertained—and they may be far superior than anything you can buy in a shop! We compiled a list of the ten finest DIY cat toys you can construct at home from various sources on the internet.


Here are some simple DIY cat toys that you can construct from everyday things, listed in no particular sequence.

1.Homemade Catnip Yarn Balls

The traditional yarn ball has been redesigned. Creating a yarn ball that will not unravel and that is loaded with catnip will keep your cat entertained for hours. These adorable DIY cat toys are easy to make with only a few simple supplies: glue, catnip, yarn, and Styrofoam balls. See the tutorial for further information.

2.Homemade Toilet Paper Roll Cat Toy

Keep the tubes from your toilet paper rolls instead of throwing them away; you can use them to make cat toys!

Make anything from a fancy sphere to a rattle or a reward puzzle out of toilet paper rolls, a hot glue gun, and your cat’s favorite treats with only a few supplies. Find out how to do it.

3.Feather and String Cat Toy

Make these felt feathers with bells attached if you want a more exquisite craft to show off. If your cat isn’t a fan, they’re still lovely enough to display as a piece of home décor! Make one for yourself.

4.DIY Whack-A-Mole Cat Toy

Do you have a can of soda or a cardboard box lying around the house? Your cat will love it when you turn it into a whack-a-mole game! With a few additional craft items, you’ll have the perfect toy for some easy-to-make feline enrichment. Here’s how to do it.

5.Sock Toys For Cats

Finally, a purpose for all of those solitary socks who have been separated from their companions. These crinkly fish sock toys will have your cat squealing with delight! Get to work on your own projects.

6.Cardboard Cat Palace

Make the most of your cat’s fondness for a nice cardboard box by incorporating one into the construction of the ultimate cardboard cat housing. Increase the number of boxes to tell numerous stories! See the tutorial for further information.

7.Cardboard Mouse Cat Toy

Using two basic cat toys—mice and cardboard—these amusing toys are created. It’s as simple as downloading the template, breaking out the cardboard and scissors, and you’re done! Cats provide hours of amusement. Get a hold of the template.

8.Super Simple Pipe Cleaner Cat Toy

This pipe cleaner cat toy is so simple to build that even your children can do it! Just a few pipe cleaners (the shinier the better) and your cat will be delighted for hours on end with this activity. Find out how to do it.

9.Felt Emoji Cat Toys

Are you looking for something a little softer? Make these adorable emoji cat toys out of felt for a fun and unique gift! Make sure to stuff these expressive toys with catnip to really get your feline companion going. Take a look at it.

10.Menswear Mice

Among the nicest things you can make for your cat in the comfort of your own home, this charming mouse toy may take the cake—a it’s timeless favorite. You can put all of those old shirts and suit coats that don’t fit anymore to good use! Take a look at it. We hope that these DIY cat toys will inspire you to get your own creative ideas flowing. We’d be delighted to see the results of your efforts! You may post pictures of your own homemade cat toys on the World’s Best Cat LitterTM Facebook page, or you can share your creations with us on Pinterest or Twitter!

20 fun and easy DIY cat toys that kitties can’t resist

You have to have respect for a creature that can create a toy out of an empty carton of cereal. Alternatively, a bag. Alternatively, a basic ball of yarn can be used. Cat owners, whether they realize it or not, are always attempting to demonstrate to their felines that they, too, can create something out of nothing. For those spontaneous moments of inspiration, we’ve compiled a list of 20 easy-to-make cat toys that will keep your feline companion entertained while also saving you money and allowing you to repurpose something you may have otherwise thrown away.

1. Toilet paper roll toys

Image courtesy of Papaya Wonton on Instagram. As illustrated by Papaya Wonton, a simple toilet paper roll can provide hours of entertainment for a cat and is one of the most inexpensive DIY cat toys available.

You might also make a cute decoration out of a toilet paper roll by placing some sweets inside and folding the sides, as recommended byStaying Close to Home.

2. Feather fascinator

To build this feathery toy from Dream a Little Bigger, you’ll need loose craft feathers, mesh braids, string and needle, elastic, and a little plastic ring. As the name says, it will thoroughly intrigue your feline companion until he or she is no longer interested (because: cats). Sew the braids together to form a ball, and then sew feathers to the ends of each of the braids to complete the look. Bind all of the mesh tubes together with some elastic, allowing a long length of elastic to dangle from the top of the stack.

3. Ultimate kitty puzzle

Photograph courtesy of Arnica Jolene/Instagram. It’s really rather simple: Take two things that cats adore — toilet paper rolls and cardboard boxes — and combine them to create a cat toy. But this isn’t just ordinary cat toy; this is something special. Pipe cleaners, a cardboard egg carton, and a few balls combine to create what appears to be a feline pinball game on the surface. Arnica Jolene, whose parents came up with the concept, is a true pinball master — although one with whiskers on his face.

4. Cat scratch door hanger

For those of you who are completely unfamiliar with the terms “meter box and saw,” go to step number five. If you’re looking for a project that incorporates a tiny amount of Chip Gaines craftsmanship, thiscat scratch door hangeris the purr-fect choice for you. Cut your wood according to the Design Sponge’s instructions, and then put it all together with wood glue. Glue some sisal rope around it — keep in mind that few cats are able to resist sisal rope — and embellish it with your preferred color string.

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5. Tree stump scratch pad

Sussie and Kich/Instagram provided the image. This scratching post, which would make Paul Bunyan proud, will bring the outdoors into your home. As demonstrated in this YouTube video, transparent tape should be used to fix your rolled cardboard (three and a half inches thick) into a stump-like shape. As Susie and Kichdid, glue cork on the outside to simulate bark, or use actual bark, wood glue, and a rope to bind the whole thing together. The end product is a rustic-looking stump that your cat will really love to crouch on — especially if you add catnip to it.

