How To Say Cat In French

All About Cats in French

What is the proper way to pronounce cat in French? What is the proper name for a kitten in French? What’s the deal with cat in French? Let’s brush up on our French cat terminology in order to prevent humiliation!

How do you Say Cat in French?

Cat can be expressed using two terms in French.

  1. Le chat – a male cat (pronounced sha)
  2. La chatte – a female cat (pronounced shat).

“Un chat” is commonly referred to as “un minou” in French. The term “une chatte” is frequently used as a synonym for the term “une minette.”

What’s the French Word for kitten?

The French word for kitten is “le chaton,” which means “cat”. Even if it’s a female kitten, the pronoun is always in the masculine form. So, what do you think of the female kitten? This is a female chaton of a little stature.

How do You Say Chat in French?

If “un chat” means “a cat,” then what is the proper way to express “a cat” in French. The usual translation is “a debate,” “a bavardage,” and so on. We have a tendency to utilize the verb more: “discuter,” “bavarder,” or even the less common “papoter”:-) The entire evening was spent eating papoté! We spoke throughout the entire evening! However, for online chatting, we utilize the English term and pronounce it in a manner that is somewhat similar to the English method. We even make it into a verb: “Would you like to speak with me?” Would you want to have a conversation with me?

French Cat Embarrassing Mistake

In that case, please accept my apologies in advance if I am shocking some people, but you must be aware of this because failing to do so could result in a very embarrassing situation. The female cat is referred to as “la chatte.” Yes, you are correct. Unfortunately, this word also has a sexual connotation in French – much like the word pussy does in English – which is unfortunate. The exact same kind of sexual innuendo exists in French, in the same way that a woman may not want to say: “my pussy is so soft” in English.

However, when speaking to the general public in France, just refer to your female cat as if she were a male.

Another option is to make advantage of the common synomyme “une minette” to get around it.

25 French Cat Words

So let’s have a look at some French cat vocabularies.

  1. Les mots suivants: le chat – male cat (pronounce sha)
  2. La chatte – female cat (pronounce shat)
  3. Le chaton – kitten (pronounce sha)
  4. The whiskers are the moustaches
  5. The paws are the pattes
  6. The claws are the griffes
  7. And the queue is the tail. A boule de poils is a hair ball, while a litter is a piece of litter. Des croquettes (f) is French for dry cat food. Cat food is referred to as de la nourriture pour chat (cat food). A laisse is a leash in French. A harnais is a type of harness. A cat collar is spelled collier de chat. A cat crate is sometimes known as a caisse or a transport cage. A panier is a cat bed in French. A carpet is referred to as a tapis. A toy is referred to as a jouet. A chew toy is a toy that is used for chewing. A ball is pronounced as une balle. A souris is a mouse in French. A cat tree or climbing poles are also known as a cat tree or climbing poles. The term “griffoir” refers to a scratching pole. A chat de gouttière is slang for an alley cat. Un matou is a giant, powerful male cat

Moi Paris Audiobook Method (in French) For English speakers, a new technique to learning both classic and current French that is rationally arranged has been developed. More information may be found at Audio Demonstrations

How Are Famous Cat Names Translated in French?

  1. The Musical Cats is still referred to as. Cats in French
  2. How about “Hello Kitty” as an example? Hello Kitty has the same name as before. Garfield, Tom, and Felix are all referred to as the same thing in French. Our French moniker for the Pussy Cat Sylvester from Warner Bros. is Gros Minet, which translates as “big minet.” “Titi” is the name of Tweety bird in French, and the cartoon series “Titi et Gros Minet” is based on the character.

7 French Cat Verbs

  1. Miauler is a verb that means to meow. Ronronner is a verb that means to purr. Hissing from Feuler
  2. Grogner is a verb that means to growl. Griffer – from the ground up
  3. Perdre ses poils translates as “to lose one’s hair.” Rub my legs against my thighs – to rub my legs against my thighs

5 French Cat Actions

  1. The miaulement is a meowing sound, while the ronronnement is a purring sound. The hissing sound of the feulement grognement (growl) is a French expression. The griffure means scratch in French.

What Does A Cat Say in French

The French word for cat is “miaou.”