6. Cardboard catscraper

Designed to look like a tower, but for cats. This ” catscraper ” from Shelterness is made of stacked cardboard and is sure to be a favorite of your cat’s for sharpening their claws on. A strong foundation with an equally strong dowel in the center is essential for keeping it vertical. Stack the carefully cut cardboard pieces (one on top of the other) until you get the desired tower shape. The rule of thumb is that the taller the person, the better!

7. Wiggle wand toy

Pudge, the Instagram-famous cat featured in this how-to video, says this is the toy your cat will go crazy over right now.

Watch it here. Make it with leather and cord thread, as well as pliers, a dowel, superglue, a bell, and felt to complete it (for the faux feathers). Whether or not Pudge fell asleep while manufacturing this toy, it is in no way indicative of how much fun it is to play with the finished product.

8. Cat puzzle toy

Using a utility knife, cut a series of holes on the top of a disposable food container to create this cat puzzle toy. (The ladies at The Glam Cat used a lighter to burn the edges of the holes to make it easier for kitty’s paws.) Fill the container with stuff that your cat will go crazy over, such as catnip toys, balls, and treats, and place it somewhere safe. Rest certain that kitty’s noggin will take care of the remainder.

9. DIY cat tent

Image courtesy of Jenna How/Instagram. Gather your medium-sized T-shirt from your wardrobe; it’s the crucial ingredient of this lovely littlekitty house created by Jenna How, which you can see here. A sheet of cardboard, two wire hangers, and some tape are all you need to create a unique tent structure. Safety pins are used to keep the garment attached to the frame. Your cat will be ready to sleep as soon as you place a warm blanket inside his cage.

10. Cat dancer toy

Thisflying feather and pom pom cat toyfromJoy the Bakerwill not be made while your kitty is around due to the presence of catnip in the recipe. As soon as kitten goes to sleep at night, cut colored felt into interesting shapes, fill each shape with catnip, then stitch both sides of the forms together. Attach sections of thread to a rod and attach the shapes you created to the ends of each length of string to complete the project. Hot glue pom-poms and feathers onto each catnip shape to make them even more interesting.

Do you have a cardboard box and a pair of scissors on hand?

AsMochi the Cute Fluffdemonstrates on Instagram, this cardboard hide-and-seek toy will keep your cat occupied for a significant amount of time!

12. Junk food cat toys

Give your Garfield all of the junk food he could possibly want! Colorful felt is cut into doughnut, burger, and hot dog forms, which are then stuffed with catnip and stitched together with colored embroidery thread. Visit A Beautiful Mess for all of the instructions on how to make these felt junk food cat toys!

13.DIY fork pom poms

These DIY pom poms fromVentuno Art are ideal for knitters who have feline companions (who constantly interrupt their knitting). About 60 times, wrap the yarn around a fork (similar to spaghetti), and then thread a piece of yarn in the centre. Carefully peel it off and cut the edges on both sides with a sharp knife. And there you have it: you’re ready to play catch.

14. Cattail catnip toy

This one-seam catnip toy may be made with a template available from Sew4Home. The only materials you’ll need are home decor weight cloth, matching all purpose thread, yarn, catnip, and a chopstick to get the form you want. Another extremely vital equipment to have is a funnel, which will assist you in getting the catnip into the bag.

15. Cat fishing pole

This toy is a must-have for every cat who has ever licked its lips while staring at a fish bowl or aquarium. Making the fish for this wand-like fishing pole toy by Lia Griffith may be the most difficult aspect of the project, but the end product is well worth the time spent gluing on the gils.

The fish is attached to the dowel using a cotton clothesline, which they recommend painting blue to give it an aquatic appearance.

16. Pirate ship scratching post

Jenny Rae Gibson/Instagram is credited with this image. Why would you create your cat an average scratching post when you can make them an aprate ship scratching posta la Jenny Rae Gibson!? This adorable cat toy will not only keep your cat busy for hours, but it will also make a lovely addition to your home’s decor.

17. T-shirt cat toys

If you can tie your shoes, you can build these simple T-shirt cat toys with a few simple materials. Muslin and Merlot recommend cutting up old tees into 3 inch by 10 inch rectangles and gluing them together (the more colorful the better). Simply tie them together in a knot – as we said, it’s simple peasy!

18.No-sew pom poms

If we had you at “no sew,” we would have appreciated your effort to make things as simple as possible. Simple materials such as pieces of fleece (at least 2 inches wide), inexpensive cotton string, and a pair of scissors are all that are required to make these pom pom toys from Sensibly Sara. Catnip is not required.

19. Simple sisal rope cat scratcher

Image courtesy of Centsational Style on Instagram. Looking for a way to keep your cat engaged while also putting an end to sofa and other furniture scratching? Simple rope cat scratchers, like this one by Kate Riley of Centsational Style, are the solution to the problem. It’s simple to construct, pleasing to the eye, and will keep your arm chairs in good condition.

20. Wine cork cat toy

Drinking and creating aren’t usually a good combination, but using wine corks to make cat toys is a fantastic idea! According to the directions on The Link Site, poke a hole in the cork with a nail and pull it out with a pair of pliers. Pulling the yarn through the hole with a darning needle is recommended. Tuck in the tassels at the bottom of the hat and make sure the yarn is at least 30 cm in length so you have enough of dangling distance (because: claws!)

3 Ways to Make Cat Toys

Cats adore toys that are shiny, crinkly, and scratchy, and they will play with them for hours on end because they are stimulating. Maintaining the contents of your cat’s toy chest, on the other hand, might be pricey. For your convenience, you can quickly and simply build a broad range of toys for your beloved kitty using only a few common household objects and store-bought products. Create these unique cat toys by assembling a collection of materials such as cardboard toilet paper rolls, felt, ribbon, and scissors.

  1. 1 Using a toilet paper roll, create a gyroscope-like ball for your cat to whack around the room. A cardboard toilet paper roll is divided into four 1 4inch (0.64 cm) pieces, which are measured and marked on the roll. Remove the four rings from the toilet paper roll and toss it in the trash. To make a spherical-shaped object, take two of the rings and place one into the other so that they create a rough sphere. The third ring should be placed so that it lies within the empty area between the previous two rings, therefore further defining the spherical form. This procedure should be repeated for the last ring, after which the top and bottom cross-sections should be secured using hot glue.
  • Give your cat the gyroscope ball as-is to play with, or make the experience more enjoyable by adding a little reward inside of it. Before putting the rings together, wrap the rings with yarn to provide a sticky surface for your cat to cling onto
  • 2 To make little pom-poms for your cat to play with, use a fork and colorful yarn to form the shapes. Wrap a long piece of yarn around the head of a fork around 30–35 times to complete the project. Wrap a second length of yarn that is at least 6 in (15 cm) long around the center of the yarn loops to secure them in position. Remove the bundle from the fork and wrap the middle string securely around the bundle using a double knot to keep it in place. Holding the centre of the bundle where it has been tightened, cut through all of the loops that have formed around it with scissors. Allow your cat to enjoy playing with the pom-pom after it has been fluffed.
  • Make it a solo activity for your cat, or attach a piece of yarn of around 12 inches (30 cm) in length to it and hang it in front of your cat for a collaborative activity. Produce more pom-poms so that your cat may enjoy playing with them all at the same time.
  • 3 A knotty spider may be created by tying strips of felt on a 1–2 in (2.5–5.1 cm) key ring. To make 12-14 strips of identical width from a 5 by 5 in (13 by 13 cm) piece of felt, cut it in half. 1 strip should be tied to a metal key ring with a double knot. Continue in this manner with the remaining felt strips until the full diameter of the ring has been covered with felt strips. After then, you may enjoy watching your cat interact with the knotty spider.
  • If you don’t have a metal key ring, you may alternatively use the circular plastic ring that can be found on the top of most sealable plastic bottles, such as a milk container. When making the thin strips, experiment with different colors of felt to make them more interesting. If you want to make a knotty spider that is themed for the holiday season, consider using red and green strips, or a mix of your favorite colors
  • 4 Change the shape of a toilet paper roll into a sunlight wheel for your cat to play with. With a pair of scissors, cut vertical tabs around the ends of the cardboard toilet paper roll to make it more sturdy. To make the tabs, cut them 1 2in (1.3 cm) broad and approximately 1in (2.5 cm) long. Once you’ve done that, fold each of the tabs back so that they radiate out like sun rays around either end of the toilet paper roll.
  • Applying a piece of colorful or decorative paper on the outside of the toilet paper roll with a glue stick before cutting it is a good idea. In this way, the toy will have a more pleasant aesthetic appearance
  • 5 Make a delightful shaker by taping a bundle of tiny ribbons to the end of a wooden dowel. Collect 20–30 lengths of ribbon that are at least 6 in (15 cm) long and 1 8–1 4in (0.32–0.64 cm) broad and measure at least 6 in (15 cm). Glue the ends of each ribbon across the long edge of a 10 in (25 cm) piece of decorative tape that has been laid flat on a flat surface with the glue side up. Then, using one end of the tape, wrap it around the end of a wooden dowel to form a loop. This technique should be repeated until all of the tape has been wrapped around the dowel’s end, resulting in the ribbon being collected and hanging off the end of the dowel. Play with it while dangling it in front of your cat
  • Cut strips of paper or fabric from an old T-shirt if you don’t have ribbon on hand
  • Instead, use thin strips of paper or fabric from an old T-shirt. To make the completed shaker more interesting for your cat to play with, hot glue a little bell to the tip of the finished shaker. If you don’t have a wooden dowel on hand, you may substitute an unsharpened wooden pencil.
  1. Create a simple catnip container out of a toilet paper roll by stuffing it with catnip and pinching the ends inward, nearly forming a crescent shape. Take a cardboard toilet paper roll and press the ends inward almost forming a crescent shape. Allow for 1-2 minutes drying time after securing one of the folded ends with hot glue in order to seal the end closed. Once this is done, add 1 to 2 teaspoons (1-2 g) of dry catnip to the toilet paper roll before sealing it and gluing the second end shut. As soon as the glue has dried, you will have a simple catnip toy for your cat to enjoy
  • Use markers to create a smiling face or other pattern on the cardboard of the toilet paper roll’s exterior so your cat’s claws can stick to it. Wrap the toilet paper roll with colored felt so your cat’s claws can cling to it. Make sure you include a little bell in the toilet paper roll with the catnip in order to keep your cat’s interest for a longer period of time. If you want to make the toy more appealing to your cat, you may spray it with catnip spray and spritz it onto the toy.
  • 2 Make a lengthy, crinkly toy for your cat by stuffing a sock with tissue paper and catnip. Five to six pieces of tissue paper should be crumpled together to make loosely formed balls
  • The amount of tissue paper used will depend on the size of your sock. Then, place 1-2 of the tissue paper balls into an old sock that does not have any holes or noticeable wear patches in the fabric. Repeat with another old sock. To continue stuffing the sock, add your preferred amount of dry catnip into it (typically 1-2 teaspoons (1-2 grams)), then finish by stuffing it with the leftover tissue paper balls. To close the sock, either tie it off or use a needle and thread to sew the bottom of it shut
  • Instead of using tissue paper, fill the sock with polyester or cotton fiberfill to create a fluffy toy for your child. Include a little bell inside the sock to provide more stimulation and entertainment for your cat. Utilize an infant’s sock to create a smaller toy for your cat, filling it with a little amount of cotton or polyester fiberfill and some catnip.