Common French Cat Names

Minet, Minou, Mistigri, Minette (f), Mouss, and Mistigri are all common French cat names. More French cat names may be found in my article.

6 Fun French Cat Expressions

Here are a few examples of typical French idioms that are related to cats.

Calling a Cat a Cat

Making a call to an unknown number of chats To state things unequivocally, as they are, and without hesitating.

To give Your Tongue to the Cat

Don’t be afraid to speak your mind to the chatbot.

Not precisely the same meaning as “Cat got your tongue?” in English, but it’s a close enough comparison.

There is not one Cat Around

There is no such thing as a cat. There is absolutely no one.

To Have a Cat in the Throat

Having a cat in the gorge is a unique experience. to have trouble speaking as a result of a scratchy throat

It’s cat’s pee

It’s a piece of cat pipi. There’s nothing significant about it.

To Have Other cats to Whip

It would be nice to have some more conversations to play with. to be preoccupied with other concerns

Common French Cat Breed

In French, the phrase “une race de chat” (a cat breed) are used to refer to a cat breed. I realize this sounds terrible in English, but it’s how we say breed in French, so bear with me.

10 popular French cat breeds

  1. The Maine Coon, the British Shorthair, the Ragdoll, the Persan, the Chartreux, the Sacré de Birmanie, the Norvégien, the Sphynx, the Siamois, and the Bengal are all breeds of dog.

Generally speaking, cat breed names are very similar between French and English, so don’t be afraid to just pronounce the English name with a French accent!

Beginner French Practice Cat Video

And now for something special! With the help of the famous video game Minecraft, my multilingual daughter Leyla created a short film on cats and dogs. Enjoy! Hello there, my name is Leyla, and welcome to French Today! Here is the French text of my video, as well as the English version of my video: Today, I’m going to tell you about cats and dogs in French. You may play it by scrolling down and learning the exact French pronunciation of all of these terms! To conceal or display the English translations below, use the floating blue symbol in the bottom right corner, or just click on this link.

Pets include dogs and cats.

Cat in French

The talks will be our first port of call, so to speak. As a result, let’s begin with the cats. In France, “a chat” is sometimes referred to as “a minou, or a minet, or even a matou.” “Mistigri” is the name of my current pet cat. In France, a cat is frequently referred to as. “Mistigri” is the name given to my cat at this place. “Une chatte” is the name given to a female cat. In France, it’s common to refer to someone as “a minette,” which is also the name I’ve chosen for this creature. A woman cat is referred to as “une chatte.” In France, it is common to refer to someone as “a pussycat,” which is exactly the moniker I chose for her.

  • A kitten, on the other hand, is a baby cat.
  • When he wants anything, the cat cries out in frustration.
  • In the moments when he is satisfied, he will ronronne.
  • He can also grogner, and he has been known to griffer on occasion.
  • In French, the word for cat is “meow.” He purrs when he feels pleased with himself.
  • It is also capable of growling and scratching on occasion.
  • You may find a transcript and English translation of the second portion of the film by visiting the link to my completeFrench dogguide.
  • Does your family have a pet that you can share your time with?
  • What about you?
  • If yes, what is the name of the thing?
  • That’s everything for today, thank you very much.

Would you want to provide any further suggestions for vocabulary or expressions? Please post them in the comments section below, along with English translations, and I will gladly include them in my list!

How to say cat in French

ChatMoreFrench expressions for the cat

wrethed nag,tit
lepot catalytiquenoun
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Also available in English

dog and cat
chien et chat
cat litter
litière pour chats
crazy cat
chat fou
stray cat
un chat errant
black cat
chat noir
cat food
la nourriture pour chat
big cat
gros chat
fat cat
gros chat
scaredy cat
chat effrayant
wild cat
chat sauvage
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Words that are similar

Nearby Translationscasuistry casuistic casuist casual worker casual work casual wear catabasis catabolic catachreses cataclysm cataclysmal cataclysmicTranslations for catLatin Greek Scots Gaelic Japanese Arabic Tamil Swahili All Languages
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How to pronounce cat in french

The cat is referred to as le chat in French.

Is Cat in French feminine?

Answer and justification are as follows: In French, the word for cat is chat, which is a masculine noun that means “cat.”