  • 3 Make a catnip cushion by stitching together two felt squares that are 4 by 4 in (10 by 10 cm) in size. Cut two squares of felt, each roughly 4 by 4 in (10 by 10 cm) in size, with fabric scissors in a color of your choice. Repeat the process with the other piece of feeling. Layer the fabric and, using a needle and thread, sew three sides of the squares together to make a pouch to hold the contents. Add 1 to 2 teaspoons (1-2 g) of dry catnip to the pouch, along with cotton filling, to give the cushion a luxurious appearance and feel. After that, sew the remaining side of the little cushion closed to complete the project.
  • Instead of cutting the felt into a conventional square form, try cutting it into the shape of a fish, a mouse, or any pattern of your choice. To make the design process easier, print a silhouette of your chosen shape and trace it onto the felt
  • If you don’t have any felt on hand, you may make due with the fabric from an old T-shirt. An excellent method to put an old shirt to good use, plus it will provide you with extra fabric to utilize in the creation of more toys.
  1. 1 Convert a cardboard poster tube into a basic, brightly colored scratching post by folding it in half. If you want to make it more visually pleasing, you may use cream-colored sisal rope to wrap the tube, or you can dye some rope your favorite color to make it more visually appealing. Continue wrapping the long length of rope around the poster tube until the entire tube is completely wrapped with rope. The ends of the rope should be secured to the tube using hot glue to prevent it from unraveling
  • The quantity of rope you will require is highly dependent on the size of your tube
  • Thus, bring your tube with you when you go to get your rope to assist you evaluate the amount of rope you will require
  • The poster tube may be purchased at your local post office, craft store, or online through a variety of large stores. Go to your local craft or hardware shop and get some sisal rope
  • Create a foundation out of a cardboard box to support the post, which can either be horizontal or vertical. Simply fill a small cardboard box with heavy materials such as huge pebbles to create a weighted container. Packaging tape should be used to secure the box and prevent it from being opened. Hot glue or lengthy strips of packing tape can be used to attach the tube to the box vertically.
  • 2 Wrap a wooden stool with rope to construct a scratching post that is both robust and long-lasting. Make use of an old wooden stool by wrapping the legs with sisal rope and using it as a serving tray. Hot glue the ends of the rope to the wood to keep them from unraveling. Cut a piece of carpet to fit the top of the stool and attach it in place with hot glue to keep it in place. Once the hot glue has dried, your cat will have endless hours of entertainment clawing away at the stool cover.
  • If you do not already have a wooden stool, you may acquire one for a reasonable price at your local thrift store. You could even be able to get a plastic one at your local department shop to use as an alternative.
  • Three: Convert a traffic cone into a lightweight scratching post for tiny living areas by cutting it in half. Hot glue should be applied to the bottom half of the cone where the triangular tip meets the base of the cone. Begin looping your sisal rope around the cone on top of the glue, using a color and thickness that you choose. Maintain the foundation of glue along the cone, wrapping it with the rope, and repeat the process until the entire cone is coated with adhesive. Afterwards, allow it to dry for around 1-2 hours before allowing your cat to scratch it.
  • A rubber traffic cone may be found in the sports area of your local department store or on the websites of major internet merchants. Consider spray-painting the traffic cone in your preferred color before wrapping it with sisal rope, which can be obtained at your local hardware or hobby store. Thus, any visible section of the cone will be attractive to the eye.
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  • QuestionHow many hours should I spend playing with my cat each day? You should spend around one hour every day playing with your cat. Distribute the time throughout the day and save 15-30 minutes of play time for the end of the day. This will assure that your cat will be exhausted and will sleep through the night without waking up. If you want to spend more time playing with your cat, go ahead, but don’t pester your cat with requests to play all of the time. Just let him play when he feels like it
  • Question Is it okay if I play fetch with my cat? Yes, if your cat enjoys fetching with you, then absolutely! It’s a favorite of many kitties. Question If I use yarn or thread to build a toy, would it be durable? The majority of cats and kittens would enjoy nothing more than dragging a string across the floor. You must use caution, as if the thread is too thin, the cat may choke. Always remember to put the string away after you’re through with it
  • I noticed a video on YouTube of a cat having a good time with a balloon. Is it permissible to use a balloon as a cat toy? Cats can like playing with blown-up balloons, but when they explode, they seem to scare our feline companions a little. Ensure that the balloon leftovers are cleaned up as quickly as possible if one is popped by the children. Plastic is something cats enjoy chewing on, and minute bits of balloon might cause them to choke
  • Question How many times should I bathe a cat in a given week? In most cases, you don’t need to bathe your cat. Cats are self-cleaning creatures who often despise being washed. You can do it in an extreme circumstance if your cat gets really dirty and it is impossible to clean it efficiently using any other method of cleaning. However, most of the time, few pet bath wipes should be sufficient
  • Question My cat has an odd fascination with drinking straws. He like the way the air is blasted out of them. He is a big lover of the vents and the fan. Anything. Could we create or purchase a toy that would meet this need? Possibly. If possible, use candy dispensers that have a little fan on the top
  • However, make sure to remove the candy first. Question Are there any issues with my leaving a broom in the cat’s litter box? Answer from the Alittlesworld Community It might be the case if your cat chews the microscopic fibers off a broom handle
  • Question Is it possible for senior cats to play with toys as well? Many older cats still like playing with toys, although they tend to lose interest in them more quickly as they become older. It may be necessary for you to come up with novel techniques to keep your cat interested in playing. Question When I offer my cat a toy, he becomes nasty and growls, and then flees to a hidden location. What is it about him that makes him act this way? He may be grouchy, or he could be elderly, or he could be in some form of agony or suffering. Keep an eye on his demeanor and movements, as well as his urinating and defecation patterns. Whatever is out of the norm should necessitate a veterinarian appointment in order to rule out a medical problem that might be the source of his grumpiness. Question Is it permissible to use bottlecaps as a cat toy? I wouldn’t advocate it since the edges can be sharp and the kitten could injure itself as a result.