What animal is chat in French?

a consonant in French The letter L is pronounced in English in a manner identical to that of the letter L, with the exception that it is dental rather than alveolar (see the consonant lesson, “place of articulation”). The following is the phonetic symbol: However, in most words that contain a vowel and the letter IL, the letter L is sounded like a Y. The following is the phonetic symbol:

How do French cats meow?

11. Cats: Miaou (Meow), Ronron, and others (Purr) In the same way that English has a variety of verbs to describe the sounds made by cats in various emotional states, French has a variety of verbs to describe the sounds made by cats in various emotional states: le chat feule means “the cat yowls,” le chat miaule means “the cat meows,” and le chat ronronne means “the cat purrs.”

WHAT IS A in French?

Among the most difficult concepts for French students to grasp are the prepositions à and de. Generally speaking, the preposition à refers to “to,” “at,” or “in,” whereas the preposition de refers to “of” or “from.” Both prepositions have a wide range of applications, and it is essential to compare and contrast them in order to comprehend them better.

What is feminine of cat?

Cat is a popular Gender choice. Male cats are referred to as such, whereas female cats are referred to as such. Female cats are commonly referred to as “Molly” or “Queen,” depending on their gender. As a result, cats are classified as males.

How do you say cat in Irish?

You will be disappointed to learn that this material is not accessible in your area. “Cat,” in the Irish language, is pronounced “Cot,” yet the phonetic equivalent in Irish sounds like “Cat.” Everyone will be perplexed!

What is your name in French?

If you’d want to say anything like “What’s your name?” The majority of the time, you have two choices in French. To ask the question in a formal manner, you’d say “How do you want to be addressed? When speaking casually, you might just inquire, “How do you want to be addressed?”

What does La Chat mean?

“Le chat” is a French phrase that signifies “the cat” or, more specifically, “the male cat.”

How do you say Z in French?

When spoken in French, it’s pronounced “ee-grec.” Don’t forget to pronounce grec with the French r sound at the beginning of the word! If you’re not from the United States, the letter Z looks exactly like the English letter Z. I apologize in advance to my American readers, but in French, the letter Z is pronounced zed, not zee.

How do you pronounce double L in French?

Whenever a double L is used in a letter combination with a vowel and ILL, it is always pronounced as a Y: aill aill aill aill aill aill aill aill aill aill aill aill aill (e.g., taille) eill eill eill (oreille) euill euill euill euill euill euill euill euill euill euill euill euill euill euill euill euill euill euill euill euill euill euill euill euill euill euill euill euill euill euill euill euill euill euill euill euill euill euil (feuille) ill (illet) is a contraction of ill (illet).

ouill, ouill, ouill, ouill, ouill, ouill, ouill, ouill, ouill, ouill, ouill, ouill, ouill, ouill, ouill, ouill, ouill, ouill, ouill, ouill, ouill, ouill, ouill, ouill, ouill, ouill, ouill, ouill, ouill, ouill, ouill, ouill, ouill, ouill, ouill, ouill, ouill, ouill (grenouille) ueill ueill ueill ueill (cueillir) uilluilluilluilluilluilluilluilluilluilluilluilluilluilluilluilluilluilluilluilluilluilluilluilluilluilluilluilluilluilluilluilluilluilluilluilluilluilluilluilluilluilluilluilluilluilluilluilluilluilluilluilluilluilluilluill (juillet)

How do you say double letters in French?

For example, “nn” would be doobleuh-en if you wanted to double the letter “nn” instead of “nn.” You use the phrases plus loin or espace to refer to a space between words or names. When you use capital letters, you say majuscule after the letter you are using.

Learn how to say �cat� in French – Extra activities

Learn how to say “cat” in French** as a result of this lesson. Documents that should be considered by the club include:

  • A game of pictures based on domesticated animals
  • A costume-themed chat
  • And more. Étiquettes et mots axés sur les animaux domestiques

**In order to access the papers indicated above, you must be a member of Club Educatout (see below). Members of the Educatall Club are eligible to join the French club at a discounted rate. Activities that have been suggested include: Print off the document titled “Étiquettes-mots-Les animaux domestiques.” Only the “conversation” flashcard should be kept. As many plush cats as you can locate (preferably at least one for each kid) and place them in a basket in your circle time area for the children to play with.