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  • When constructing cat toys, only use dried catnip to avoid contamination. The shelf life of dried catnip is far longer than that of fresh catnip, and it does not turn moldy as soon.

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The summary of this articleXYou can use an empty toilet paper roll to construct a cat toy that looks like a gyroscope ball or a sunlight wheel that the cat will enjoy swatting at. Mini pom-poms may also be made using colorful yarn and a fork, which are really cute. Another simple idea is to make a knotty spider by attaching strips of felt to a brass key ring and hanging it from the ceiling.

A bundle of ribbons tied to a wooden dowel may be turned into a fun shaker for your cat! Continue reading for information on how to make catnip-filled toys. Did you find this overview to be helpful? The writers of this page have together authored a page that has been read 573,497 times.

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Erin is a writer and artist who is intrigued with literature and all things related to it. Aside from that, she’s completely taken with Sparky, a scruffy poodle-terrier mix. Cats like having a good time. Playtime is an important part of your cat’s day, whether it’s scraping their claws on a fence post, chasing balls around the house, or pouncing on mouse toys. However, after a while, you’ll tire of racing to the pet store in quest of new toys every time your furry friend becomes bored or smashes your most recent purchase.

Try these 10 simple DIY cat toys, which range from no-sew pom poms to scratching posts made from scratching posts.

1. No Sew Pom Poms

Materials: thread, fleece, scissors Pom poms are highly popular with kittens. They adore soft things they can jump on, swat, and chew. If you want to give your cat a playful pom pom but don’t know how to sew, don’t despair. No sewing skills are necessary for thesesoft cat pom poms. All you’ll need is twine, scissors, and a piece of fleece two inches wide and a foot long. Best of all, you can accomplish this whole job in under 10 minutes.

2. Ball of Yarn

Materials required: a ball of yarn There’s a good reason why cats are pursuing yarn in so many photographs. Your tabby’s great-great-great-something ancestors were deadly hunters, and your cat has retained his or her innate hunting instincts as a result of their heritage. When a strand of yarn breaks free or a ball rolls across the floor, your kitty goes into full hunter mode and begins chasing after it. The smell of yarn may also remind your cat of snakes, which might explain why they are attempting to attack it.

Just be aware that when your cat has finished killing its “prey,” you may find yourself with a lot of yarn to wound up.

3. Yarn Pom Poms

Materials: yarn, scissors, and a needle Do you want something a bit more elaborate than a simple ball of yarn? Pom poms made using tryyarn. To make them, you just require a few simple materials: yarn and scissors, which are available at any craft store.

4. Toilet Paper Roll Chaser

Toilet paper roll or paper towel roll are the materials for this project. Optional materials include catnip or cat treats, string or yarn, feathers, and hot glue. And last, a creative use for those discarded toilet paper rolls! Once the paper has been removed, pass them over to your cat. Cats like chewing and shredding cardboard, so you should be able to use the roll as is without having to make any modifications. However, if you want to provide your tiny tiger with a greater challenge, you may always stuff some catnip inside and fold the ends together.

A dangly, chase-worthy toy for your canine companion has been procured for him or her.

The most exciting aspect of this toy is that the possibilities are virtually limitless.

When your cat becomes weary of the feathers, get out a new roll and glue a few bright pom poms on it, or cut some holes in the roll and insert a few bendy straws to keep him entertained. Allow your creativity to run free!

5. Cardboard House

The following materials are required: a cardboard box, scissors Spray paint, construction paper, hot glue, and tape are all options. It’s possible that you’ve discovered that your cat like to sleep in cardboard boxes. Cats benefit from enclosed settings because they feel safer and experience less stress. If you happen to have a cardboard box hanging around, you may transform it into a warm refuge for your furry friend. Make a hole in it for your cat to use as an entryway, and put a blanket in it to keep them warm and comfy while you’re away.

If you really want to go all out, you could even turn that box into a lovely cat home.

Instead of using construction paper, you may paint the box to make it appear as though it is a house.

6. Cat Tent

Tools and materials: A medium-sized tee-shirt, a sheet of cardboard 15 inches by 15 inches in size, two wire hangers, tape, four safety pins, pliers Listed below is another another suggestion for your feline’s top-secret refuge. Do you have an old t-shirt that you’re not sure what to do with it? You might repurpose it to construct the ideal cat tent! All of the components for this do-it-yourself project are stuff you probably already have on hand, and building the tent is a breeze. All you have to do is follow the steps in this Friskies guide.

Although it is unlikely, your tiny tiger will ruin the tent you have meticulously constructed for him and his friends.