  • If you want to talk about cats, you may talk about how many paws they have, how cats purr when they are pleased, the numerous sorts of cats, how cats use a litter box, etc.
  • Spend a few minutes having fun attempting to speak it together before sending the word flashcard around.
  • The other youngsters can express their appreciation for their friend’s efforts by meowing.
  • Please see the following link for further information on how to pronounce this new term correctly: Produce many copies of the “Jeu d’images-Les animaux domestiques” document on plain paper.
  • Lay down the images on a table or on the floor in front of your group once they have been laminated and protected.
  • Once each kid has a cat picture in his or her hands, ask them to share their picture with the rest of the class.
  • Encourage them to state something along the lines of “Mychatis’s name is.” After that, place all of the cat images in a container filled with small rocks or stones to symbolize litter.

It is acceptable for them to swap their cat photo for one of your plush cats, provided that they say “talk.” Throughout the week, this easy exercise may be performed before naptime to keep things interesting.

Later in the day, tape the word flashcard that was used to teach the new word to an unbreakable mirror to reinforce the concept.

Hand them the unbreakable mirror and urge them to engage in “chit-chat” while they take in their own reflection.

When their parents observe their child’s painted face when they pick them up from school, small ones will be delighted to share the newest addition to their French vocabulary with the rest of the class.

Cut out the masks and tails the night before the children come in the morning (or during nap time).

Explanation to your group on how they will transform into cats the moment they discover their cat mask and tail.

Attach the tails of each child to their backs using sticky putty or a clothespin to keep them in place.

Encourage youngsters to go around with their mouths open, meowing like cats.

Create a huge cat on a piece of cardboard with the help of your friends.

Purchase a selection of cat toys from the dollar shop and place them in strategic locations.

Patricia-Ann Morrison is a writer and actress.

6 Hilarious French Idioms Using ‘Chat,’ the French Word for Cat

Cats have been a fixture in French families and enterprises for hundreds of years, and allusions to them are ubiquitous in the language. Here are six of the most well-known French idioms that make use of the French word for cat: cat. It’s important to note that the French term for cat is “un chat” (with a silent “t”) when referring to a cat in general or a male cat specifically. When referring to a female cat, the phrase “une chatte” (“t” is pronounced) is used. In both cases, the “ch” is pronounced as the “sh” sound in “shave,” rather than the “tch” sound that is often heard in English.

Appeler un chat un chat

  • Translation:To call a cat a cat
  • Meaning:To tell it like it is
  • To call a spade a spade
  • To express things as they are

Patrice is a master at deception. It is necessary to refer to a chat as a chat. Patrice is a blatant liar with a vengeance. He needs to express himself honestly and openly.

Avoir un chat dans la gorge

  • Have a cat in the neck, to put it another way. A frog in one’s throat, or an overabundance of mucus, is defined as follows:

And that’s what I believe. hum, hum, hum I was heartbroken since I had a talk with a wolf in the gorge. And I agree with you. hmm, hmm, hmm. Sorry for the interruption, but I had a frog in my throat.

Donner sa langue au chat

  • Meaning of the phrase: to offer your tongue to the cat
  • Translation:to be unable to guess

Careful: It’s not the same as the English phrase “Cat got your tongue,” which signifies that you have nothing interesting to say. So, what’s the deal? Who’s coming to dinner tomorrow? Do you speak to the conversation in your native language? It’s Pierre, of course! So? Who will be joining us for supper tomorrow night? You’re not going to guess? It’s Pierre on the line!

Quand le chat n’est pas là, les souris dansent.

  • In other words, when the cat isn’t there, the mice dance. Meaning: When people are not supervised, they misbehave.

Take care: In French, the word “danser” is spelled with a “s,” not “dance” with a “c,” as it is in English. When you arrived the previous weekend, your ado had the party going all night long. It should come as no surprise that when the talk is absent, the souris begin to dance. Your adolescent partied all night when you were out on vacation last week? It should come as no surprise that the mice will play when the cat is absent.

Il n’y a pas un chat.

  • There isn’t a single cat to be found (in the vicinity). In other words, there is no one (or perhaps a few individuals, but they are fewer than expected).

There was no conversation during the meeting. There was no one in attendance at the meeting.

C’est du pipi de chat.