7. T-shirt Bows

T-shirts, scissors, and glue are the materials. While you’re looking for creative ways to repurpose your old t-shirts, try building these insanely simple toys out of Muslin and Merlot wine bottles. Simply cut an old t-shirt into a rectangle about 3 by 10 inches and tie it in a knot. Cut up a few different colored shirts and knot them together to create the most vibrant and cat-friendly toy possible.

8. Cat Wand

Materials required: a wooden dowel, thread, fabric or hot glue, scissors, and a hammer. Feathers, fabric remnants, and bells are optional. Cats may keep themselves entertained for hours by chasing balls of yarn or clawing to their hearts’ content, but when it comes to playing with your feline companion, nothing beats a wand toy. Using twine, wrap a wooden dowel from end to end, leaving 10 to 12 inches of string at the other end to dangle. Glue the twine to the dowel at both ends, making sure it is secure.

Find some materials that you can use to hang from the end of the wand, such as feathers, fabric scraps, bells, or other brightly colored accessories.

Watch your pet’s face as you dangle the toy in front of them and see how crazy they go.

9. Scratching Post

Scratching posts are an excellent technique for your cat to keep their claws in good condition. However, if you have a cat who enjoys scratching, you may find yourself changing their scratcher more frequently than you would want. A homemade scratching post can be a more economical alternative that, if constructed properly, can survive for years. It takes a little more effort to make this handmade cat scratcher fromDream a Little Biggerthan your ordinary DIY cat toy, but the results are worth the effort.

If you’re looking for something a little more straightforward, you might try wrapping a traffic cone with rope. Sisal is the best rope for cat scratchers, and we suggest it. You might even glue some pom poms on to make a scratching toy that is both entertaining and colorful.

10. DIY Cat Tree

If you’re feeling very ambitious, you might build a cat tree from scratch. Although you’ll most likely need to purchase components for this project, you may already have some on hand that you can reuse, such as a basket, rope, and cardboard boxes. You’ll also require specialized instruments, such as a hammer, table saw, and staple gun, to complete the project. For those who enjoy getting their hands dirty and getting their hands dirty, this may be a fun project — and your feline buddy will appreciate having their own cat tree!

Are you ready to dangle wands, fling balls, and replenish catnip supplies?

14 DIY Cat Toys, Because Cats Just Wanna Have Fun

Publishedby. It is certain that if you have a cat, you will enjoy this post. Cat guardians will go to any length to ensure that their feline companions are content and purring. This may include spending money on toys and goodies from time to time. But hold on a minute! DIY versions of these items are equally as elegant as their store-bought counterparts. Take a peek at some of our favorite do-it-yourself cat toy projects. We believe they are particularly purr-fect:

Tree Stump Scratch Pad

I don’t know what to say about this scratch pad except that it’s too sweet. This is the epitome of do-it-yourself. You might also want to consider acactus to go with that stump.

Peek-a-Boo Puzzle

You may make your own version of this charming toy by purchasing a box that looks similar to the one shown in the photo above. Simply cut a few holes in it and toss in a few balls. A stimulating environment for your cat, as well as a contented heart for him or her.

DIY Cat Tent

Our mouths are watering at how brilliant this T-shirt tent is. Additionally, it is really simple to construct.

DIY Cat Tree With Hammock

Simple stepladder gets a major facelift thanks to this scratch-pad cat tree that also includes a hammock!

Catnip Body Pillow

We know just what to do with your sock that has separated from its companion. Afterwards, stuff it with polyester or cotton fiberfill and stuff it with catnip before sewing it closed. Poof! You’ve created a new toy that your cat will enjoy playing with and cuddling with for hours on end.

Double-Decker Cat Snug and Scratch Post

You were completely unaware that your cat required this particular toy—until now.

T-Shirt Cat Toy

Using an old T-shirt in this manner is a creative approach to reuse something you were intending to throw away.

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Cat Wand

You’re undoubtedly already aware that cats are crazy for wand toys. The problem is that they damage them, and you end up having to buy them one by one. With this simple DIY cat-wand method, you can break the spending loop.

Catnip Toys

You can sew these fabric catnip toys into whatever form you choose, from cupcakes to carrots. The possibilities are endless. Purchase wool-free felt manufactured from acrylic or other 100 percent synthetic materials if you want to avoid the hassle of washing it.

Ping-Pong Ball Water Bowl

All you have to do is put two ping-pong balls in a basin of water and wait for the magic to happen.

Your cat will be fascinated by the balls and may bat them around, possibly increasing his or her water consumption in the process.

Self-Petting Station

I bet you had no idea that a toilet brush could be used for so many other things—at least not until today!


Depending on your living space, money, and creativity, a cat io may be as large or as little as you like. It can be as simple as a little enclosure that protrudes from an apartment or as complex as a massive construction that is built from the ground up.

Personal Space

The act of just leaving some vacant space on a shelf might serve as an invitation for your kitty companion to come hang out with you.

Ice Cube Tray Food Puzzle

Make a new food puzzle for your cat with nothing more than an ice cube tray and some kibble. You’re not cunning, are you? That’s all right! Make certain that any toys you purchase are not created with feathers that have been obtained in a cruel manner. Read this article if you’re searching for a new cat or if you’d want to offer advise to a friend or family member who is thinking about adopting an animal. Also, take a look at all of the animals available for adoption on PETA’s website. Do you want to be inspired?