  • Translated as “cat pee,” this means “it’s not significant.”

It’s a pipi of talk that you’re having problems with in addition to Pierre’s! When compared to Pierre’s difficulties, yours are nothing!

How to Say Cat in French

Catin French ischat is a slang term for cat.

Example Sentences

  • My preference is for the dogs over the cats since the former are more loyal than the latter are. In comparison to cats, I like dogs since they are more dependable than cats in many ways. Cessez de boire lechat, says the source. Stop striking the cat with your fists! The source, “Maou,” made me lechaten with a squint. Cat meowed and stared at me when he said “Meow.” The source is a lechatest in the aquifers. Thecatis has taken up residence in the well. She has a tan and a white tee-shirt. She is the owner of a white cat. What exactly is lechata en tête, and where did it come from? What exactly is thecatup up to? Monchatadore les crevettes is the source of this information. Shrimp are a favorite of Mycat’s. The source is a lechatest on the floor. On the mat, Thecatis on the rug, Thecatis on the floor Unchata neuf vies is the source of this information. Acathas a total of nine lives. Lechata is pursuing the souris, according to the source. Thecathas was on the trail of the mouse. Source: I’m going to get some duchat. I’ll be responsible for the cat. The chatest is hidden beneath the canapé as a source. Thecatis has taken refuge under the couch. There is a small amount of dechatpartout on the ground. Everywhere you look, there is cathair to be found. Cechatest marron is the source. Thatcatis a shade of brown. Monchatme is missing as a source. I’ve taken Lechata’s griffes and planted them in my palm. I was holding my hand when the cat sunk its claws into it. My beloved pet chata has been missing for more than a week, according to the source. My beloved little cat has been missing for more than a week. My beloved little cat went missing about a week ago. Source

Are you looking for something a little more visually appealing? Take a look at our infographic on Cat in French, which includes example phrases and translations of the word.

Useful Links

  • Collins Dictionary, Cambridge Dictionary, WordReference, Wiktionary, Google Translate, Tatoeba,, Glosbe, Linguee, and many more are available online.

A question or comment regarding Catin French is always welcome. Please let us know!

What is “Cat” in French and how to say it?

Make use of your words creatively! With our free app, you can learn French in as little as 5 minutes every day! DropsDropsDropletsScriptsLanguagesBlogkahoot is a fun game to play. Drops of BusinessGifts Home/American Translation from English to French/Animals/cat American English is a dialect of the English language spoken in the United States.


Birdl’oiseaubullle in American EnglishFrenchbirdl’oiseaubullle in French taureauchickenle pouletcowla taureauchickenle pouletcowla vachedogle canardgoatla canarddonkeyl’âneduckle canarddonkeyl’âneduckle canarddonkeyl’âneduckle canarddonkeyl’âneduckle canarddonkeyl’âneduckle canarddonkeyl’âneduckle canarddonkeyl’âneduckle chèvrehorsele chevalmousela sourispigle cochonpigeonle pigeonrabbitle lapinsheeple cochonpigeonle pigeonrabbitle lapinsheeple moutonturkeyla dinde I feedje nourriselephantl’éléphantmonkeyle singe I feedje nourriselephantl’éléphantmonkeyle singe

Example sentences

American English is a dialect of the English language spoken in the United States. A ball of yarn was thrown to the cat, who entertained himself with it.

Learn the word for “Cat” in 32 More Languages.

Hungarianmacska Korean고양이 El gato is a Spanish expression that means “the cat.” Japaneseねこ Mandarin Chinese is a dialect of Chinese. Italianil gatto (Italian hound) German cats are referred to as Germandie Katze. RussianкoтBrazilian Portugueseo gato RussianкoтBrazilian Hebrewחתול Arabicقط Turkishkedi Danishkat Swedishkatt Norwegiankatt Hindiबिल्ली Tagalogpusa Vietnamesemèo Esperantokato Dutchde kat (Dutch cat) IcelandickötturIndonesiankucing Cat in the United Kingdom (British English) El gato en espaol mexicano Cato europeo portugueso de origine Cantonese Chinese is a dialect of Mandarin Chinese.

Other interesting topics in French

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Let the cat out of the bag, so to speak. offering to sell one’s mèche Keep the cat in the bag at all times! You will not be selling the mèche!

Translationofcat| PASSWORD English-French Dictionary

‘Chattea’ is the Persian/Siamese cat’s way of saying “hello.”


If her cat is drinking beer, then that is probably what is making the cat ill. Si son chat boit de la bière, c’est probablement cela qui le rend malade.

Her cat’s illness is most likely caused by her drinking beer, which she has admitted to doing. If his cat enjoys a glass of wine, it is likely that this is what is making him sick.

Come on, ladies and gentlemen, let us not play cat and mouse. Allons, Mesdames et Messieurs, ne jouons pas au chat et à la souris.

Allow me to say this: ladies and gentlemen, let us not engage in cat and mouse games! All right, Ladies and Gentlemen, we will not be playing at the conversation and the souris.

It is not the presence of the additive, it is the fact that the cat should not be drinking beer. Ce n’est pas la présence de l’additif qui est en cause, le fait est que le chat ne devrait pas boire de la bière.

It is not the existence of the ingredient that is the problem; rather, it is the fact that the cat should not be drinking beer in the first place.

It is not the presence of the additive that is the problem; rather, it is the fact that the cat should not be allowed to consume alcohol.

The government is playing a cat-and-mouse game with the international community. Le gouvernement joue au chat et à la souris avec la communauté internationale.

Currently, the administration is engaged in a game of cat-and-mouse with members of the international community. In his dealings with the foreign community, the government employs a “chat and a souris” strategy.

Should we play cat and mouse? Jouer au chat et à la souris?

Should we engage in cat and mouse games? How about a game of cat and mouse and a game of souris?

This cat-and-mouse game is over. Ce jeu du chat et de la souris est terminé.

This cat-and-mouse game has come to an end. This round of the talk and the souris has come to an end. These samples are drawn from corpora as well as from other online sources. Any viewpoints expressed in the examples do not necessarily reflect the views of the Cambridge Dictionary editors, Cambridge University Press, or its licensors, who are not represented by the examples.