All of the fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

25 Homemade DIY Cat Toys That Are Easy To Make

It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to get your cats to be more physically active or more sociable; these 25 easy handmade DIY cat toys are certain to keep them entertained. From food-inspired cat toys to adorable plush mice, this collection of handcrafted cat toys has everything a cat could ever want or need. Prepare at-home cat toy gyms that will encourage the jumping behavior of your cats and, as a result, improve their physical condition. Make the cat toys on sticks, as well as the cat toy wands, which will give hours of entertainment for your young children.

  • These toys will assist to relieve your cat’s boredom and are inexpensive.
  • These easy-to-create DIY cat toys will make excellent gifts for your feline friends and will be inexpensive to produce at home.
  • Using the stool, construct a cat condo that will encourage your sedentary cat to become more active.
  • Providing your cats with these homemade cat toys can also help to decrease their propensity of biting the furniture, ensuring that your furniture will not be damaged.

Using cat toy gyms can help to enhance the circulation of your cats’ blood, which will be a beneficial approach for your cat to release tension. Just take a look at all of theseDIY cat toysprojects, which are perfect gifts for cat owners as well as for themselves.

1. DIY Conversation Heart Pet Toy

Allowing your cats to play with these soft talking heart toys can help them to be more healthy. Make a paper heart template, and then cut out the felt heart shapes. Sew them together and stuff them with polyfill to make them more substantial. Finish with iron-on lettering and then hand them out to your kitties to get them started on their entertaining game. Find theseDIY cat toyshereareawesomemess on Etsy.

2. Homemade Felt Macaron Cat Toys

Fill up the gaps left by your cat’s ennui with these multicolored felt macarons, which will give hours of entertainment for your children. Make adorable felt macaronDIY kitten toys using pastel felt, contrasting felt, pillow stuffing, catnip, and a pencil using the supplies you already have. These homemade cat toys are extremely delicate to the touch. clubcrafted

3. Build a Cat Play Gym

Keeping your cats in excellent health may be accomplished by putting this gym as aDIY cat play that will be adored by all cat enthusiasts. The majority of the gym is constructed of wood, such as 1x2x8′ and 3/4″ wood dowels. After that, you’ll need 4 feet of rope to help you manage the leg stretch. Finally, attach the colored lengths of ribbon to the threaded dowel with fishing line. More information may be found at

4. Easy DIY T-shirt Cat Toy

Make these candy-filled t-shirts out of your old t-shirts. They are similar to handcrafted cat toys in that they will increase the enjoyment of your cats while being really simple to manufacture. You can build dozens of theseDIY cat toys using only a couple of tee shirts. Simply cut the t-shirts into strips, coil them up, and tie a knot in the center to complete the project. It’s a rather straightforward and short process. muslinandmerlot

5. DIY Felt Mouse Cat Toy

Allow your cats to practice the mouse hunt in the comfort of their own homes with these felt mouse cat toys. They are really quick and simple to construct. It’s as simple as cutting out the felt pieces using a mouse template, sewing the sides together with needle and thread and adding the eyes and nose with a colorful twine and a matching thread for the mouse’s tail to complete the project. More information may be found here. liagriffith

6. How To Make a Pom-pom Cat Wand

This pom-pom cat wind will help you to keep your cats intellectually and physically exercised. Make beautiful pom-poms or tassels using a pom-pom maker and yarn in your choice color by following the directions on the package. Next, tie them together with a piece of rope or twine to create a pom-pom cat wish, and hang it on the doorknob or on wall hooks for your cat to enjoy playing with. thinkmakeshare

7. Feather Cat Toy

Another fantastic source of inspiration for creating entertaining cat toys. Make use of a feather template to cut feathers out of felt sheets using a sharp knife. Feathers may be embellished with jingle bell hanging ornaments by cutting fringes inside them and attaching them with jump rings. Finally, thread these jingle bell feathers onto a length of rope so that they may be hung from the hooks on the wall. marthastewart

8. DIY Ribbon Cat Toy

Using only a few simple ingredients, you can create yet another brightly colored toy for your cat.

Put together some brightly colored ribbons and imitation feathers on a wooden ruler, then wrap the whole thing in rope to create this adorable cat toy. The cats will enjoy leaping to great heights to play with this toy, which will aid in the development of strong muscles in them. bowdabra

9. Fishing Pole Cat Toy

You will have a great time building this fishing pole cat toy at home, and it will be finished in no time. Make the fish out of felt and a fish template, then stuff them with catnip or polyfill to finish them out. Stitch the sides together using embroidery floss that matches the top. Attach them to a 16-inch dowel with a thin rope and use it as a fishing line. More information may be found here. liagriffith

10. Cutest Little Feather Cat Toy

Provide your kitties with hours of entertainment with this adorable tiny cat toy that will be finished in no time. To construct this adorable cat toy, you’ll only need glue, feathers, bells, thread, and a wooden stick, which you can find here. If you hang these feather toys at a suitable height, they will undoubtedly serve as the prettiest exercise equipment for your cats. scatteredthoug

11. Cat Toys from Cotton Precuts

Make this one of the cutest cat toys at home using the cotton precuts, 1/2 cup dried catnip, embroidery floss, candle wick, bells, and matching sewing thread from the supplies listed above. These toys have the appearance of a larger mouse and will be an excellent choice for teaching the cat how to mouse. Learn how to build cat toys out of everyday objects at home with this tutorial. joybileefarm

12. Make a Fleece Catnip Toy

Reduce the boredom of your cats with this fleece catnip toy, which is quite simple to make and takes little time to complete. Simply gather your materials (felt, catnip, batting, riff-raff, dowel rod, and embroidery thread) and go to work on these fleece catnip toys. They will come together in no time. It just enjoys the pom-pom wand toy that is intended for the cats. More information may be found at