cat fur – French translation – Linguee

This is why importers oftengivecat furprod ucts various invented names tomislead the well-meaning C’est la raison pour laquelle les importateursattribuent souvent divers nomsimagina ires aux prod uits contena ntdela fourrure de chat pourtrompe r lesconsommateurs bien intentionn�
(SL) None of the assertions usually made as a justification for cruelty to animals can bemade in the case of the trade in dogandcat (SL) Aucune des all�gations g�n�ralement avanc�es pourjustifier les mauvais traitements inflig�s aux animaux ne tient dansle casducommerce de fourrure
All too often, traders have circumvented the existingvoluntary code of conduct and placed do gorcat furont he market mislabelled or with no Bien trop souvent, les n�gociants ont contourn� le code de conduitevolontaire existant et missur lemarch�delafourruredechat ou dec hien mal �tiquet� eou totalement d�po urvued’�
By devising a common EU ban, we reduce themarket for the sale of dogandcat furand,at the same time, send apowerful signal concerning the repugnance we feel towards cruelty to En mettant en place une interdictioneurop�enne commune, nousr�duisons lemarch� defourruresde chienetdechat,touten envo yant unsignal fort traduisant la r�pugnance que nous inspirent les s�vices inflig�s aux
At the moment, fifteen Member Statesban the trade in dogandcat fur,butthere has been nogeneral ban in the other countries until � l’heure actuelle, quinze �tats membresinterdisent lecommercedefourrurede chatet de chie n, mais,� ce jour, il n’existe pas d’interdiction g�n�rale dans les autres
This Regulation is also in the interests of consumers, as many citizens werecompletely unaware when purchasing products such as soft toys,clothing or keyrings that these contained do gorcat Ce r�glement d�fend �galement les int�r�ts des consommateurs, car de nombreux citoyensignoraient totalement que les peluches, v�tements ou porte-cl�s qu’ilsachetaient con tenaient de la fourrure de chatoude chi
Response from the Directorate GeneralHealth and Consumer Protection to the petitionregarding the ban on the sale of dogandcat furfromChina, 8 March R�ponse de la direction g�n�rale Sant� et protection desconsommateurs � la p�tition concernantl’interdiction ducommerce de fourrure de chien etde chat import�e deC hine,8 mars
Medical science, despite the great stridesit has made in the past generation, cannot help aperson who is allergi ctocat furifh e persists in En d�pit de ses progr�s remarquables au cours des vingt derni�res ann�es, la science m�dicale ne peut encorerien faire pour venir en aide aux personnes qui,allerg iquesau poilde chat,s’ent�tent� voul oir caresserleurs
The French Senate responded to the Commission’s replieson proposals concerning theban on the use of the dogandcat fur,mot orway infrastructure safetyand penalties for employers of illegally staying third-country trois reprises, le S�nat fran�ais a jug� opportun de r�agir aux r�ponses de la Commission sur les propositionsrelatives � l’interdictionde l’ut ilisationdes fourrures dechiens et de chats,surla s�c urit�des infrastructures autorouti�res et sur les sanctions � l’�gard des employeurs de ressortissants d’�tats tiers en situation ill�
A relatively small but constant level of correspondence relates to animal welfare. The concerns are wide-ranging but include the treatment offarm animals, animals used for scientific purposes,bull-fights, the care of stray dogs and the trade in dogandcat Reviennent fr�quemment des sujets sur la libre circulation destravailleurs et des services, le droit � l’emploi dans unautre Etatmembreet, li� �cesujet,la reconnaissance des dipl�
It is thanks to Mrs�Svensson’s persistence that Parliament will beable to adopt, as early as tomorrow, at first reading, a Regulationbanning the trade in and processing of dogandcat C’est gr�ce � la pers�v�rance de Mme Svensson que le Parlement pourra adopteren premi�re lecture, d�s demain, un r�glement interdisant le commerceet l’ utilisation de fourrure de chatetde chie
Dogandcat fur*2 Fourrures chienset chats* 2
Commissioner Byrne noted that a possible ban underCommunity law on imports of dogandcat furtot he EU could only be implementedthrough a trade agreement and emphasised that Member States could already take more restrictive national measures on these imports, if they wished M. Byrne, membre de la Commission, a indiqu� que d’�ventuelles dispositions l�gislativescommunautaires interdisantl’imp ortation de fourrures de chienetdechatdans l’UEnepourraient�tre mises en �uvre que par le biais d’un accord commercial et a soulign� que les �tats membres pouvaient d�s maintenant, s’ils le souhaitent, prendre des mesures nationales plus strictes concernant ces
Even the WTO itself recently confirmedto us that the US clearly agree because this is the basis whichthey use to ban the import and sale of dogandcat L’OMC elle-m�me nous a r�cemment confirm� que les �tats-Unis sontmanifestement d’accord car c’est sur cette base qu’ils interdisentl’importationetlaventede fourrures
E-0847/07 (IT) by Cristiana Muscardini (UEN) to the Commission (22February 2007) Subject: Blankets madefromcat E-0847/07 (IT) pos�e par Cristiana Muscardini (UEN) � la Commission (22 f�vrier2007) Obje t:Capturedechatspour la fabri cationde
At the forefront arethe ban on imports of dogandcat furandthe amendment of the Directiveon the protection of animals used for experimental and other scientific Dans ce cadre, les questions prioritaires seront l’interdiction del’impor tationdefourruresdechiens et dechatsainsi quel’amendementde la directive relative � la protection des animaux destin�s � l’exp�
There is a legal precedent. The adoption of the DogandCat FurActin the US showed that animal welfare can be a legitimatereason for De m�me, dire qu’une interdiction de commercialisation serait synonyme de probl�mes au niveau de l’OMC n’a pas de
Welcomes the proposed ban on imports, exports,trading and processing of dogandcat furandcalls on the Commissionto propose a total import ban on seal products and ‘cruelty products’ from third countries, such as fur from animals skinned alive, fur from animal breeding farms with no veterinary controls and pharmaceutical products made from endangered species, and wherever low production standards are a threat to the environment and 70. se f�licite de la proposition relative � l’interdiction de l’importation, del’exportation, du commerce et de latransfo rmation defourruresde chienset de chats et invit e la Commission� proposer une interdiction totale de l’importation de produits issus des phoques et de �produits issus de la cruaut� en provenance de pays tiers, comme les fourrures d’animaux �corch�s vivants ou d’animaux issus de fermes d’�levage sans contr�le v�t�rinaire, et les produits pharmaceutiques dont la pr�paration se base sur l’utilisation d’esp�ces menac�es, et chaque fois que des normes de production insuffisantes repr�sentent un danger pour l’environnement et la biodiversit�
The Council adoptedwithout discussion a Regulation banning trade in dogandcat Le Conseil a adopt�, sans d�lib�ration, un r�glementinterdisant lecommerce desfourruresdechien etdechatetle pro jet debudget 2008 (deuxi�me lecture)
The fur/pelt/coat of the Bengal is probably the softest and fi nestcat furint he La fourrure/ peau/pelage duB engal est probablement le plus doux et des plusbellesfourruresdechatdans le mond
(7) Furs that cannot legally be traded, due to their presence on theendangered species list (CITES list), aswell as items indogfur,cat fur,orseal fur will notbe accepted as a trade (7) Les types de fourrures dont le commerce est interdit, car pr�sents sur la liste CITES des esp�cesmenac�es d’extinction, ainsi que desv�temen tsen fourrure de chien, de chat ou de phoqu es, nesont en aucun cas repris par
Whether the Commission’s trade argument would carry weight at all is all the more questionable because recently, a few months ago, the United States itself decided in its DogandCat FurActto adopt laws which are based solely on animal protection and on the moral sensitivities of the On peut s’interroger d’autant plus sur la validit� de l’argument commercial de la Commission, du fait qu’entre-temps les �tats-Unis, eux-m�mes, ont d�cid� r�cemment dans le cadre de leur Cat and Dog Fur Act, de voter des lois dont la motivation ne repose que sur la protection animale et sur la sensibilit� morale de la
(HU) I welcome the Union’s proposalon a complete ban onthe trad eincatand dogfurbeca use I believe that it is unacceptable that around two�million dogs and cats are butchered every year for this purpose. 12-15 dogs need to be killed to produce onedogfurcoatand 24 cats foronecat (HU) Je salue la proposition d’interdiction totaleducommerce de fourrure de chatetde chi en dans l’Union, car j’estime qu’il est inacceptable qu’environ deux mil lions de chats et dech i ens soient mas sacr�s chaque ann�e � cett
Such is thecase in relatio ntocatand dogfurimpo rted and placedon the market for educational or taxidermy Une telle d�rogationconcerne n otamment la fourrure dechatoudechienimport�eet mise sur le march� � des fins �ducatives ou de
The proposal aims at theharmonization of laws concerning the trad eincatand dogfurorfurprod La proposition vise � harmoniser les lois relatives aucommerc ede lafourrureet desart icles en fourrurede chat etde
Since the objective of this Regulation, namely the elimination of obstacles to the functioning of the internal market by harmonising atCommunity level national bansconcerning the trad eincatand dogfur,andproducts containingsuch fur, cannot be sufficiently achieved by the Member States and can therefore be better achieved at Community level, the Community may adopt measures, in accordance with the principle of subsidiarity as set out in Article 5 of the �tant donn� que l’objectif du pr�sent r�glement, � savoir l’�limination des obstacles au fonctionnement du march� int�rieur en harmonisant, au niveau communautaire, lesinterdictions nationales relatives aucommerc ede la fourruredechatetdechiene t desproduits en contenant, ne peut pas �tre r�alis� de mani�re suffisante par les �tats membres et peut donc �tre mieux r�alis� au niveau communautaire, la Communaut� peut prendre des mesures, conform�ment au principe de subsidiarit� consacr� � l’article 5 du trait�
However, those people who buy cuddly toys orfashionable handbags mad eofcatordogfurcont ribute to a trade thatcauses animals to be tortured, beaten and flayed Cependant, les personnes qui ach�tent des peluches ou dessacs �la mode en fourrure de chien oudechatparticipe nt � uncommerce dans le cadre duquel des animaux sont tortur�s, battus et �corch�s
The public are never told thatthey are buying items made ofrealcatand Le public n’a jamais �t� inform� qu’il achetait des articlesfabriqu�s � b ase
There must be tough and dissuasive penaltiesto deterthecatand dogfurtrad Pour faire court, l’interdiction doit �tre uneinterdictio nsur le principe et enpr

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