13. DIY Junk Food Cat Toy

Provide these junk food cat toys to encourage your cats to interact with one another. They are also too fluffy and cuddly to be effective in calming a fearful cat. To construct this junk food cat toy, you’ll need felt in your favorite colors, junk food templates, and loose catnip, among other supplies. Stitch the sides of stuffed toys together with a yarn needle and embroidery thread to make them more durable. Make your own DIY cat toys by following the instructions in this guide! abeautifulmess

14. Handmade Fish Cat Toy

With the help of this fish cat toy, you can teach your kittens how to fish. Simply cut out the fish felt pieces using your fish template, and then stuff your fish with the felt pieces. Connect the fish to the wooden dowel with a length of white rope, and the fish cat toy is ready to provide your cat with hours of amusement and entertainment. More information may be found here. saltwaterdaugh

15. Kit Tea Catnip Cat Toys

Kit tea catnip cat toys might help to reduce your cats’ biting and scratching by giving them with catnip. Kit tea catnip cat toys are simple to make and inexpensive to purchase. You can even use leftover fabric and felt to create these kit tea catnip cat toys. In order to make these plush cat toys, you need need fabric, catnip, felt, thread, and poly-fil. sewlicioushome

16. Felt Sushi Cat Toy

If your cat’s tendency of biting and clawing your furniture and plants is causing significant damage, you may help them break this undesirable behavior by feeding them with these stuffed felt sushi.

They have a lot of fun producing plush toys for the kitties, which they can whip up in no time. In order to make it, you will need wood mix felt, embroidery floss, and catnip. liagriffith

17. Menswear Mouse Toy

Because a mouse is one of a cat’s favorite meals, you may construct gorgeous stuffed mouse toys at home using old menswear such as cotton shirting, wool suiting, and cotton velvet, which can be found at thrift stores. Make use of a mouse template to cut out your pieces of cloth from the chosen fabrics. After that, finish these mousetoys for cats with a sewing machine, fusible webbing, a fill loop turner, and embroidery thread. marthastewart

18. Wooden Dowel Cat Toy

Make this fun-making wooden dowel cat toy in only a few minutes using common household tools and materials by following the instructions below. Prepare to build this wooden dowel cat toy by gathering a wooden dowel, shoelaces, eyelash yarn, jingle bells, lycra cord, and scissors (optional). A quick and easy way to manufacture a brightly colored cat toy. amylattacrea

19. Traffic Cone Cat Scratching Posts

Cats are naturally inclined to scratch, and by creating these traffic cone cat scratching posts for them, you can begin a never-ending game of cat scratching for them. Scratching and biting by your cats will be reduced as a result of this. Basically, you only need to spray paint the traffic cones white and wrap the rope around them, after which you glue them in place for safety. Using pom-poms.sofancyblog, you may make it even more beautiful.

20. DIY Cat Condo from a Stool

This cat toy will take you no more than 20 minutes to construct and will only demand a medium level of ability. Simply take a stool and place it on its padded sea and bottom footrest or shelf, which is covered in fabric. Make it even more beautiful by decorating it with eyelash yarn and wrapping it around the stool legs to create scratching posts. Add cat toys on a stick to make it even more entertaining. dianarambles

21. Homemade Cat Jungle Gym

Making an effort to keep your lethargic cat physically healthy is something you should consider. Then construct this cat jungle gym, which will encourage your cats to engage in regular physical activity. To make the cat scratching posts, just take a wooden step ladder and wrap the rope around the rungs and vertical supports of the structure. Finish by placing a cat bed on top of the shelf and attaching a cat wand toy to it. To make theseDIY cat toys, simply follow the instructions provided here.

22. Cat Tree Using a Real Tree

A cat tree is one of the most effective cat gyms ever created. In that case, why not use a real tree to construct a natural-looking cat tree? Take two tree branches and embellish them with imitation vines to make them appear more natural. To construct the posts, wrap the rope around a wooden dowel, and then use pine wood, plywood, pebbles, and stepping stones to construct the base. Details are available at

23. DIY Natural Cat Toys You Can

Homemade cat toys can also be made from hollow papier-mache forms, which have a natural appearance.

Fill the shapes with grains such as sesame seed and catnip, and then wrap them in a colorful twisted paper to make them look like a Christmas tree. To keep each loop of twisted paper securely in place, apply craft glue to the ends of each loop. More information may be found here. prodigalpieces

24. DIY Cat Toys Using Old Baby Socks

What materials can you use to manufacture cat toys out of around the house? Baby socks may be used to produce cat toys that are both entertaining and educational. Cat toys are a terrific stash buster activity since they require just a small number of materials to be completed. Using scrap paper or cardstock, stuff the old baby socks until they are completely full, and then tie a thread or yarn around the opening to keep them closed. More information may be found at

25. Hanging Cat Scratcher

Use old graters to create lovelyDIY cat toys, such as this one that hangs from a scratcher. Make a bandage out of a piece of canvas material and wrap it around the grater like a bandage to protect the bottom of the grater. Finally, loop the rope around the grater that has been covered with cloth to create a wonderful cat scratcher. sadieseasongo


Alternatively, if your cats are putting on a lot of weight and becoming sedentary, let them to play with these easy DIY Cat Toys. These DIY cat toys will increase the enjoyment and physical activity of your cats, hence reducing lethargy, tension, and boredom in your feline companion. This collection of cat toy crafts includes anything from making a beautiful plush mouse to making stunning felt fishes to making fabric candies. A large number of theseDo It Yourself cat toysprojects are suitable for beginners and will cost you little money.

DIY Cat Projects You Can Make At Home

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